Seniors put health care on the line with Congressman Bilbray

A group of concerned seniors gathered at La Costa Glen retirement resort to discuss health care and their futures. When Congressman Brian Bilbray-R –CA greeted the seniors something extraordinary happened – a civil debate ensued.

There was nothing angry about this group and they definitely did their homework. These seniors were well-armed with all the facts and insisted their concerns were addressed one by one.

As the microphone was passed around the room it was clear they did not want to take the brunt of the so-called waste, fraud and abuse of Medicare. “We want to keep our supplements,” one said and heavy applause followed.

A lot of these retirees are a product of the Great Depression and know the value of a nickel. “You can’t tell me that we are going to insure 50 million new people and there is not going to be a shortage of doctors and facilities,” Paul Cook said. “Why isn’t anyone in Washington talking about this obvious severe shortage on the horizon?”

The Congressman had an answer. “I’m working on a program that will encourage war veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq to enter into the medical profession. If we have federal grants in place we can re-train our veterans, cover their tuition expenses and put their experience to work.”

Another issue of contention with seniors is the fact that this bill will be conveniently operational in 2013 when they say the President will be a lame duck. “We like to hold our elected officials accountable and if this plan is so great and we can’t wait until passes, then get it up and running next year,” said one skeptical senior.

Other topics on tap included the government-made drought in California’s Central Valley. Seniors were specifically concerned about the government purposely turning the state’s bread basket into a dust bowl.

“In the case of the Central Valley, the Endangered Species Act is wrong. They should never put a fish before farmers’ rights to survive,” said Bilbray.

Although this was a fairly friendly crowd for the Congressman, some remained skeptical as to just what one politician can do in a state and federal government dominated by the left.

“We need to stop looking at the differences that divide us and zero in on issues we have in common. Once we start working together it becomes easier to pass legislation all parties can live with,” Bilbray explained.

The La Costa Glen residents were wily enough to not let the Congressman wiggle out of any questions. “You’re right, California is big on recycling – recycling their elected officials,” Bilbray said.

As the Congressman prepared to conclude the town hall he pointed out the fact that America is an incredibly resilient country and he defied anyone who counted America down and out. “The age of miracles is on the horizon,” he said.

If the August town halls were any indication as to how frustrated voters are, California politicians may find their way into the recycling bin. These Americans are paying attention.

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