Boxer touts $787 billion stimulus and San Diego’s one new job

Senator Barbara Boxer-D CA tried to pass off an infusion of cash into 50 San Diego companies as stimulus money. However, what San Diego got was more Obama fuzzy math and one new job.

Speaking to a group of people at University of California San Diego, Boxer talked about the great new research projects making their way into San Diego business sector. What she failed to point out was that the $45 million in funds came from the National Institute of Health grants – not the $787 billion stimulus.

Local news station KUSI was quick to report San Diego has created just one new job with money from the stimulus boondoggle. Boxer claimed that there would be 16,000 new jobs in San Diego alone, but that didn’t pass the KUSI smell test.

The job in question was given to a neuro-oncologist doctor who will be researching brain tumors, according to UCSD.

Political opponent, Carly Fiorina a Republican Senatorial hopeful looking to unseat Boxer in the 2010 mid-terms said Boxer will forever be remembered with three pieces of legislation accredited to her 17 year career as Senator.

“Boxer has been Senator for 17 years and she’s delivered three pieces of legislation; a name of a river, a name of a courthouse in Fresno and some seismic technology to the Bay Area. I guess one piece of legislation in 17 years isn’t so bad.”

This political jab will be a staple on the campaign trail for Fiorina.

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