American’s rally against amnesty across the country

On a Friday afternoon when Americans were reeling from a terrorist massacre in Fort Hood, learning the mastermind of 9/11 will be tried in federal court like any other common criminal, the Obama Administration dusted off the 2007 immigration reform plan to resuscitate amnesty.

The Obama team can’t seem to get past the campaign trail. The speech hit the usual topics; “we’ve brought the economy back from the brink by passing the Recovery Act, tackled health care reform, planted seeds of growth for a new clean energy economy, made serious national commitment to education, which means college for every young person…”

Seriously, the Obama Administration needs to put down the kool-aid and get back to reality.

With unemployment in the double digits, Americans losing their homes and borders that remain unsecured, Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security Secretary has decided to resurrect the 2007 McCain/Kennedy/Bush immigration reform failure to pay off Obama’s political debts to certain special interest groups.

As a result, on Saturday there were more than 50 anti-amnesty rallies held around the nation protesting the Obama’s Administration’s attempt to shove another unwanted program onto Americans who are struggling to stay afloat.

The number one issue on American’s mind is “it’s the economy stupid.” A lagging economy coupled with a withering job market hardly seems like the ideal time to dump an estimated 20 million illegal aliens into the U.S. job market.

At the Friday speech, Napolitano described the Administration’s “three-legged stool formula as a way to solve the nation’s out-of-control immigration problem. “One that must include commitment to effective enforcement, improved legal flows for families and workers and a firm, but fair way to deal with those who are already here,” Napolitano said.

One would think that the DHS head would know how to deal with the immigration issues as Napolitano was once Governor of Arizona. However, under her tutelage, Arizona garnered the auspicious title of kidnapping capital of the U.S. and it also ranked second in the world behind Mexico City.

Arizona saw an increase in illegal crimes each year she was in office. Hardly a stellar record for someone who announced the country has solved our border security issues.

Napolitano points to the 600-miles of secure border fence that have been constructed. However, the fence was constructed under the Bush Administration- not Obama. And it is worth pointing out that the 600-miles of southern border fence built only covers about one-third of the 2,000+ mile fence the U.S. shares with Mexico. (The border we share with Mexico is not a straight line)

The so-called three-legged stool example has now lost a leg.

The Secure Communities program is another agenda DHS touts as a success. However, many look to the program as another reason amnesty is doomed to fail. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) nabbed more than 111,000 criminal aliens in one year. Great. But the new program has only deported 9,500 criminal illegal aliens. This leaves more than 100,000 criminal aliens in America.

The statistics in the state of California are even more staggering. The illegal inmates residing in California prisons tally 30 percent, one-third of all births are to illegal immigrants and the FBI reports most of the Latino MS13 gang members are here illegally. Los Angeles’ sanctuary city status forbids Los Angeles police officers to question the legal status of the most violent gang members in the country.

Napolitano claims the Obama Administration is dedicated to fighting the drug cartels, money they collect and guns returning to Mexico. She produces the $34 million confiscated in smuggling attempts. Again seems like a tidy sum of money.

However, the fact is the drug cartels pay much more than that on a monthly basis in bribes. In Mexico, drug cartels earn upwards of $10 billion per year – per cartel. Suddenly that $24 million doesn’t seem like much.

As far as the violence; this year alone there have been more murders in Mexico than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combine eight years. Again, seems like we are fighting the wrong war.

Under the Obama Administration the violence south of the border continues to escalate, not only does Mexico lay claim to record breaking murder numbers, approximately 13,500 murders since 2006. But the violence is not only endemic to Mexico, Guatemala (3,286 murders per year), Honduras (4,214 murders per year) and San Salvador (3,673 murders per year) this all follows directly in Mexico’s footpaths and the carnage continues to unfold throughout Latin America.

This path of murder and corruption will slowly make its way into the United States.

Many claim the borders can never be fully secure and the thirst for U.S. drug consumption is impossible to overcome. Yet former U.S. Attorney Pete Nunez thinks differently. His first hand knowledge of the topic dates back to ‘Operation Intercept’ in 1969.

The program was directed by President Richard Nixon’s vow to fight drugs and it took aim at the 2,500-mile border we share with Mexico from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas.

President Nixon virtually shut down all the border crossings when Mexico refused to help with the war on drugs, says Nunez. “The point was to inspect 100 percent of vehicles crossing into America, there were no exceptions.”

Nunez reports during that period, large drug cases in San Diego decreased by 75 percent. “That is something that has never been repeated,” he said. “The notion that we can’t stop illegal drug trafficking into this country is false and ‘Operation Intercept’ proved the war on drugs could be fought successfully.”

Looking to other successful programs like E-Verify, the Obama Administration has continued to weaken its effectiveness by not mandating the program for every business. The restricted usage allows more illegal aliens to take jobs in an ailing U.S. economy.

However, once employees are deemed to be here illegally, they are not deported. This is mind boggling since in many cases the illegals have either used stolen or bogus Social Security numbers to gain employment, breaking another American law.

Also, another factor to keep in mind is assimilation into the American way of life. In the past second generation immigrants were more likely to succeed. The first generation parents would work hard and make sure their children received a good education, learn the language and successfully assimilate into society.

However, according to studies from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), almost two-thirds of adult Mexican immigrants have not completed high school. This unskilled work force has a much tougher time assimilating in the U.S. compared to their other immigrant counterparts.

The dubious cycle plays out when you see second generation Latino immigrants accepting food stamps, welfare payments and straining the already burdened health care systems.

But Napolitano refuses to focus on the real numbers. She states her administration wishes to get tougher on “anti-smuggling laws and dealing with the aggravated crimes smugglers commit- including assaulting law enforcement officers, endangering children and threatening relatives and abandoning people in the desert.”

This problem could be solved without U.S. taxpayer money. It is sad to see these illegal aliens succumb to the coyotes (human smugglers) as they try to break into our country illegally. A simple solution- come through the front door, wait in line with the millions of immigrants before you.

American’s do not force Latino’s to pay coyotes to enter into this country illegally. Why should it be our responsibility? There would be no deaths in the desert if those seeking a better life played by the rules, end of story.

Next the Obama Administration claims they have met with labor union leaders and “immigration reform will be a boon to American workers.”

Really? Are those here illegally multi-millionaires? Are they going to open large manufacturing plants and employ millions of Americans who remain unemployed?

Not likely. The union would love to see the millions of illegal aliens legalized because it means the unions could recruit them to join unions and extol money in dues from an already struggling group of people. Nothing more.

Napolitano states, “Think about it; unions will never achieve the best terms for workers when a large part of the workforce is illegal and operates in a shadow economy.”

The Secretary is admitting there are millions here working illegally. Why is nothing being done to stop illegals from gaining employment and once they are discovered working illegally why aren’t they returned to their home country?

One last point, in the speech given at the American Center of Progress, Napolitano stresses that “no one should have to wait in line for years in order to reunite with a spouse or young child.”

This is code for allowing all family members of those who broke the law sneaking into America, to reunite in the U.S. The number of immigrants rushing across the borders would swell to the 30-40 million people. This is something America could not sustain.

This is why American’s don’t support amnesty. It is not even on the top five list of priorities that need attention in this country.

This reckless behavior by the Obama Administration prompted 53 anti-amnesty rallies across the nation.

The San Diego Minutemen joined the tea party movement and sponsored the rally in Southern California.

“It is not fair for those in power to give our country away to illegal immigrants,” said Diane Carols who attended the rally in San Diego. “This is my first rally and it looks like I’ll have to attend many more to make sure this travesty doesn’t come true.”

This sentiment was echoed throughout rally attendees. Especially ardent opponents of anti-amnesty come from those who immigrated to America legally. Francisca Galvan, a recent legal immigrant from Mexico, spoke at the rally and explained amnesty would kill America.

With the USS Midway as a backdrop roughly 200 concerned citizens came out to support local activists in their efforts to fight amnesty and encourage political leaders to secure the country’s borders.

Looking to recent polls from Rasmussen, 66 percent of Americans want a reduction in immigration not an increase.

San Diego is a border city and rally attendees made one thing absolutely clear, amnesty is not okay and the White House can expect a big fight.

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