North County Conservatives to share holidays with Marines

Now that the North County Conservatives has successfully engineered a meet and greet, they are preparing to open their homes for the holidays and break bread with men and women of the Marines.
They will be working with the 5th Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton in order to open their homes to military heroes who may not be able to go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
If you are interested in providing “A Home Away from Home for The Holidays,” you can visit North County Conservatives website.
The group would like residents to keep in mind that many of the Marines living in the enlisted quarters do not have their own vehicles and will need transportation back and forth provided by their host families.
Lynne Miller, NCC member, offers this suggestion; “Because it can be a bit awkward being the only military person at the holiday table, NCC would like to suggest that all hosts consider having at least two military heroes join their family for their holiday gathering.”
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