San Diego ACORN office is on the receiving end of a protest

A group of 30 protesters stood outside a San Diego ACORN office, alerting passerby’s to their discontent with the community organization groups venture into criminal activity.

Since the tapes were released a week ago, San Diego Association of Community Organization Reform Now (ACORN) office has been targeted by the County Board of Supervisors, Governor Schwarzenegger and now county taxpayers.

“We have to continue to keep the pressure on this government and stop the corruption before it’s too late,” said protest organizer Lindy Reedy.

The peaceful protest was not welcome by all. Employees of ACORN called the police. “Yeah, four cop cars showed up, asked us if we were going to stay on the sidewalk and not cause any trouble and we said, yes,” Reedy said. “I think they were on our side. They were super nice and let us carry on with our protest.”

The group of concerned taxpayers also decided to make up their own chant about ACORN, playing off the Obama sing along the school children in New Jersey sang.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm, ACORN really sucks, mmm-mmm-mmm they’re stealing all our bucks, mmm-mmm-mmm, Acorn’s committing crime, mmm-mmm-mmm not on our dime,” is how the little ditty played.

The group declared the afternoon protest a success as 60 percent of the cars honked and they only got the finger once. “A good day indeed,” Reedy smiled.

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