San Diego slams California’s Cap and Trade AB32

San Diego patriots seek to repeal California’s cap and trade AB32 and patriots stormed the harbor in large numbers to show the country that as California goes, so goes the nation. California’s version of cap and trade AB32 passed three years ago and has strangled the economy and added to the state’s deficits.

As California’s bread basket sinks further into a dust bowl, citizens from the San Diego area came out in large numbers to show support for the farmers who are losing it all.

“Fourth-generation farmers are on the verge of bankruptcy,” said Dawn Wildman, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition founder. “Not only is this government trying to put our farmers out of business in the name of the environment, but they are trying to push us towards global governance.”

Local avocado farmers also showed up to the protest to voice their concerns about the water crisis that is now threatening their San Diego groves.

“This is a man-made drought and it is forcing avocado farmers to cut down portions of their groves because they can no longer afford the 50 percent increase in water fees,” says Kay O’Hara, an avocado organic farmer/real estate agent.

“When Senator Feinstein refers the Central Valley water crisis as a ‘complicated matter,’ it’s time for her to go. The smelt fish is not even a California native fish, it is used as bait!”

Rally participant and San Diego resident, Larry Naritelli has made the trip to visit the California Central Valley. “Farmers I’ve talked to said they have no more time, they are going to lose everything their families have worked for the past 100 years.”

He continues to explain that ‘if you think about the reason we are in this economic mess in California you can plot the lines back to AB32 and cap and trade.”

Other first time activists came out to show support for the California farmers. Barbara Decker said she was looking to shake things up a bit and let local politicians she is watching.

Event organizer, Sarah Bond said more than 200 patriots came out to the rally, supporting the taxpayers and protect farmers.

“It’s a real tragedy, and it’s up to us to change our future.”
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