Murder, kidnapping and drug activities are common place south of the border

While many so-called media entities cover up the fact that ‘what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico, violence along the southern borders continues to escalate.

Tijuana in particular has seen kidnapping and murder rates soar. It is not uncommon to see tortured and murdered victims hanging from major roadways near military installations. “They are putting the bodies in these locations for a reason. It’s to tell the Mexican government that they do not control the country,” said a resident of Tijuana.

In a recent trip to the wild, wild south, evidence of violence is everywhere. “You are not safe at five star hotels, five star restaurants or behind the wheel of a police vehicle,” explained a source that monitors the escalating violence.

There is also evidence violence is creeping across the U.S./Mexico border. Many Mexican nationals are moving across the border into San Diego to escape the constant barrage of kidnappings. By doing so it is alleged that cartel members are following them across the border,snatching victims on U.S. soil and bringing them back to Mexico.

The number of kidnappings taking place on U.S. soil in San Diego county is officially low. Sources contend many kidnappings in San Diego County remain relatively low because families who must pay ransoms are hesitant to report the crime, fearing the kidnap victim will be murdered.

Also, many reports in the U.S. often discount a crime if they feel it is related to the Mexican drug cartels.

However in a study from the Mexican Council for Law and Human Rights claims 90 percent of Mexicans who have been the target of kidnappings have no link to narco-traffic or other criminal activities.

The study showed that 22,875 citizens have disappeared at the hands of organized crime in the past three years. It also stated that 7,433 have been victims of criminal gangs.

Of these victims, 75 percent were males, 15 percent were minors and 10 percent were females. The criminal activity generally increases with the presence of narco-terrorist groups like La Familia, Los Zetas, Los Pelones and La Linea.

Readers of the study in Mexico who read the full report stated the claim of 90 percent of the crimes having nothing to do with organized cartels were flat out lies by the Mexican Council for Law and Human Rights.

Meanwhile, back in Tijuana long-time law enforcement authorities claim there are more than two kidnappings per day. “It has become a legitimate business. Money is so hard to come by that many turn to crime,” authorities said. “It is entrenched in young people’s minds as a way to get out of poverty; however it often results in death.”

Murder and kidnappings have become so commonplace in Tijuana that Friday’s murder rate of four becomes just a day in the life. What most American’s will find disturbing is the brutality of the murders.

Bodies are thrown in the street to make a statement. And when they are recovered, victims routinely have no fingernails, show signs of torture and have no heads.

With a yearly murder rate that eclipses the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined eight year total of deaths, one questions if we are fighting the right war.

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