California passes tougher ammunition laws amid escalating border violence

California will now require a thumb print to purchase ammunition and in Tijuana the drug cartel will relieve you of your thumb for choosing the wrong side.

Border violence continues to escalate along the San Diego/Mexico border with Mexican official Rogelio Sanchez being kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel. Last week his lifeless body was left to hang on a busy overpass in Tijuana, naked with his genitalia cut off.

Right up the street in San Diego, residents will have to jump through another hoop to protect their families from growing violence.

Phoenix Arizona lays claim to the second highest kidnapping rate in the world behind Mexico City and there is growing speculation that the kidnapping rate is growing in the county of San Diego.

The cost of illegal immigration has more than financial costs. Currently the state expends in the neighborhood of $10 billion per year, the criminal element adds a whole new dynamic to this equation.

So why make it harder for the law-abiding gun owners to purchase ammunition? Why make it more costly for law enforcement officials to purchase ammunition to practice at the shooting range?

This is just another hit in a long list of revenue killer laws that intend to drive California into the ground. What will stop residents from purchasing bullets and providing tax revenue in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon?


What will stop criminals from owning and loading their weapons?


AB732 was penned by Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles and bans direct shipping to Californians who buy bullets via mail order or over the Internet as well.

Now lawful gun owners will have to pick up their bullets at a licensed handgun ammunition dealer, and file paperwork similar to the way guns are bought and sold.

The legislation will not require a waiting period like firearms, however all handgun ammunition must be stored behind the counters.

Along with a thumb print, ammo purchasers will also need to provide photo identification.
The information obtained by the store owner will now be kept on file and made available any law enforcement agencies.

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