Senate Appropriation Committee pulls emergency border fence earmark

A Senate Appropriation Committee dropped an amendment put in by the Republicans to secure the southern border with additional 700-miles of high tech fence.

The porous U.S./Mexico border remains a high-traffic area and increased violence has prompted lawmakers to push the urgency of finishing the border fence.

The Senate report left out the required installation of U.S. border fence by the end of next year. The Republican amendment was penned by Sen. Jim DeMint R- S.C. and included the support of 21 Democrats.

It is no surprise that the White House was able to claim a small victory with immigration reform on the horizon it appears constructing a better fence impedes the friendly relationship with Mexico.

Under the Bush Administration, appropriators called for 670-miles of border fence to be built, however, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found in February less than 36-miles of fence had been completed.

A spokesperson from Congressman Hunter’s office said they were disappointed that the language removed clearly seeing the need for the completion of the fence.

According to Joe Kasper, the Senate Appropriation Committee supported a bipartisan measure earlier in the year that would give Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security Secretary some money to keep in her pack pocket if she feels an emergency need arises and new structures need to be installed.

“We support a double fence with all the advanced technology, but the White House did not want a date certain,” Kasper said. “The current fence doesn’t provide the effective reliable infrastructure needed to protect our national borders.”

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