Amnesty legislation pushed back to 2010

Immigration legislation in the form of amnesty is setting up to be a battle the White House will tackle in 2010.

The Obama Administration was hoping to reward the Latino voters with amnesty for getting him into the White House; however, the raging battles over health care have pushed that issue into Obama’s second year.

News of the short respite was welcome to those who are gearing up for a prime-time showdown.

Groups like Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) will most likely spend their time educating all Americans of the social and economic consequences for a blanket amnesty.

They will not be alone in the fight against amnesty. Numbers USA has also ramped up their rhetoric and plans to “fight every little legislative favor or loophole for illegal aliens.”

Earlier this summer President Obama committed to giving amnesty to those in the U.S. illegally. He said, “Am I going to be able to snap my fingers and get this done? No. This is going to be difficult.”

That is where anti-amnesty groups and President agree.

The difficult economy and high unemployment figures won’t make it any easier to convince Americans of the necessity to add more bodies to the melting pot.

In the meantime, the White House continues to lay the ground work for amnesty by pulling back on workplace enforcement, taming the 287g rule and making it harder for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to arrest those in the country illegally.

Since the President took office, his administration has hamstrung many enforcement rules, slowed E-Verify and indicated to those in the country illegally amnesty is on they way with Obama in charge.

When the President spoke to Univision, a Spanish network channel last week, he reiterated his commitment to doling out amnesty, but suggested it might be a tougher fight than expected.

Recent polls suggest the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want amnesty. Rasmussen Reports say 83 percent of Americans do not want illegals to gain free health care. They go on to report the mood regarding amnesty is just as uncertain with only 26 percent of the country in favor of illegal aliens getting amnesty.

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