Migrant camps in San Diego are busy with prostitution

Over the weekend the San Diego Minutemen stumbled upon some extra curricular activities in McGonigle Canyon in the city of San Diego -illegal prostitution.

A couple of Minutemen activists, who often scout the local canyons for illegal migrant and squatter camps and their associated crimes and fire hazards, observed an unusually high number of well-dressed Latino men and boys traversing the field into an old grove of eucalyptus trees.

After 45-minutes of observation, the pair were joined by a freelance photojournalist and decided to get a closer look at the scene because the canyon has a history of prostitution in a nearby location aptly named the “rape grove.”

Once they reached the tree grove, approximately eight men and two girls scattered into all directions, according to Jeff Schwilk, founder of SDMM.

What they found inside the trees were two makeshift “sex dens” complete with used and unused multi-colored condoms, lubricant, women’s clothing and shoes and a rough-shod bed. A man suspected of being a pimp or a “John” and a suspected prostitute were apprehended by the San Diego Police Department.

Schwilk pointed out the well-used foot paths as the signs that led his group to suspect something fishy was taking place. “We noted the paths through the brush leading into the prostitution area were very well worn and the ‘lounge’ area was cleared of brush,” Schwilk explained.

“It appears that prostitution has been going on in this area regularly for many months,” he said.

Schwilk referred to this problem as San Diego’s ‘dirty little secret,’ and notes his frustration with local law enforcement not doing enough to keep the canyon clear of dozens of migrant camps which provide many of the clients for the field prostitution ring. “Three years ago SDMM exposed the daytime prostitution ring in the old rape grove, but many migrant camps have remained.”

Local illegal immigration activist, Enrique Monrones, still visits the migrant camps in the canyon a couple of Saturdays a month, according to emails he sends out to his group. “He claims to be delivering food and water to the illegal squatters,” Schwilk said.

A local resident said he was shocked about the crimes taking place below his housing development. “I don’t like it,” he said as he walked the popular canyon with his toddler. “I guess they (police) should take care of that problem.”

The apprehended perpetrators are suspected of being illegal aliens, although the female claimed she had been in the country illegally for 17 years. According to conversations with the suspected prostitute, who wouldn’t share her name at the scene, she was worried that this may hurt her chances of becoming a legal resident some day.

SDMM reported the crimes immediately to the San Diego Police Department, who arrived near the scene, but failed to investigate the prostitution site and continue to interview all who were involved.

The San Diego Police Department has not confirmed whether the apprehensions culminated in arrests yet.

After visiting the scene the next day, police had not cleared the area of used condoms and trash, leaving one to wonder what kind of diseases could be contracted by passersby and whether the police even bothered to collect any evidence of the prostitution the citizens walked in on.

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