Senator DeMint throws his weight behind California Senate hopeful DeVore

A big time endorsement from Senator Jim DeMint-R SC went to California conservative Chuck DeVore who hopes to win his primary and take on sitting liberal Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer.

Looking ahead to the 2010 election, Chuck DeVore hopes a Reagan-style landslide is in his future with the support of such a prominent Republican Senator. This five-year veteran in the California State Assembly sees the upcoming election as a way to change the country’s future.

“He is in a very difficult state (CA), and when he gets here (D.C.) he’s going to join a country- not a club,” DeMint quipped. “We need to shake up the Republican Party, and Chuck’s not afraid to stand up to his own party and say you’re wrong.”

California currently faces historic unemployment rates, continued budget shortfalls and a man made drought in the Central Valley.

“Chuck stands by the farmers even when California’s current Senators continue to do nothing,” says DeMint.

DeVore explained he was delighted to get DeMint’s endorsement. “Jim sees our California Senators are falling down on the job at the federal level- they could help our farmers in the Central Valley.”

After the political landslide in this week’s elections, both Senator and candidate see promise in the upcoming 2010 midterms. “The election’s were an indication that if Republicans are willing to put a good campaign together, they can win in any state in the country,” DeMint said.

Running for office in ultra liberal California poses unique challenges for Republicans, especially a conservative one. You have to go all the way back to Ronald Reagan to see a strong victory.

“There are two reasons why I am running against Ma’am Boxer; one because we so badly need to beat her and two, I know we can do it in 2010,” DeVore enthusiastically said.

DeVore expects to run on conservative principles. In his five-year career in the California State Assembly, DeVore held his ground. DeVore also has a strong military background.

“We (California) can’t keep spending and borrowing our way out problems,” DeVore explained. “California can’t grow government with borrowed money from China.”

Clearly DeVore believes something is broken in the California legislative process and would like an opportunity to address the issues at a federal level.

Before DeVore can take his shot against Boxer, he must win the Republican primary against Carly Fiorina. “This race will set up a wonderful contrast. I consider myself a true Reagan Republican, Carly is more of a Rockefeller Republican.”

In any case California’s Senate seat is ripe for the picking.

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