No dicision for birthers on proof of Obama’s citizenship

In a Santa Ana, California Federal Court today, Judge David Carter put off ruling on President Obama’s birth certificate. At the end of the two-hour hearing there was no ruling on the Motion to Dismiss or the plaintiff’s bid to grant discovery leaving only a glimmer of hope this case will move forward.

The plaintiff’s and their supporters were understandably disappointed. “The powers that be must have got to the judge,” says Neil Turner, who attended the hearing. “It’s just more of the same.”

Judge Carter cited the need to sort out all the complex legal issues and consider all the arguments carefully before he was prepared to render his decision.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Gary Kreep, argued the case does not involve impeachment because they claim Obama has entered into office unlawfully which should make this ruling easier.

The court is now in recess until the Judge Carter makes his decision. The case could take 24-hours to 24 months to come to a conclusion.

Today’s lack of finality has sent some birthers to seek their justice in a criminal court room. “We are not going away and will not stop until we have the truth,” Turner finished.

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