Pelosi care is more of the same, 2,000 pages of government takeover

The House leadership has put forth their massive 2,000 page health care bill, while there may have been minor tweaking; much of the bill remains the same.

“The plan unveiled today by House Democrats represents more of the same,” said Congressman Duncan Hunter-R CA. “Despite the need for responsible health care reform, this proposal once again amounts to nothing more than a massive government takeover of our health care system.”

There is no question that health care reform is needed and most Americans would like to see some changes, but this package is just too large for the taxpayers to understand.

“The status quo is insufficient, but what has been proposed today comprises a partisan overreach that will destroy the basic foundation of our health care system, eliminate jobs and drive up already record debt levels,” Hunter explained.

Hunter also expressed his disappointment that his amendment to protect small businesses, despite being accepted by the House Education and Labor Committee, was substantially weakened by Democratic leadership.

The legislation also contains the same loopholes in the prior House bill that will allow illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded benefits.

“It is disappointing that despite assurances by President Obama and promises by Senate Democrats, the latest version of the House healthcare bill contains the same loopholes in previous legislation,” says Lamar Smith-D TX. “When will House Democrats listen to the American people? Taxpayers do not want to subsidize people who are here illegally.”

The House Democratic leadership hasn’t even included the verification mechanisms in their bill that the Senate Democrats added in order to curb illegal immigrant’s participation in taxpayer-funded health care.

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