Body count rises in Mexico

Murder continues to escalate in Mexico often costing innocent children their lives. Many of these gun fights are taking place in broad daylight.

Four females and one 10-year-old were killed over the weekend in separate attacks in the Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua. Witness’s at the scene say the women were actual targets and the young boy, who was playing at a park, was simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Stray bullets from a gun battle also resulted in wounding three others, a man, a woman and a child.

According to the M3 report, there have been more than 100 women murdered in the Cd. Juarez region this year. Additional reports from Mexican authorities claim five more murders took place inside a bar in Ciudad Juarez. This speak easy was the scene to murder earlier this year.

The murder rate in Cd. Juarez has now topped more than 1,700 giving the region the dubious murder capital in Mexico.

Over the weekend in the state of Guanajuanta 11 murders took place prompting the state of Sinaloa to release advisories for local police to avoid public gatherings. Local authorities feared increased pressure from drug cartels prompting the police to avoid public events and unnecessary causalities.

Closer to the U.S./Mexico border, information from unofficial sources report Tijuana’s leading drug boss, “El Teo” has been recruiting drug addicts to assassinate police officers.

Armed assailants, gun fire ringing out and bodies on the streets continues to be a part of Mexico’s daily routine.

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