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Want to break into the country? There’s an app for that!

Only in America. In an effort to help those who are trying to break into our country, a University of California at San Diego professor has invented an application for cell phones to help illegals cross the border illegally, but safely.


Not only has your tax dollars been used to design this GPS-type tool, but it will most likely be used in the giant push for amnesty. The pro-open borders crowd is quick to point out that this will help the tired and the weary, who are trying to cross the U.S. border illegally, make their way to water or the nearest town. These liberal activists don’t want any unnecessary deaths while illegal aliens attempt to break the law and cross the brutal desert terrain in an effort to reach the promise land.

Here’s a tip -don’t try to break into the country illegally. Try entering through the front door legally. Problem solved. No deaths, no need for cell phone apps and no illegal immigration.

The cell phone application works similar to the GPS system most new cars are outfitted with says the inventor, Ricardo Dominguez, a visual arts professor at UCSD. Dominguez claims he invented the Transborder Immigrant Tool to keep immigrants safe as they cross the treacherous desert climate.

However, not everyone agrees this is a good idea. Fellow professor of immigration policy at UCSD, Pete Nunez, who is also a retired U.S. Attorney, explained that people who are caught distributing these types of devices could be committing a crime. This program is used to assist people entering the country illegally. That’s a crime, according to Nunez.

The new application tool was not designed solely by Dominguez. He had some help, Enrique Morones a well-known open border advocate and activist for Border Angels a group that places water in bins across the east county desert, worked with Dominguez to create a program that would help those crossing the borders illegally arrive safe.

Working with other activists, Dominguez hopes to be able to offer the program on the internet free of charge and make the phones available to area churches so they can assist the next generation of illegal immigrants.

However sympathetic the new cell phone program may seem, it wasn’t so long ago this country was viciously attacked on 9/11. We have a border patrol force in place protecting our borders for a reason. Each day an unknown number of illegals cross into the U.S. illegally, many without pure intentions.

Border Sheriff, Sigi Gonzales of Zapata County Texas said, “Do we really want drug dealers, cop killers and MS13 gang members crossing into our country?”

He continues to explain that law enforcement has a tough enough time monitoring the borders why make it any easier for criminals?

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The health care debate begins -Senator Nelson pleads his case

With their belly’s full of turkey and stuffing, Senators will now look to dissecting the 2,000 page health care bill. The gigantic legislation is waiting to ignite the passionate Liberals and inflame the Conservatives; the lively debate will surely include fireworks over hot-button issues like the public-option and abortion.

The ensuing discussion will not be pretty, the sausage making process will include various special interests groups looking to take their place in the bureaucratic regulation and average citizens will look to their representatives to make the right decisions regarding an industry that carves out a huge part of the economy and affects every American citizen who visits a health care facility.
Current poll numbers from Rasmussen show lagging support for the Congressional and Presidential health care bill. Only 36 percent favor the legislation as it is written, while a staggering 59 percent oppose the health care reform package offered by Democrats.

Senior citizens have been following this legislation closer than anyone and have written letters to their Senators in large numbers. The following is a letter written by Senator Ben Nelson-D of Nebraska.

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 3:44 PM
To: cd
Subject: Responding to your message

Dear Carol:

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue.

As you may know, the greatest long-term economic concern our nation faces is out of control spending on health care. The Government Accountability Office said last year, “If there is one thing that could bankrupt America, its runaway healthcare costs.” Additionally, the Medicare program is predicted to become insolvent in 2017. We must not allow that to happen.

On November 21, 2009, the Senate held a vote, which I supported, on the motion to proceed to the bill currently before the Senate, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I would like to explain what a vote on the motion to proceed means because there has been a lot of commentary in the media, by special interest groups, and in Congress offering definitions. The motion to proceed is a vote to begin debate, consider amendments, and have an opportunity to make improvements. I anticipate weeks of debate and the consideration of dozens of amendments.

Some seek to define a vote for the motion to proceed as one in favor of or in opposition to the Senate bill; those who do so are either misinformed or intentionally trying to mislead people. Others define the vote as supporting or opposing President Obama and his agenda because they want him to either succeed or fail. And still others define it as the last chance to stop bad legislation because they have a political agenda.

All of this is more of the old Washington political gamesmanship with which Americans are fed up. Congress needs to be working together on a bipartisan basis for the good of the American people, and we need to take the time to craft the right health care bill. So, in reality, the meaning of the motion to proceed is very simple: It is a motion to commence debate, which will give the Senate the opportunity to make changes, and be pro-active on an issue affecting every American.

If the changes I believe must be made to this bill are not possible, I will oppose the second cloture motion to end debate (one which requires 60 votes) and ultimately oppose the final bill. But I will not slam the Senate doors in the face of fellow Nebraskans now. The Senate owes Americans a full and open debate to try to improve our health care system and make sure the changes are the right ones for Nebraskans.

I have posted links to the bill, as well as other resources pertaining to the current health care reform debate, on the Health Reform feature on my website at:

I hope you find this information useful.

As I continue to scrutinize this legislation and do all I can to make positive changes, I will work to ensure that the final plan provides Americans with reliable and secure health care at all stages of their lives. The final health plan should reduce costs, extend the solvency of Medicare and be one which stresses prevention and wellness and improves quality in the delivery of health care services, while not raising taxes, increasing the deficit, rationing care, or funding abortions. These are some of the basic principles which will remain my guides as Congress works its way through this difficult issue.

I am truly thankful that so many Nebraskans such as yourself have shared their opinions and ideas with me on this crucial matter. Rest assured I will keep them in mind as Congress needs the input of all Americans to solve such an important issue.

Ben Nelson
U.S. Senator

Carol’s reply:

Dear Mr. Nelson,

This “health care reform” bill has nothing to do with health care – and everything to do with the total control of citizens of this once-great Constitutional Republic. No where in the Constitution can you find justification for any of the provisions of this bill.

Nowhere in the Constitution (to which you took a Solemn Oath to protect) does it say a word about being forced to buy health insurance – or anything else mandated by government.

I strongly suggest that you read some information about the Constitution – including the Federalist Papers, which ‘explain’ the Constitution for those who might have a difficult time understanding what is said in that document which was the basis for this nation. The Constitution is the reason why this county grew in such a relatively short historical period and has grown into the strongest nation in the world – one to which millions of people in other nations look to for hope and freedom.

I think someone should have the moral courage to stand up one day in Congress and read the entire Constitution, even now, as amended over the years, that document is only 17 pages long.

You and your colleagues had better start planning now for a major shake up in Congress for the coming 2010 mid-term elections! We the people have awakened. To use what has become a seemingly trite saying, “You have awakened a Sleeping Giant”. There are more of us and our voices, when joined, are loud and strong. And we, sir, have the Constitution and God on our side.

Respectfully, Carol

Only time will tell if lawmakers in Washington will heed the American public’s strong objection to this legislation. With massive deficits, uncontrollable spending seems to be weighing on the minds of all citizens – employed or not.

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Democrats propose tax increase to fund new jobs

If you are in the stock market you may see increased taxes soon to fund a new job program Congress is trying to pass before the end of the year. The legislation is currently being drafted in the House by Democrats and they are seeking to place a tax on stock market investors in order to create badly needed jobs.

Now that the $787 billion stimulus package has failed to ease the unemployment numbers facing the country, Democrats will now reach into their playbook and raise stock market taxes. The .25 percent tax is part of the “Let Wall Street Pay for the Restoration of Main Street Act of 2009,” and will give Congress the new power to create jobs.

The bill doesn’t come without skeptics and Americans aren’t convinced the federal government is able to take on this noble challenge. The bill is deceiving from the get go as it hopes to raise $150 billion, half of which will pay down the deficit and then create a new jobs reserve. This sounds vaguely similar to another bureaucratic entity which requires money and produces little results.

The White House is facing declining poll numbers and insiders point to the rising unemployment numbers as the main reason lawmakers are so unpopular. However, House leader Nancy Pelosi raised some concerns about the tax hike on Wall Street and said the only way this new program will work is if other countries pursue similar tactics.

According to the sponsors of the bill Rep. Peter DeFazio-D OR and Rep. Ed Perlmutter-D CO, the program would need to create jobs that pay at least the median wage in the U.S. Also the proposed legislation would prevent recipients of stimulus money from returning to the cookie jar.

Legislator’s claim the new tax wouldn’t hurt Wall Street and said it was about time they ponied up to the table and supported Main Street. Among the leading groups who support the new tax are the Service Union Employees International (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO union.

It looks like all those White House visits by Andy Stern, SEIU’s front man, are about to pay off in the form of more wealth redistribution.

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It’s dumpster diving for documents at ACORN

What comes to mind when you think about document cover-ups? Watergate? Perhaps, Sandy Berger stuffing his pants full of classified documents from the National Archives in Washington D.C.? Now we can add ACORN to that list.

ACORN in San Diego first came under fire when they fell for the old pimp and prostitute number that included opening a sex den with taxpayer money and sneaking under-age El Salvadorian girls into the U.S. to perform sex acts for perverts.

The excuse for that indiscretion was the employee spoke English as a second language and didn’t understand what the undercover filmmakers were saying. Really? That particular employee, Juan Carlos Vera, was thrown under the bus and fired the next day.

In a phone interview David Lagstein, San Diego ACORN director explained, “Our employee was guilty of bad judgment and he was terminated. There is no story here. The San Diego Republican party is trying to play gotcha politics, nothing more.”

In an effort to shine up ACORN’s tarnished image Lagstein, announced at a Democratic meeting that he had spoken with the State Attorney General, Jerry Brown and was told the fault would placed on the videographers, not ACORN.

He explained the State of California’s AG, Brown is a “political animal.” Brown is expected to be the front runner for an upcoming California governor’s race, making the ACORN investigation a particularly tricky problem due to the new audio tapes that have surfaced and document dumping just days before his office was set to investigate.

In a written statement, Evan Westrup wrote “The Attorney General’s Office has contacted the office of the individual who allegedly recovered these documents and has requested that he turn over all information which he believes relates to a violation of law or otherwise relates to our investigation.”

“There is absolutely no truth to the assertion that the Attorney General’s Office has come to any conclusions or that the investigation is complete,” Westrup said. “This investigation, like all investigations conducted by the Attorney General’s Office, will be fair, comprehensive and independent.”

However, ACORN’s devious days are not over. Now they have dumped more than 20,000 documents into their trash dumpster. Some of the documents that were found included; Social Security numbers, driver licenses, birth dates, credit card numbers, cancel checks, bank mortgage paper work, various official applications and food stamp paperwork.

Again ACORN had an answer. “It’s routine for ACORN offices to empty office files to make way for upcoming projects and employees must have inadvertently thrown out the wrong documents,” said Amy Schur, California State Organizer for ACORN.

Unfortunately for ACORN, San Diego private detective, Derrick Roach happened to be driving by and video tape ACORN employees take numerous bags to the garbage dumpster.

“It’s careless disregard for the people that ACORN claims to be helping,” Roach said. “They put people’s lives at risk. This was a massive data breech.”

In the meantime the excuses and blame continue at the San Diego ACORN office. “We are looking to attorneys and the District Attorneys office to file charges against the man who took the documents.”

Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party lambasted the ACORN office at a press conference and called it “a massive data breach, at the very least, of individuals who have come to ACORN for help and assistance.” He continued to say ACORN’s failure to protect or shred the documents “is an absolute affront to every San Diegan.”

Brown spokesman Westrup said yesterday the attorney general’s investigation into ACORN is ongoing. The Oct. 15 meeting in National City was scheduled in advance by both parties. Strangely this makes the ACORN October 9th document dump perfect timing.

However, document dumping isn’t only happening in San Diego, yesterday it was reported by that another Oklahoma ACORN office has dumped paperwork into the trash and left items behind in an abandoned office. The landlord of the Oklahoma office says he is owed several months back rent.

One of the documents left by ACORN employees in Oklahoma was quite revealing and offered advice to staff members on how to win political races. The document read; “Become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change that controls the state legislature. In other words, by taking credit for controlling some swing seats that return state senate power to progressives in 2008 and the state house to progressives in 2010, ACORN may not have members in a majority of districts, but we will be seen as the force that is making Oklahoma a progressive state in the way that it was 100 years ago.”

“By using this power to win significant changes for working people, by the end of our 5 years, we will have legitimized the progressive takeover of the statehouse and head into 2012 with a real possibility of changing what Oklahomans look for and expect out of their Congressional delegation.”

In another ACORN story, the battered organization has put together a lawsuit and will sue the federal government for halting funding at the height of the company hoopla. The group contends Congress and the federal government have tarnished their fundraising abilities.

Finally it’s quite clear that’s Andrew Brietbart is not going to back off until a meaningful investigation takes place in California as well as Washington D.C.

“The questions millions want to know now, that ACORN has again brazenly mocked our nation’s laws; will Eric Holder and Jerry Brown do their jobs?” Brietbart explained this is only the beginning of all the documents and if Holder fails to conduct a full investigation of ACORN, will continue to release tapes and documents leading up to the 2010 elections making it embarrassing for Democrats.

It looks like has an early Christmas present for the folks at ACORN.

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Crime and loyal operatives part of Mexico strategy to undermine U.S.; bridges provide the path

The current of the Rio Grande drags the pebbles and water through the tale of two cities. Those who reside on the U.S. side of El Paso count their blessings to be living in the second safest small city behind Honolulu; while a hop, skip and jump across the bridge sits Mexico’s most violent city of Juarez, where murder, chaos and drug cartels are commonplace.

Juarez has become the new Nuevo Laredo of 2009 and is a throw back into the wild west, gun battles in the streets, unidentified bodies taken away by the dozen; yet one thing protects the seemingly innocence of American lifestyle – the bridges.

Planners of 9/11 terrorist attacks to plead not guilty in New York City

The attorney for at least one of the 9/11 attack planners announced that Ali Abdal al-Aziz Ali would plea not guilty in a New York court room. However, the alleged terrorist will not deny his role in the planning of a terrorist attack that rocked New York City and ultimately killed more than 3,000 people.

Attorney Scott Fenstermaker said his client will use the New York federal court trial as a platform to express his political view and explain why he attacked the country. According to the attorney representing al-Aziz Ali, the five 9/11 terrorists have been discussing the trial among themselves at their current residence in Guantanamo Bay.

Fenstermaker claims the defendants will explain “their assessment of American foreign policy in the courtroom.”

The trial is expected to get under way sometime next year in New York and the security price tag has soared past the $75 million mark, something that has sparked opposition debate as to the soundness of trying war criminals in open federal court.

In an interview with Fox News, the father of Todd Breamer, who uttered the now famous words “let’s roll” aboard flight 93, explained his profound objection to the terrorist ability to use U.S. courtrooms as a platform to expose radical views and insult the victim’s families all over again.

David Breamer was able to attend the Senate Judiciary hearing last week where Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General pointed out that the suspected terrorists would receive a fair trial. President Obama also weighed in on this issue and stated he was confident the terrorists would receive a guilty verdict and pay the ultimate price – death.

Breamer wrote an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal in which he referred to the New York City trial as September 11th the sequel.

With his eyes and ears open to the legal process Beamer said, “This showed a political system that we have a ruling party. The decision to try the terrorists in open court is a violation of the oath he (Holder) took, I believe, that he is duty bound to protect our country and uphold the Constitution.”

The trial comes with unnecessary risks and forces New Yorkers to face ramped up security during the trial, according to Breamer. “These evil people have confessed their guilt already and have asked to be executed. We should quickly grant their wish.”

The “left-minded decision” of allowing these terrorists a platform will only cause insecurities among the 9/11 survivors and leave taxpayers with another unnecessary tax burden, he finished.

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Global warming skeptics seize emails that cast doubt on climate change

Global warming skeptics seize emails that cast doubt on climate change

Global warming skeptics were quick to pillage through emails after hackers broke into the server of a prominent British university that researches climate change.

The hackers were successful in obtaining emails that allegedly prove global warming is overstated and human influence on the environment is overstated.

Documents within the hacked email include discussion among researchers whether current trends could be disputed by skeptics and how to best combat those arguments.

Drafts of the technical documents and photos were discovered that could spark major debates in the world of science and administrations that are promoting economic policy based on the results of that scientific theory. For those who remain leery about whether the globe is actually warming or cooling, these documents could shed negative light within the scientific community.

According to a climatologist who faults the current global-warming hysteria, Patrick Michaels says, “This is not a smoking gun; this is a mushroom cloud.”

However, it is revealed that the bulk of the emails were simply about how best to describe the cooling trend currently taking place and how it contradicts what researchers predicted in the past.

The skeptic web sites pointed to one line that leads them to believe the science behind global warming is a hoax, “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t,” wrote Dr. Kevin Trenberth a climatologist for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in a report from Fox News.

It was confirmed by officials at University of East Anglia that their server had been hacked, but they refused to authenticate material showing up on the Internet throughout the world.

The printed more contemptuous emails that suggest the researchers manipulated evidence and had private doubts about the reality of global warming.

One thing is certain there is a lot of disagreement between countries regarding climate change and as the Al Gore’s of the world look to Copenhagen in December to lament world policy and set stringent guidelines for companies to follow, global-warming alarmist may have to wait for science to actually catch-up to their philosophy.

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Obamacare heads to Senate for Saturday Night vote

A severe recession, double-digit unemployment, record foreclosures and $12 trillion debt doesn’t paint a very rosy picture about the country’s future; Americans across the country are working harder and longer to meet their monthly budget – not Washington D.C.

As Washington prepares for a rare weekend vote, American’s are bracing for the surprises that are sure to pop out of the massive 2,000 page health care reform bill.

An issue sure to take center stage is the payroll tax increase. According to reports, the Senate legislation includes $376 billion in new taxes. These taxes are expected to trickle down to every American.

Experts agree that raising payroll taxes will dampen any new hiring and curtail business expansion, the result will have the opposite effect the American people are looking for.

Page nine of the Senate health care bill discusses the public option. While there may be different ideas as to the viability of the public option, one thing is certain, it in theory is supposed to offer lower-cost health insurance to those who have trouble obtaining insurance.

The Senate’s version of public-option will actually cost more than similar plans offered by companies such as Blue Cross/Shield, again not what the beltway promised Democrat voters during the Presidential campaign.

The Administration also floated a trial balloon this week regarding guidelines for women’s mammograms. They used a government panel within the Health and Human Services Department as the lapdog and the net result was outraged women crying this was only the beginning of government rationing.

The ‘Doctor fix’ which amounts to $210 billion in payment to physicians has been kicked out of the health care bill because the cost would send this legislation past the trillion dollar mark. This in turn will tack on billions to an already out-of-control federal deficit.

Another key point to keep in mind is that union leaders are supporting this plan, not only with purple shirts, but greenbacks. Millions of dollars have been spent to support Obamacare.

Leading the health care charge is Service Employees International Union’s Andy Stern. Unionization of the health care workers is at the top of his wish list and it looks like Santa may deliver this to him as Stern has topped the White House visitor list with 23 visits to the Oval Office.

However, unions cost money. The Heritage Foundation estimates the boost in health care union money would add up to $27 billion in the first year. They also project the total cost for out years 2013-2018 will be in the neighborhood of $192 billion.

The cost of the bill isn’t solely targeted to tax increases or decreased benefits. On page 432, Senate Leader Harry Reid-D NV offers a bribe to Senator Mary Landrieu-D of LA in the form of tax relief for her state. A $100 million tax-relief bribe.

Even more troubling is the real cost of the health care bill over the 10-year period will be $2.5 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

No doubt the mega bill holds many more surprises for Americans; the question remains will the Senate surprise the President on Saturday night with a no vote?

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U.S gives Mexico keys to open borders and amnesty

Congressman calls for investigation on Sutton and House of Death

Mexico’s culture of corruption is synonymous with the drug dealers, Federales as well as the government. It is no secret business south of the border is handled with a greasy handshake full of money, but what’s surprising to most Americans are the major trade deals cut to benefit our neighbor to the south.

Why has America bent over backwards to create free trade and open borders with such an uncooperative neighbor? What has Mexico given up for the sake of our benefit? Still thinking? It could take awhile.

Mexico is a country filled with natural resources. There is plenty of fertile land for crops, it lays claim to a massive amount of oil and contains thousands of miles of sandy beaches for tourists to frolic on. So why does this country, so close to the successes of its North American neighbor continue to stagnate in corruption and remain an oligarchy?

For the meantime America is the sole superpower. But unlike the past, American administrations have made mistakes and those blunders translated into some bad deals for the American people.

So where did it begin to go wrong?

Beginning in 2002/03 the American government was in the business of trying to catch the bad guys in Juarez and in the midst of catching the murderous cartel members, ICE found itself involved in a dozen murders.

The murders took place in Juarez, Mexico at the now infamous ‘House of Death.’ Twelve murders should have shook Mexico awake and dealt a blow to the American law enforcement community. Strangely it did not. Mexico would hold on to that huge mistake and smartly use it to their advantage at a later date.

This would now become the first major law enforcement cover-up in the Bush “W” White House.

While 12 murders are taking place under the watchful eye of ICE, a mistake is made and it nearly cost the lives of several DEA agents assigned to the Juarez office. This would forever be known as the catalyst point. Once a senior DEA agent Sandalio Gonzalez learns of ICE’s shenanigans, he writes a letter and begins a paper trail.

When Gonzalez learned about the House of Death details he rightly knows something is afoul. He then writes his ICE counterpart and the office of U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton formally demanding accountability for the missteps that led to the U.S. knowing and allegedly participating in 12 murders.

It is worth pointing out that there is no statute of limitations for murder.

“Over the past five and a half years I found a trail that didn’t make sense regarding economic disparities and the undermining of national security. All paths led right back to the El Paso Region because everyone understood Mexico was holding something over us. The pattern was easily documented and verifiable. Ultimately it all led back to the House of Death,” says Andy Ramirez, president of the California based nonprofit Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, who documented a pattern of prosecutorial abuse by Justice, and misrepresentations of fact by Homeland Security.

With an internal cover-up in play, Mexico was in position to play the House of Death card in 2004 and thereafter due to the failure of the U.S. government to clean house. This would eventually somewhat play out in federal court in December 2006 where sworn testimony of Michelle Leonhart, then DEA Deputy Administrator places responsibility for the House of Death squarely on ICE.

When Leonhart was asked if ICE was responsible, she responded, “ICE was responsible, yes…ICE caused the incident.”

At this point, former U.S. Attorney Pete Nunez said, “heads should have rolled in this case.” Yet no high-ranking U.S. officials lost their jobs, nor were they prosecuted.

This simple fact, coupled with a massive cover-up and Mexico’s silence would allow Mexico to gain favorable economic and immigration related concessions while restructuring U.S. border security- with a very complicit Bush White House.

Uncovering the favors for the Mexican Government

Now that the cover-up is in full swing a pair of meetings would take place in Crawford, TX with Mexico’s President Vicente Fox and U.S. President Bush. During the first meeting in March of 2004, Mexico and the U.S. reached a critical agreement that allowed Mexicans with short-term visas to cross the border without being fingerprinted and photographed by U.S. authorities. The respective leaders also began a discussion of a “Guest Worker Plan” or amnesty.

In April of 2004 a plea agreement was reached regarding the murders in the House of Death case. The cartel leader, Heriberto Santillan pled guilty to drug trafficking while the murder charges were dropped. He accepted 25 years in a U.S. prison courtesy of Sutton. This plea deal ensured that Johnny Boy and the Bush Administration would not have to go into court where the gruesome tortures and murders, as well as the case mismanagement by Sutton’s office and ICE (the very things being covered-up) would be exposed in the light of day.

One can conclude that Sutton was placed all along in the position of gatekeeper to protect the White House. Along with his partner in crime Alberto Gonzales, who went from Special Counsel to the President to Attorney General, both would be able to protect all the Bush Administration’s policies regarding Mexico.

It was also during this time that Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, El Paso Border Patrol Agents, found themselves in a heap of trouble regarding shots fired at a known drug dealer. Sutton was the prosecuting attorney in this case, and in another case involving illegal aliens, that being Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez.

“This case (Ramos-Compean) was a skunk. It had a terrible odor,” explains Congressman Walter B. Jones-R NC. “I always wondered why there was no investigation in this matter and why the Mexican Government had so much sway in this American case involving Border Patrol Agents.”

For Jones and a few other Senior Congressional members the story is becoming increasingly clear, referring to the House of Death. “This conspiracy, corruption and cover-up screams for immediate Congressional investigation,” Jones said matter of factly.

“Wrong is wrong, and after reading more about this case it was expected that Sutton would have shut down the House of Death case after the first murder. He did not. We need to remember we are a nation of laws,” Jones finished.

However, these favors for Mexico did not just involve the questionable prosecutions of law enforcement officers.

Marginalizing the Border Patrol

Soon after in June 2004, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge releases an internal memorandum, which prohibited race profiling as an enforcement method.

U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Temecula Border Patrol Sector were conducting interior enforcement operations in Ontario, CA, which resulted in condemnation by the Mexican government and Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus claiming race profiling. Such actions have continued to this day when it comes to immigration enforcement.

June would prove to be a busy month for the Mexican government.

A Social Security Totalization Agreement was signed with Mexico. This agreement would put millions of illegal Mexican workers into the U.S. Social Security system. It is alleged that they would collect U.S. benefits based on their U.S earnings under false or stolen Social Security numbers plus earnings in Mexico. Opponents claimed this pact would further lure illegal immigration, and remain a key component for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

On July 1, 2004 David V. Aguilar became Chief of the Border Patrol after being named to the position in May 2004. The appointment of Aguilar, Chief Patrol Agent of Tucson Sector, was key as he immediately began restructuring the patrol from which many controversial internal events began to inexplicably shape.

This brings us back to Andy Ramirez who stated, “It was the appointment of David Aguilar where the Border Patrol was destroyed from within. Very quickly, I had sources consisting of active duty and retired agents telling me that Mexico was running all the sectors and stations along the southwest border. In a very short time an agency who’s motto was ‘Honor First’ became one of ‘no confidence’ where their own employees would be filled with mistrust and fear of the very government they were willing to die for defending our front lines.”

By the end of summer 2004 a “gag” order was put in place by the Department of Homeland Security ending any unauthorized discussion or statements by its’ employees with the public and media. This was needed to stop any whistle blowing within the department or comments by agents to the media regarding the outrageous policies of the Bush Administration.

It is also worth pointing out that the formation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003 was critical in bringing immigration and customs law enforcement agencies together under one umbrella and squelch any stray employees’ opposition to these types of matters.

DHS now had the Border Patrol, Customs, and ICE all within one roof. No one could step out of line under the Bush White House’s watchful eyes. Secretary Ridge and Attorney General Ashcroft would have a direct pipeline to the president, both of whom had full knowledge of the House of Death case as documented in Sandy Gonzalez’ civil suit.

Taking a cue from the 9/11 Commission Report, the Bush Administration released a new National Border Patrol Strategy, which made stopping the terrorists the top priority.

The reality was that such a strategy sounded good on paper, but accomplished very little other than giving Congress and the public a façade of smoke and mirrors to give a sense of “wow they’re doing something to control the borders.”

However, local Border Patrol sector chiefs were stripped of command and control over their kingdoms. All operations were subsequently centralized and placed under the control of headquarters and Chief Aguilar in Washington, DC. In effect, headquarters no longer served the field.

On November 16, 2004, a memorandum of understanding was completed between CBP and ICE in which ICE’ Office of Investigations was given control of key investigative responsibilities while ultimately neutering the Border Patrol by limiting enforcement to cross border traffic in “routine areas of patrol”.

Moving forward into 2005 the Congress was making a full-court press for immigration reform or amnesty.

In early spring another Bush Administration meeting took place in Texas with President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin to outline the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

This deal would further weaken border security and interior enforcement as well as denounce U.S. civilian border observers or Minutemen groups as vigilantes, and proposed Republican Congressional legislation calling for construction of a border fence. Discussions about a new “guest worker” plan for Mexican illegal aliens that experts have called a second amnesty also began to take shape at this tri-country pow-wow.

Throughout the summer the country would begin its grumblings about the McCain/Kennedy/Bush immigration reform bill.

Curiously the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Official Website outlines all the activities by U.S. civilian groups including the Minutemen groups, and official investigations by Congressmen regarding border security and interior enforcement.

During this same time period numerous Chief Patrol Agents and other high-ranking officials in the Border Patrol suddenly began to retire early before their mandatory age-57 retirement requirement.

New Mexican President, Same Interference

In the interim, Mexican violence continued to spin out of control with the election of new President Felipe Calderon.

Meanwhile as word of the border fence made its way into the 2006 legislation it was becoming increasingly clear a fence would not be built as many Americans wanted.

“The Bush Administration was constantly dragging their feet. They wanted no part in clear language that put a mandated double fence in high traffic zones and they didn’t want a time certain for completion,” said retired Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, R-CA. “I finally just pushed for the double and triple fence in the San Diego region and left Arizona and Texas out.”

The Bush White House along with other Texas legislators would water down the required fencing in the 2006 immigration reform bill and to this day the fence has been plagued by delays, cost overruns, and bureaucratic obstruction due to immense pressure from Mexico.

However, Americans were having no part in the new amnesty talk and it would be the radio talk shows leading the charge to stop the final McCain/Kennedy/Bush legislation in its tracks.

A defeated White House and an empowered Mexican government wouldn’t end on that note.

The outgoing President Bush would get the Merida Initiative signed into law by June 30 of 2008. It provided $1.4 billion ($400 million immediately) financed through Congressional Appropriations (from U.S. taxpayers) to assist Mexico in combating transnational organized crime; Ambassador Garza and counterpart in Mexico City sign implementation agreement Dec. 3, 2008

Considering the mishandling and subsequent cover-up of the House of Death murder spree that began in El Paso and found its way to Washington, local Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) oddly has never issued any statement regarding this entire mess.

When asked to comment, Vincent Perez, Reyes’ press secretary responded with, “I don’t know what this had to do with us.”

When pressed with the fact that the agencies involved were working in his district, Perez responded, “I still don’t understand what this has to do with our office.”

However, in a different matter Reyes’ office contacted ICE on June 19, 2008 regarding the kidnapping of a relative in Juarez though ICE had no jurisdiction. As a result, Reyes is now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee as a complaint was filed in July 2008 questioning the improper usage of a U.S. law enforcement agency.

Betting the House

The only way this type of political play could have been pulled off was by Mexico having a chip; keeping in mind they want open borders – amnesty at minimum. They had the political chip, or blackmail, courtesy of the mishandling and cover-up of the House of Death case. But to pull it off, law enforcement starting with the Border Patrol had to be undermined and destroyed from within; the very thing Mexico has always wanted. ICE is corrupt, overwhelmed, and melting anyhow so they would be an ineffective replacement.

The long-standing relationship between Reyes and Aguilar within management at Border Patrol is equally important. Reyes was Chief Patrol Agent of McAllen Sector while Aguilar was a high-ranking subordinate under him.

Given this relationship it would be easy to communicate and restructure the Border Patrol to the agency’s detriment with Reyes shepherding it through Congress without much notice. Many Members of Congress have deferred to Reyes due to his experience as a Border Patrol high-ranking agent.

Given DHS and the Justice Department’s roles in the House of Death case, with the ‘rule of law’ eliminated, and their failure to hold people accountable in this matter, amnesty could be pushed. The American people have been left standing alone against these overwhelming odds.

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Boxer touts $787 billion stimulus and San Diego’s one new job

Senator Barbara Boxer-D CA tried to pass off an infusion of cash into 50 San Diego companies as stimulus money. However, what San Diego got was more Obama fuzzy math and one new job.

Speaking to a group of people at University of California San Diego, Boxer talked about the great new research projects making their way into San Diego business sector. What she failed to point out was that the $45 million in funds came from the National Institute of Health grants – not the $787 billion stimulus.

Local news station KUSI was quick to report San Diego has created just one new job with money from the stimulus boondoggle. Boxer claimed that there would be 16,000 new jobs in San Diego alone, but that didn’t pass the KUSI smell test.

The job in question was given to a neuro-oncologist doctor who will be researching brain tumors, according to UCSD.

Political opponent, Carly Fiorina a Republican Senatorial hopeful looking to unseat Boxer in the 2010 mid-terms said Boxer will forever be remembered with three pieces of legislation accredited to her 17 year career as Senator.

“Boxer has been Senator for 17 years and she’s delivered three pieces of legislation; a name of a river, a name of a courthouse in Fresno and some seismic technology to the Bay Area. I guess one piece of legislation in 17 years isn’t so bad.”

This political jab will be a staple on the campaign trail for Fiorina.

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