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The Obama Administration takes ownership of GMAC

In the equivalent of a Friday afternoon drop for a story seeking minimal coverage, the federal government announced they would be sinking an additional $3.8 billion in aid to lending giant GMAC. This infusion of cash gives the federal government majority ownership in another failing loan industry company.

The Obama Administration is proving its intention and loyalty to the banking industry and the fat cats that run them by throwing more money into an industry that America once dominated.

The handout GMAC is taking from the taxpayers is $3.8 billion it is minor considering they took $12.5 billion from the government earlier this year. The Teasury Department said it would increase its company stock from 35 percent to 56 percent making Uncle Sam in charge of the failing loan company.

According to the government, four of the nine board members will be personally picked by the Obama Administration and GMAC will be required to pay $14 billion in loans in order to regain control of the company.

This will be the sixth company the federal government has taken over in two years. The others are American International Group (AIG), Citigroup, Government, oops General Motors, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“We said if you do not go raise capital from the private markets, if you are unable to, we will put capital into you because it is important to the stability of the system,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner explained to the Congressional Oversight Panel earlier this month. “It was never going to be possible for GMAC. They are in a unique and difficult situation.”

The question taxpayers are left asking is where is the money coming from?

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American voters disagree with church officials on immigration reform bill

The current immigration reform bill floating on the House floor has the support of many church leaders, while most in the pews strongly disagree and want immigration curtailed. A new poll by Zogby shows as many as 78 percent of those polled feel the law enforcement aspect of immigration in inadequate.

Zogby also found American’s believe there are plenty of migrant workers in the country already, while church leaders felt more unskilled workers are needed. Church goers think laws should be enforced even if it requires illegal immigrants to return to their home country, something the church feels is unnecessary.

Here are a few of the questions asked in the Zogby poll;

Most members of religious denominations do not feel that illegal immigration is caused by limits on legal immigration, as many religious leaders do; instead, members feel it’s due to a lack of enforcement?

Catholics: Just 11 percent said illegal immigration was caused by not letting in enough legal immigrants; 78 percent said it was caused by inadequate enforcement efforts.
Mainline Protestants: 18 percent said not enough legal immigration; 78 percent said inadequate enforcement.
Born-Again Protestants: 9 percent said not enough legal immigration; 85 percent said inadequate enforcement.
Jews: 21 percent said not enough legal immigration; 60 percent said inadequate enforcement.

Unlike religious leaders who argue that more unskilled immigrant workers are needed, most members think there are plenty of Americans to do such work?
Catholics: 12 percent said legal immigration should be increased to fill such jobs; 69 percent said there are plenty of Americans available to do such jobs, employers just need to pay more?

Mainline Protestants: 10 percent said increase immigration; 73 percent said plenty of Americans are available.
Born-Again Protestants: 7 percent said increase immigration; 75 percent said plenty of Americans are available.
Jews: 16 percent said increase immigration; 61 percent said plenty of Americans available.

When asked to choose between enforcement that would cause illegal immigrants to go home over time or a conditional pathway to citizenship, most members choose enforcement?

Catholics: 64 percent support enforcement to encourage illegals to go home; 23 percent support conditional legalization.
Mainline Protestants: 64 percent support enforcement; 24 percent support legalization.
Born-Again Protestants: 76 percent support enforcement; 12 percent support legalization.
Jews: 43 percent support enforcement; 40 percent support legalization.

In contrast to many religious leaders, most members think immigration is too high.
Catholics: 69 percent said immigration is too high; 4 percent said too low; 14 percent just right?

Mainline Protestants: 72 percent said too high; 2 percent said too low; 11 percent just right.
Born-Again Protestants: 78 percent too high; 3 percent said too low; 9 percent just right.
Jews: 50 percent said it is too high; 5 percent said too low; 22 percent just right.

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) issued a resolution stating, “Due to the limited number of visas, millions have entered the United States without proper documentation.” The NAE also called for increases in the number of immigrant workers allowed into the U.S.

The Catholic Church suggested that the law must be reformed so that more “laborers from other countries can enter the country legally.”

While the Episcopal Church adopted a resolution in July of this year stating that, “Immigrants are filling the jobs that go unwanted and unfilled by U.S. citizens.”

With the numbers so lopsided one is left wondering why there is a large disconnect between church attendees and their leaders.

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DHS gaffe nearly results in Christmas air disaster

In what could have been a Christmas day horror, Customs and Border Protection officers apprehended a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist who boarded a Northwest flight bound for Detroit from Nigeria with a stop in Amsterdam. The suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, ducked security in Amsterdam by carrying the explosives on his person, possibly sewn into his clothing.

Passengers on flight 253 claim the suspected terrorist began to act suspiciously as the plane commenced its decent into the Detroit region. When travelers heard a popping noise similar to firecrackers and saw flames they wasted no time in subduing the alleged- Nigerian terrorist, holding him down until the plane landed in Detroit.

Former Northwest airline pilot and aviation security expert for the airline, Glen E. Winn explained it was sheer luck this plane didn’t blow up. “This plane was at a critical mode upon the final approach phase where the air inside the aircraft was very unstable. The pilot and crew should be commended for getting the plane onto the runway in one piece.” He goes on to place the blame for this Christmas day incident squarely on the American government. “The system broke down starting with the terror watch list and continued at every check point from Nigeria through Amsterdam.”

“This alleged attack on a U.S. airplane on Christmas Day shows that we must remain vigilant in the fight against terrorism at all times,” Attorney General Eric Holder said. “Had this alleged plot to destroy an airplane been successful, scores of innocent people would have been killed or injured. We will continue to investigate this matter vigorously, and we will use all measures available to our government to ensure that anyone responsible for this attempted attack is brought to justice.”

It is also worth pointing out that President Obama has failed to make an official statement regarding this national security failure. While he and his family vacation and enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian weather, he has chosen to let his senior cabinet members make statements about this incident drawing the ire of many Americans who remain scared to fly as the holiday season winds down. It appears a notable new pattern is emerging with Obama regarding his silence where terrorist activity is concerned though he has shown no hesitation to address any other issue inane or otherwise and regularly requests camera time something his predecessors did not do.

Despite a Nigerian man being able to board a Northwest airliner with explosive chemicals (PETN or pentaerythritol similar to what shoe bomber Richard Reid used) headed for Detroit which is home to the largest concentration of Muslim population (Dearborn-located within minutes of airport) in the country, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said, “The system worked.”

However, the alleged terrorist threw up many red flags along the way and the result was the U.S. failed to connect the dots; he paid in cash, had no baggage and was recently placed on a terrorist watch list. All this intel should have caused red flags, but the era of “political-correctness” allowed Abdulmutallab to slip onto an American bound airplane says Steven Emerson a terrorism expert who has written multiple books about terrorism.

Making the rounds on the Sunday morning shows, Napolitano stated that it was important to remember, “Once the incident happened, everything that was supposed to happened, happened. The passengers reacted appropriately, the crew acted correctly and within an hour to 90 minutes all 128 flights in the air nearby were notified. The system has worked very, very smoothly,” she explained.

According to Janice Kephart of the Center for Immigration Studies, “Secretary Napolitano has a substantially narrow definition of ‘system’- she is simply referencing the airline doing its job alongside FAA once the incident occurred- rather than recognizing that the ‘system’ includes our immigration, intelligence and detection systems which all utterly failed to connect the dots and assure a revoked visa, a no fly listing and a substantial cache of intelligence from the terrorists father and the British intelligence service, both of which should have held high credibility with the U.S. and heightened the alert for this young man.”

“This terrorist is evidence of terrorist travel 101; abusing the loopholes in our ability as a government to properly screen identity, intelligence and a person prior to boarding a plane in a foreign country. There is no excuse for this. The ‘system’ failed miserably and having our Homeland Security Secretary indicate otherwise leaves us nowhere other than Bin Laden and the Taliban laughing at our government’s sheer stupidity. I suggest she read the 9/11 Commission monograph on Terrorist Travel. This terrorist’s story is an even worse failure than the 9/11 immigration story. And she needs to own up to it before the next one succeeds.”

Responding to the latest terrorist attack, airlines quickly put in place new rules; they will no longer hand out blankets and passengers will not be able to leave their seats one-hour before landing.

“The airline response is absurd,” Kephart said. “This is a problem of the no fly list- I believe does not directly check the FBI terror watch list; and that TSA either wasn’t doing its job or the equipment wasn’t sufficient (remember the TSA manual was available to download a few weeks ago and that tells the world exactly what TSA equipment will pick up and what it won’t). This sounds an awful lot like the 9/11 failure of government agencies to connect the dots. There is a whirlwind of government failure here,” Kephart finishes.

When the topic of terrorist attacks arise it goes without saying that the 9/11 surviving family members will have something to add and this incident was no different. Peter Gadiel, of the 9-11 Families for a Secure America stated this latest attack proves the “continuing incompetence of the U.S. government shining through. The government is not functioning and this event is a result of their failure to take this problem seriously. The American people need to wake-up to the fact that all this supposed security is just window dressing.”

When asked about the upcoming hearings that will investigate this matter, Gadiel said this was nothing more than a kangaroo court. “Until we enact Secure ID and figure out who is in this country, these hearings will be nothing more than reshuffling of the chairs.”

Near disaster impacts border expert & family

The handling of this event was of little comfort for the family of border security expert Andy Ramirez who were traveling to Detroit at the same time as the incident on Northwest flight 253. His family was en route to Michigan to visit with family over the holidays. They had spoken upon arriving safely in Detroit a couple of hours after the flight from Amsterdam had landed.

Ramirez said when he contacted his family to discuss what happened; they were surprised having been unaware as to what had taken place prior to their own landing.

“I talked with my family after I saw this come on the news and this hit home for us. They are very nervous about their flight home given the fact that this incident just happened. We are all also concerned that this incident could have been a probe by the terrorists. Outside local Detroit media (and this reporter) nobody has factored in the Dearborn Islamic enclave and the potential for moles to be on the ground. Dearborn is within mere minutes of Detroit Metro airport. Since 2004, I have told my family that when traveling to always be aware of what is going on around them and remember that terrorists do not take days off,” said Ramirez.

“What has hit us is the fact it could have been their flight, and our family. Nothing prepares you for such things because when you travel frequently, you tend to take things for granted. It is a reminder of how little is being done to secure our nation and how our government has left our people at risk. All these years after 9-11, we’ve been reactive, never proactive in addressing security.”

When Ramirez was asked his opinion of the incident, he replied that the biggest surprise is not the incompetence of this terrorist being on the aircraft given the fact our Homeland Security is a complete joke led by incompetent bureaucrats who got their positions due to cronyism and participation in sex-rings.

Detroit also has a number of key terrorist hard targets such as; the Big Three or the automotive industry headquarters, high-profile high-capacity sporting events including “the Big House” (University of Michigan Stadium); where on any given Saturday in the fall more than 104,000 spectators are cheering on the home team. Ironically the suspected terrorist was treated at University of Michigan Medical Center for burns he received from the explosive device.

“I’ve been identifying internal corruption, incompetence, and security breakdowns for more than five years and have testified as to those very facts before Congress. Rather than investigate the indisputable facts that have been presented and demand accountability from the Executive Branch, Congress has given the American people lip-service and bulls**t hearings about steroids in baseball and the Bowl Championship Series. Let’s not forget that DHS has failed countless security audits and experienced personnel that were purged by the agency or those in the know were required to take early retirement. What will it take for someone to get off their butts in D.C. and do something about it? Or do we have to bury more Americans, perhaps families like mine, to fix problem that will continue beyond flight 253. The blood of Americans lost will be on their hands,” concluded Ramirez.

Terror attacks on the rise

Some contend the rise in terror attacks this year are in direct response to the Obama Administration’s luke-warm reaction to terrorists in general. In the first days of the Obama presidency, terms like “terrorist” were banned from press releases and press briefings. “Terrorism is real and the Obama Administration has downplayed terrorism and did away with the word,” explained Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI).

However, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) said the dozen attacks so far this year are reason for concern. “Most were prevented due to diligent law enforcement work; Three attacks were successful, the Army recruiter who was murdered in Little Rock, Major Hasan’s murder spree at Fort Hood and this current one.”

Lieberman continued to explain, “The fact that this guy made it through screening is alarming.” He also questioned the fact an alleged Nigerian terrorist’s inclusion on a watch list didn’t ring any alarm bells.

Security expert Winn also pointed out the fact that there have been at least 15 major terrorist attacks around the world, not including the obvious ones taking place in the war-torn Middle East.

It has also been reported by Newsweek that Abdulmutallab was recently declined a visa from our close ally England and was allowed to keep his multi-entry visa for the United States even though his own father, a well-respected banker in Nigeria, reported to U.S. State Department officials that his son may want to inflict harm to Americans.

In a joint statement from DHS and TSA Napolitano said; “I am grateful to the passengers and crew aboard Northwest Flight 253 who reacted quickly and heroically to an incident that could have had tragic results. The Department of Homeland Security immediately put additional screening measures into place- for all domestic and international flights- to ensure the continued safety of the traveling public. We are also working closely with federal, state and local law enforcement on additional security measures, as well as our international partners on enhanced security at airports and on flights.”

The federal agencies encouraged American people to continue their planned holiday travel, but to be observant, aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior or activity to law enforcement officials immediately.

Many security gurus suggest full- body scans would have prevented anyone from boarding a plane with explosives attached to their bodies. There are approximately 40 of these machines in use in the United States, but the cost is still too high to add the body scanners to all U.S. airports. Conversely, opponents feel the full-body scan is too revealing and imposes possible complications if the scan is somehow released to the public at large and explained the use of these machines was not worth it.

Senator Lieberman disagreed and pointed out that Iraq was yesterday’s war, Afghanistan is today’s war and if the U.S. does act now to preempt in Yemen, it will be tomorrow’s war. (Earlier this year the Obama Administration released six Gitmo detainees to terrorist-safe haven Yemen.)

Republican lawmaker and ranking member of Department of Homeland Security committee Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says he will ensure this attempted terrorist attack is taken seriously. “When something like this happens it’s important to go back and take a look at it and learn our lessons,” he said.

Considering President Obama’s stance on terrorism, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this incident will be treated as any other law enforcement issue. The mere fact that the Nigerian was read is rights and assigned an attorney will negate any form of interrogation and American’s will not gain access to who, what and why this individual tried to blow up a U.S. airliner or if he was working with al-Qaeda cells in Yemen. “The fact we are not treating these guys as enemy combatants is a mistake, they are at war with us,” says Winn.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard concurs, “We are not treating this like an enemy-combatant and now he’s (suspected Nigerian terrorist) lawyered up and we will never know any of the important details.” He further explained the PR-arm of the White House is in full damage-control mode which spotlights the President’s inability to grasp that terrorists want to do harm to America, even under the helm of a new “global president.”

Former CBP Commissioner Ralph Basham also made a statement regarding this latest incident. “Is this troubling- yes? Shocking, no.” He explained that the CBP has dedicated employees, but they need the right tools in order to accomplish their jobs; first they need good intelligence and second the latest technology (body scans).

As far as the terrorist watch lists, they are only as good as the information contained in them contends Basham. “This time the information contained in them wasn’t sufficient enough to deny entry and the break down (in communication) continues,” he said.

Basham’s comments raised the ire of border expert Ramirez. “Former Commissioner Basham is once again talking out of both sides of his mouth and he damn well knows this is not shocking because he is partly responsible for doing nothing to correct these problems during his tenure at CBP. He is an incompetent ‘yes man.’ How can CBP get the right tools needed when they refuse to train their officers properly and promote America’s best up the chain of command. What they did is force the best into early retirement and compromised public safety in the process. Their emphasis has been reducing wait times and turning law enforcement officers into a customer service clerks.”

According to Ramirez, over the next few weeks and months were going to see a lot of dog and pony shows and knee jerk reactions, however, a false sense of security will continue and will do nothing to ease travel worries or God forbid the anguish that the country may be burying loved ones after the next successful attack.

Administration officials admitted that Abdulmutallab’s name was added to the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) list in November; however this list contains more than 500,000 names with minimal details and it is painfully obvious that this system does not work as it should.

The current investigation is being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. According to AG of DOJ Holder, the Justice Department reminds the public that criminal complaints contain mere allegations and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is an insult to the brave passengers who subdued the alleged terrorist.

Lieberman concluded by referring to the 9/11 Commission report in which they believed the U.S. failed to connect the dots. “9/11 happened because of a failure of imagination.”

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Screw up; move up in play again at Customs and Border Protection

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San Diego the latest destination for a screw-up move-up border tour

Chris Maston began his colorful career more than twenty years ago in El Paso, Texas as a Border Patrol agent. In true ‘good ole boy’ fashion Maston moved up the ranks and with each questionable indiscretion, his infamous Customs and Border Protection’s career followed the tried and true rule of “screw up and move up.” This dark path to the top has led to Maston’s new post as Port Director of the Customs and Border Patrol’s busiest port of entry in the country, San Ysidro, located in San Diego.

A press release from CBP stated, “Maston brings to the key San Diego position in-depth experience in overseeing large scale passenger and cargo processing programs. He most recently served more than two years as port director at the Miami International Airport, managing more than 1,300 employees at the largest international operation in the U.S. for air cargo and the second largest for international traveler processing.”

“Maston’s recent responsibilities overseeing international traveler inspections, trade enforcement and tactical enforcement operations will provide the tools he needs to manage the busy 24-lane port of San Ysidro and nearby 13-lane Otay Mesa border station where, on average, 63,000 vehicles and 134,000 travelers enter the U.S. each day, CBP DFO Morris said. Maston served from 2004 to 2006 as the assistant director of border security at CBP’s Miami Field Office. In this position, he oversaw border security operations for the Miami, Port Everglades, Key West and West Palm Beach ports of entry.”

Repeated attempts (phone, email and finally showing up at CBP port offices) to interview Maston about his new post in San Diego were all declined. Even when presented with questions regarding new port duties, what challenges he could face and the implementing of his cargo inspection program Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), the new director chose to hide in his office. This begs the question what is he trying to hide?

While mindful of the agency’s important border security mission, Maston said in a press release he will continue to support operations that have proved successful for the field office while striking a working balance between facilitation of legitimate travelers and the need for strong enforcement.

Does this mean Maston will continue his behavior that landed him on the “” tell-all web site? The website geared to serial cheaters depicts Maston as a player with multiple work-related affairs. The posting (click here contains a number of postings regarding his time as a top official in Miami.

Can Maston maintain a San Diego CBP Field Office that manages more than 1,800 front-line federal officers at border stations in San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Tecate, Calexico, and Andrade as well as the San Diego seaport and international airports? These ports completed approximately 66 million inspections of people, seized more than 145 tons of illegal narcotics and apprehended more than 42,000 immigration violators during the last fiscal year. One assumes this is a fulltime job requiring an enormous amount of time and concentration.

President Ronald Reagan summed it up as, “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession, I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”

CBP’s own Miami Vice includes, guns, badges, drugs and sex-rings

The Miami Herald has reported a number of stories going back over 10 years and instead of thoroughly investigating and firing the participants, then Commissioner of CBP, Ray Kelly’s idea of discipline was to transfer individuals named is wrong doings. Many of these managers from the Miami area now run the Office of Field Operations and serve in many key positions. One such individual, Jayson Ahern, acting Commissioner of CBP was forced into early retirement because there was no place to hide and he was looking to make a clean getaway.

The practice called “screw up move up” takes place inside CBP by exploiting sexual favors with coworkers to work up the chain of command. For example an employee can screw up, not be charged or fired, and move up the chain of command at a later time.

Responding to a surge in agency misbehavior Thomas Winkowski, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Field Operations (formerly U.S. Customs) wrote a memo (Nov. 16, 2007), which the The Miami Herald obtained and wrote about in March 2008.

“It is our responsibility to uphold the laws, not break the law,” the Winkowski’s memo cites. He explains in the memo that employee arrests involving domestic violence, DUI and drug possession are occurring, however, court records show Customs officers and other DHS employees from South Florida to the Mexican Border States have been charged with dozens of far more serious offenses.

Winkowski called the misconduct “unacceptable,” and told The Miami Herald that while he wrote the memo because of an up tick in employee arrests, he didn’t believe the problem was pervasive. “Are there examples where we fall short? Yes,” said Winkowski.

Of course this is a bit ironic given that numerous Customs sources around the nation have also implicated Winkowski as part of the sex-ring, and his name was included in an infamous CBP internal email, which had the subject of: “Chapter 7, Sex, Lies, and Videotapes”. He was a port director for Customs in Los Angeles, in 1998 when he was transferred to Miami, while Jayson Ahern was transferred to LA by then-Commissioner of Customs Ray Kelly (current NYPD Commissioner).

“It is no use saying ‘we are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary,” Winston Churchill said during his reign and these important words could serve the CBP well.

CBP rank and file are honorable public servants

CBP is a great law enforcement agency. There are many dedicated and good people who go the “extra mile” everyday for our Nation, and personally it’s an honor to meet and work with these men and women, says Charles Houser an active CBP agent. “It’s also a privilege for me to speak up for them, besides my own observations, I have reported things fellow officers wanted to report but don’t because they fear of retaliation by upper CBP management,” Houser explained. “I have already faced every hardship and form of retaliation Management could come up with, and I am still here. When I feel concerned about the position I am in by coming forward, I think about something President Harry Truman once said; ‘When even one American -who has done nothing wrong-is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.’”

He continues to explain; “America needs the U.S. Congress to take an immediate interest in CBP matters ‘frontline’ CBP Officers has brought to their attention. When I was a NYPD Police Officer I remember at least one Police Commissioner who threw the towel in on ever bringing violent crime under control in NYC and because he gave up, the community suffered desperately, but then along comes another Commissioner who saw things differently and he decided to change things and the result was NYC was and still is one of the safest cities in the world and the community prospers.”

Like the NYPD is to NYC, CBP is to the nation; they enforce federal, state and local laws, as well as regulate trade, commerce and enforce immigration and customs laws. “We can do all of this, but an organization can only be as good as its leadership. Therefore, I call on Congress to investigate my ‘whistle blower’ allegations since CBP management has refused to and conversely has engaged in retaliation and I also ask Congress to investigate other pending allegations and those that may face retaliation as the result of a Congressional inquiry. Congress has the oversight jurisdiction and these actions are necessary to ensure CBP officers and the public we serve have only the best and most qualified people to lead CBP with intelligence and integrity to fulfill our Mission,” said Houser.

It is also worth pointing out that Agent Houser served in the New York Police Department and received several departmental awards for excellent and meritorious duty. He also garnered a written commendation for undercover narcotics duty, but his two most cherished commendations came from the Police Commissioner in which he was cited for acts displaying a high-degree of integrity and faithful service. “It’s unnatural for me to be any other way,” Houser finished.

National security and immigration go hand in hand

Two important issues, illegal immigration and national security, have propelled the Department of Homeland Security into the public eye as it tries to prevent another 9/11-style terrorist attack. The massive size of DHS has done little to protect the country and many believe it has created another layer of bureaucratic go betweens incapable of controlling the higher ups sexual indiscretions therefore causing national security breeches to slip past unnoticed.

Normally it is company policy to keep wrong doings of employees under wraps and present a united agency front. However, in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport where Maston hails, controversy and legal challenges arose all the time.

For instance, Elizabeth Moran-Toala, allegedly accessed company electronic data bases (Treasury Enforcement Communications System) to pass along information to a Delta Airlines baggage handler. The indictment charged the CBP employee with conspiracy and assisting a well-known drug ring allowing the transport of cocaine and heroin to New York from the Dominican Republic.

Numerous other South Florida cases include, drug and human trafficking, bribery, embezzlement, witness tampering and most notably rape.

The rivalry and cavorting taking place within the ‘old’ Legacy Customs and the ‘new’ CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has fueled an ongoing battle once the agencies were merged forming the Department of Homeland Security. Company moral continues its nosedive and a government survey ranked CBP at the bottom (222) for an employee satisfaction in 2007.

Employees in Miami continue to complain, file lawsuits and yet the contentious work environment fostered within the CBP continues to be treated as “business as usual” practices. Female workers can expect to be molested while working especially if it is their first year of employment as the agency bosses can fire anyone during their first year of employment for no reason. “I was personally groped by Mr. Maston at work. This degrading behavior happens in the workplace daily and it is tolerated. Those who complain can expect to be retaliated against and if you are new you are treated like a piece of meat,” said one female CBP agent in Miami.

Other practices common with the ‘fast-lane’ Miami lifestyle is drinking on the job as a method to release the tension within the agency. Most rank and file officers are sick about the crude behavior displayed in management and believe a cleaning from the top down is in order.

“One of the individuals listed in the document is a real piece of work. The Service Port Director of Miami, Chris Maston, was involved in a workplace sex triangle, leaving work early to meet other employees (some married to other DHS employees) in hotels and public parks in the Davie, Florida area. And these encounters were while he was on official time. This guy is a class act,” says Sarah D, January 02, 2009. “Winkowski was aware of all this and promotes him to an SES position. Then Winkowski puts out a memo on the importance of integrity for CBP employees on and off duty. I guess the memo only applies to the CBP officers…not senior managers or his friends.”

The sexual practices condoned within CBP have a well-documented past and most feel the agency is doing little to change the practice of sexual harassment within the federal government.

In fact one high-ranking CBP Official, David Longoria of El Paso, TX, among others were locally engaging in similar practices as Miami’s and elsewhere. However, it is here where Longoria (who is married), who according to sources was involved with two employees, had the misfortune of impregnating a subordinate, Christina J. Daly, also of El Paso who gave birth to a son. Daly filed with the court seeking to terminate paternity rights between Longoria and their son, which was ordered by Judge Patricia Macias on January 24, 2008. The case was filed in El Paso Court Records as Cause No. 2007-CM-6255, and was published as Exhibit 30 in Andy Ramirez’ Unjustifiable and Impeachable, the FOBP Report on DHS, DOJ, and the Courts (Nov. 11, 2008) link here

“In a very similar situation to the Miami and Los Angeles transfers of the 90s that The Miami Herald series documented, and that we included in my report, I understand that Longoria’s punishment, if you can call it that, was to be transferred to the El Paso Intel Center (EPIC) where he is now the current Deputy Director. It’s typical of the ‘screw-up move-up’ environment fostered within CBP to ignore this sexual misconduct by the brass. What does DHS do? They reward these degenerates with top promotions, transfer people around and tell them to cool out for awhile, or they install giant glass doors, none of which slows the party and antics,” stated Ramirez.

“Sexual harassment in a workplace is deplorable and should not be tolerated. The Department of Homeland Security’s culture of allowing and covering up instances of sexual harassment endangers female law enforcement officers and poses a potential threat to national security. The agency entrusted with safeguarding our borders should protect its officers from terror within, thereby allowing them to fully concentrate on their important mission. DHS has to put an end to the unacceptable practice of transferring perpetrators to other positions with impunity, while actively retaliating against victims of discrimination and hiding adverse findings against the agency from Congress in a direct violation of the No FEAR Act,” said Julia Davis, former Customs and Border Protection officer and national security whistle blower.

Another brave agent Houser said it this way; in closing, whistle blowing at CBP is Patriotic it’s not comfortable, but it’s important for our Nation’s future, for the resent and for our children, Mark Twain said it this way; “In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a brave and scarce man, hated and scorned. When the cause succeeds, however, the timid join him…for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

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Senator Boxer sells Californians short on health care vote

In an interview with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Politico reported the Reid offered a vigorous defense of the last minute deals cut by fellow Democratic lawmakers, “It doesn’t speak well of the Senators who didn’t secure such deals.”

This rhetoric set off many Washington insiders who gave away the store to ensure a health care bill passage before Christmas. In the words of the President, this was a Christmas present for the American people. Some gift, the taxpayer will be paying the increased taxes and premiums hardly a gift from the government ; tax credits would have suited most taxpayers just fine.

“As part of the deal to win Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D- Neb) support, the federal government will fund Nebraska’s new Medicaid recipients. It’s a provision worth about $45 million over the first decade,” said Chris Frates, in “Ben Nelson’s Medicaid deal, in Politico.

Other states that fared well are Connecticut where Chris Dodd (D-Conn) earmarked the construction of a new university hospital. Senator Bernie Sanders (D- VT) was much more excited about the health care bill after it included an earmark worth $10 billion for community health centers.

It’s clear that the debate leading to the Senate discussion on health care would be fraught with pork as Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LO) set the standard with a $300 million paycheck to fund the state’s Medicaid tab.

“Harry Reid threw Barbara Boxer (D- CA) and her Democrat colleagues under the bus just as quickly as Boxer threw Californians under the bus when she voted for Reid’s health care bill in the dead of night. Not only is Boxer preparing to vote for a bill that will lead to higher taxes, cuts to Medicare, and higher premiums for families, but she is rubber-stamping a series of sweetheart deals for other states that will be paid for at the expense of Californians,” says Amber Wilkerson Marchand, NRSC Press Secretary.
“While it’s not often that we can say we agree with Harry Reid, he does have a point; Barbara Boxer’s failed leadership on health care does not ‘speak well’ of her at all, and we’re confident that voters in California will reject Boxer’s ineffectiveness on Election Day next November.”

Boxer will face either Chuck DeVore, a conservative or Carly Fiorina a moderate Republican in the November election.

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Bloody week in Tijuana alludes to more violence- claims American’s life

More than 50 murders marked one of Tijuana’s most bloody weeks of drug cartel violence that included beheadings as well as the death of an American mother of two who was having dinner with her husband on the Mexico-side of the border at a new restaurant Wichos Tacos.

The shootout between drug cartels reportedly included only low-level players, yet the high-stakes game of the drug business doesn’t discriminate against those caught in the crossfire and this time it was an American citizen killed. Yajaira Orozco of San Diego was murdered and her husband, Raul was shot in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery.

“It was the wrong place and the wrong time,” the grief-stricken husband/father said.

The war zone region of Mexico also resulted in the discovery of three boys bodies inside a Tijuana neighborhood; authorities surmise the boys were victims of kidnappers. The unidentified boys expose the especially dark-side of cartel life proving no one is safe in the country until the government reclaims control of Mexico.

Another aspect of the week-long murder spree is the cost to law enforcement. At least one policeman succumbed to his injuries and another Ministerial Police officer was kidnapped and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Mid week proved especially brutal in Tijuana as reports of 11 murders took place during a 24-hour period including a couple who were found beheaded and a “narcomensaje” (a message from drug cartels left on dead bodies) in popular beach tourist area known as Rosarito Beach.

In an effort to quell the fears of American citizens who have avoided Baja in recent years causing the economic downturn to spiral in an already depressed country, Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego announced the joint operation of Metropolitan Tourist Police.

The joint effort between the Mexican Police and the San Diego Police Department hopes to train 22 Mexican law enforcement officers to better respond to tourists needs and lure Americans to the sites south of the border.

During the daylong training session, Mexican agents were given instruction for an array of topics including gangs, ethics, patrol tactics and how to interact with tourists.

“Visitors need to know that there is someone who is there for them on the other side of the border,” said Giovanni Malinchrynni a Rosarito Beach Police officer. This daylong training hopes to erase the bad images most have regarding the Baja region, according to training authorities.

However, security expert, Rick Sweeney of SECFOR International says the daylong training won’t do much. He explains many of the same Mexican officials cross the border to learn new techniques and most return to Mexico, sit in their office chairs and forget about the training provided by the U.S. law enforcement.

“To stay vigilant south of the border it is up to officers to remain on guard 100 percent of the time, however, I can drive by security officers anytime and tell they have relaxed in to their old ways,” Sweeney said. “Nothing changes down there and I would never recommend anyone traveling to Mexico and for our U.S. government to do so is wrong.”

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Target requires employees to provide legal papers- 40 workers quit

When a Target store in Walnut Creek, California requested employees to present their legal documentation in order to keep their jobs, they were surprised to receive resignations instead of proper paperwork.

The Northern California store lost approximately 40 employees overnight and in place of the employees Target was presented with a legal wrangle by La Raza Centro Legal guru, Rocio Avila who is now representing the illegal immigrants.

A spokesperson from Target, Kate Gillen explained the employees had an opportunity to prove their eligibility in order to continue working, however most resigned without incident.

It seems La Raza is questioning Target’s rational behind the move to request legal documents. It’s worth pointing out that it is unlawful for employers and illegal immigrants to enter the workforce without proper identification and work papers.

However, La Raza contends Target is simply targeting illegal workers in an effort continue its practice of racial profiling. Many anti-illegal immigration activists are calling the action by La Raza attorney absurd and believe any court that tries to circumvent the laws of the United States should be held accountable.

Many in the country are happy that large companies like Target are taking the initiative to clear all workers ensuring legal residents have the opportunity to work, especially in California where the unemployment rate hovers around the 12 percent mark.

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Amnesty to cost illegal immigrants $500

Democrat lawmaker Luis Gutierrez (D-ILL) and the Hispanic caucus have decided the cost for those who entered the country illegally and have broken untold laws since their arrival will pay $500 to get their citizenship.

This is quite the deal as it costs many illegal immigrants $4,000 to $5,000 in coyote (human smugglers) fees to make the often treacherous walk through the country’s southern borders.

The immigration bill aptly named, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act (H.R. 4321)” Gutierrez’s claimed he was responsible for the acronym “CIR ASAP” and hoped it would spur other lawmakers to quickly pass immigration reform legislation.

This week the Illinois Congressman announced his wish list for the illegal immigrant population, which calls for amnesty and relaxing verification tools. “This is what we want; our proposal is out of the box,” he said.

However the authors of the bill will face an uphill battle in the Senate, many of whom have already said the bill is dead on arrival. Making this even more difficult is the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who threatened all lawmakers, the House will not take the lead in any new legislation next year. Pelosi explained in a news conference that Congress has taken the leading role all year and many Congressmen could lose their seats because they were forced to support the her on a number of unpopular issues.

Although the Democrats have the numbers to easily pass immigration reform, a down economy and double-digit unemployment threatens passage of a bill, especially one as liberal as this.

Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA), who is on the House Immigration Reform Caucus, said the reform legislation would generate a new wave of migrants to compete with Americans currently seeking employment.

The “CIR ASAP” bill lays out the need for illegal immigrants to prove they are working, pay a $500 fine, learn English and pass a criminal background check. However, the bill didn’t include the “touchback” provision which would force all seeking amnesty to return to their home country and enter into the country legally.

“Not to be picky on the back ground checks, but if someone crosses into this country illegally and is working illegally (often with forged paperwork) wouldn’t they be considered criminals?” Steve Jones a lifelong California resident would like the President to explain how this would work. “I know if I used forged paperwork I’d go to jail and have charges on my permanent record for life.”

Details, details details.

Another point of contention is the fact country’s international borders remain as porous as ever causing a lot of concern from border state law enforcement officers. Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez of Texas states his county cannot take anymore immigrants. “There’s simply no money or services left, we’re broke.”

Couple that with the fact that this bill calls for the dismantling of E-Verify. This effective system is able to obtain legal status of potential workers who are put through the computer with a 96 percent accuracy rate. Employers enjoy free access to E-Verify and are able to ensure their employees meet federal guidelines regarding legal status.

Other highlights in the bill include AgJOBS amnesty (farm workers) as well as the DREAM Act with grants automatic amnesty to those who graduated U.S. high schools and wish to attend college. This should be of particular concern to parents who are already struggling to pay college increasing tuition fees, as this bill will add much more competition to the federal grants and scholarship programs.

The bill reads like a child’s Christmas wish and judging by the up tick in tea party organizers, anti-amnesty activists and concerned American citizens the “CIR ASAP” legislation may get nothing more than coal in its stocking next year.

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Screw up; move up in play again in Customs and Border Protection

In another clear screw up move up policy set to purge the Legacy Customs representatives from the agency in order to foster a new ‘Global Patrol’ –CBP moves to appoint a well known insider with liberal leanings regarding amnesty to the top post of Acting Deputy Commissioner of CBP.

David V. Aguilar hails from U.S. Border Patrol where he served under Congressmen Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) and has followed the coattails of ‘friends in high places’ all the way to the CBP Acting Deputy Commissioner slot.

“As Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, David has successfully provided leadership and guidance through a period of unprecedented growth and tremendous change while at the same time strengthened control of our nation’s borders,” says Jayson Ahern outgoing CBP Commissioner. “As Acting Deputy Commissioner, he will bring to the position more than 30 years of border security experience, management, and leadership. He is a tested and proven leader and I have the utmost confidence in his abilities to take on this new role.”

No Confidence

In a memo from Ahern, Aguilar receives high praises for his career in law enforcement. However, Aguilar’s record is rife with controversy, power consolidation, and failures.

First, in February 2007, delegates to the National Border Patrol Council’s biennial convention unanimously endorsed a vote of “No Confidence” in Chief Aguilar.

“The vote was the result of increasing frustration by front line Border Patrol Agents in the decisions of their senior leadership,” T.J. Bonner, NBPC National President, said in a statement. “This lack of leadership has caused morale to plummet, which in turn has accelerated the attrition rate among experienced agents. Unless drastic changes are made soon, the goal of securing our borders will remain as elusive as ever.”

Aguilar again received a “No Confidence” vote from his rank and file agents on February 25, 2009.

According to the representatives of the National Border Patrol Council they unanimously supported a vote of “No Confidence” for Chief Aguilar due to his lack of leadership abilities. Hardly the glowing recommendation Ahern described and another example of the ‘screw up and move up’ policies plaguing the CBP and Department of Homeland Security.

“We at the NPBC are very concerned about this ‘acting appointment’ becoming permanent,” says Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council. “Chief Aguilar is the first chief in the history of Border Patrol to ever receive the vote of ‘no confidence’ and he has received it twice.”

The NBPC contends his agenda has resulted in bad management by SES level managers, compromising security for trade, commerce, pro-open border and protect the illegal alien agenda of corporate America which has led to diminished security at the U.S./Mexico borders.

One of the reasons Aguilar has created tension within his rank and file coworkers is the shortening of the training time required to complete the Border Patrol training Academy “Lack of training coupled with late back ground checks” is yet another example of Aguilar’s inexperience or worse negligence with what Border Patrol agents require to perform at the best of their abilities says Moran.

The mission of Border Patrol is to control immigration and secure our borders, yet Aguilar supports amnesty and couches it with the responsibility of catching terrorists. “Our goal is to stop drug cartels and illegal aliens. Terrorist apprehension is secondary and we do that once we’ve done our primary job,” Moran explains. “How can we have a leader that doesn’t even know the mission of Border Patrol?”

“Chief Aguilar has done more damage to moral than anyone. To reward him is ridiculous,” Moran finished.

Moran’s statements are echoed by a number of sources who say that agent morale is the lowest ever and how agents used to talk about how they’d take a bullet for this agent or that agent. Now under Aguilar there is such a fostered mistrust and fear of “monkeyboys,” which are described as those who “kiss asses who go along to get along,” get away with everything and are protected while good agents are sold down the river.

Another issue that keeps coming up about Aguilar’s BP Academy is the violent practice of stacking (or hazing) in which a trainee at the academy goes into a room with a number of PT instructors and once they are finished some trainees have to be transported to medical facilities due to severe injuries.

Project 28, a Controversial Money-Pit

Another failed program that Aguilar attaches to his resume is the “Project 28” virtual border fence fiasco. In February 2008, U.S. Representative Chris Carney, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Management, Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee, said the system “works about 30 percent of the time.” During a visit in January of 2008 to the El Paso region, Carney explained that he witnessed an incident where two illegal immigrants crossed in front of a project camera. Carney then explains, “That a technician tried to electronically reposition the camera to track them (illegal aliens), but the picture was out of focus, the camera moved too slowly and the illegal immigrants got away.”
Project 28 was deemed the “smart” virtual fence that would close the borders without building a physical fence and the early detection would direct Border Patrol agents to illegal border crossers quickly and efficiently, however the system has suffered numerous glitches resulting in lack of apprehensions.

“Project 28 is nothing more than a hair-brain scheme,” says 50-year veteran Chief Border Patrol Agent Bill King, who was Chief of the Border Patrol Academy about 30 years ago and remains active with border issues.

This DHS project includes nine towers complete with radar cameras along a treacherous canyon filled area of the Arizona border region where Chief Aguilar serves. But with a price tag of $800,000 per tower and a thirty-percent effectiveness rate, one questions the wisdom of such a program. Project 28’s so-called virtual fence system is part of the Secure Border Initiative and consists of a multibillion-dollar government contract intended to slow illegal border crossings.

Government officials predict the $7.6 billion price tag is far to low as the program continues to meet with malfunctions and missed deadlines.

The radar cameras attached to the towers are supposed to trigger a beam of high-quality images when movement is detected at the border. At this point agents are able to determine if the incursion is something as simple as lost hikers, drug smugglers or illegal immigrants. However, the response time is much too slow for agents in the field to detain the human trafficking as they are often long gone by the time Border Patrol agents arrive on the scene.

Despite the documented failure of the virtual fence Aguilar contends this $7.6 billion project is worth it. “We are living the dividing line between the old Border Patrol and the new patrol of the future,” he said in an interview with the New York Times. The article continued to dog Aguilar regarding the lack of Border Patrol agents even when a reporter stood at the foot of the towers waiting to see a response time. “No guards were in sight,” they said.

Passing the blame along, Aguilar shrugged it off and stated that the cameras must have been turned off. This begs the question as to why such an expensive program would be “turned off” during high traffic hours.

Experts state that Project 28 is similar to the Secure Border Initiative and the awarding of contracts to Boeing that were extremely secretive, lacking any transparency. They say there were other border monitoring programs available that were vastly more effective like Raytheon’s Project Athena, which gave results that surpassed all expectations when tested along the northern border over 3 years ago.

Retired BP Chief King chimed in on this issue; “Look if we wanted to stop illegal immigration and drug smugglers from coming into this country we could. A virtual fence is certainly not going to do the job here. We need to put the U.S. military along the borders and all traffic would halt.” King also knows this bright idea would never happen as he has been told by Washington D.C. ‘no way.’ “I’m thoroughly disgusted with Democrats and the GOP. They don’t want to stop illegal immigration, the political morass in unbelievable.”

Conduct Unbecoming: The Imperious Ruler Says One Things Does Another

A third area where Chief Aguilar has fallen short is the documented disconnect within the agency, and he clearly says what he pleases while firing employees for significantly less.

There must always be a nexus (connection) between the misconduct (on or off duty) and the efficiently of the service as written by the National Border Patrol Council (BP agents union).

Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council (representing Tucson agents) documented a number of infractions by Aguilar during a 2-day muster in June of 2007 held at the Tucson and Nogales (AZ) Stations. The antics reported by the union include; discriminatory behavior including leading agents to pick on a disabled civilian’s physical appearance, disruptive and extremely unprofessional behavior, while lying about his official statements before Congress, the public, and during these meetings misrepresenting the facts before his own employees. These acts are all punishable under the CBP’s Table of Penalties.

Some of the offenses committed as posted by the union fall under the following: Discriminatory Behavior, Disruptive Behavior, Falsification (of information), Integrity, Neglect of Duty (considering his support of amnesty and the discussions of the “new mission of CBP”) Safety/Health (considering how he has compromised his employees and the public’s safety), and Security (given the amount of statements from active and retired agents addressing how Mexico runs the stations).

Of course, it was his former boss Congressman Silvestre Reyes who during an August 2007 Congressional hearing in El Paso stated, “When you pin a badge and gun on, you should be held to a higher standard.” This is clearly something that applies to all but Aguilar and the Tucson Mafia as it is known by agency insiders. Something that has led many CBP employees to comment that the only difference between organized crime and their superiors are the badges and service issued firearms.

It is also of note that when Aguilar has appeared on Capitol Hill to testify before Congress, he has worn his sidearm into the hearing room. One such occasion was when he testified in July 2007 before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing into the Ramos and Compean case, which was prosecuted by former U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton. Several sources felt it was inappropriate for him to be packing heat at the Capitol during an official hearing, and yet another example of arrogance and contempt.

America’s Top Border Agent Supports Amnesty

As the country heads into the national debate regarding amnesty early next year it is important for voters to understand Aguilar’s position on this hot-button issue. During Congressional testimony, Aguilar clearly supported the Bush administration “comprehensive immigration plan” that included amnesty and temporary worker cards.

During his April 2007 testimony to Congress Aguilar said; “To most effectively secure our border, we must reform our immigration system to relieve this pressure. We need comprehensive immigration reform… The Administration is dedicated to comprehensive reform of America’s immigration laws…” He goes on to say that we should be “addressing the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country… The Administration’s plan will bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows without providing amnesty.”

However, Friends of the Border Patrol founder Andy Ramirez, who has investigated border security and testified before a number of Congressional Committees, states, “According to my sources inside the patrol, David Aguilar has made misinforming the public as well as destroying the agency internally a top priority. Everything he says or does is staged and clearly is at odds with my own testimony before the same House Committees. He is well known for being soft on incidents involving Mexico, and has previously ordered subordinates to pretty much let the Mexican Consulates run the stations. I’ve long contended that as our statements so completely contradict each other, Congress has long needed to swear him both in, as I was sworn in by Sensenbrenner when he was Chairman, and ask him questions under oath while referring to my testimony. Of course we won’t get a hearing without Silvestre Reyes, Aguilar’s pro-amnesty former boss in McAllen Sector (South Texas), running interference for him as usual.”

As Chief of the Border Patrol, Aguilar explains his agents are not just immigration officers and as such they shouldn’t focus on illegal immigration, but focus on terrorists, criminals and dope smugglers. However, once you cross the border illegally a law has been broken and the illegals have now committed a crime. This is the first crime in a string that continues when they work illegally in the U.S.

Such statements are personified by sycophants who have bought into the philosophy and been rapidly promoted to high ranking positions, including many Sector Chiefs who were appointed during a purge that began in 2006. The purge involved a number of Chiefs and other high-ranking agents who were not pro-amnesty, and retired well ahead of the mandatory age retirement of 57. Many of the new chiefs were graduates of the elite BORTAC (Border Patrol tactical unit) program. Two such fast-track cronies (subordinates of Aguilar’s when he was the Tucson Chief) include current El Paso Sector Chief Victor Manjarrez, and former Laredo Sector Chief Carlos Carrillo, former subordinates of Aguilar’s in Tucson Sector. Both, like Aguilar, support amnesty.

In fact, it was the following statement to local Texas media by Chief Carrillo that led to his quick retirement at age 55, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop narcotics…or contraband or narcotics…..the Border Patrol’s mission is not to stop criminals. The Border Patrol’s mission is to stop terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country.”

But this all starts with the example set by Reyes, who stated the following at his June 2007 border conference in El Paso, “besides being a former Border Patrol Chief and a resident of the U.S.-Mexico border, as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I have a vested interest in ensuring that we allow those who are in our country illegally to come out of the shadows and identify themselves through an earned path to legalization, making it more difficult for those who want to do harm to our country to hide.”

Border expert Ramirez says Aguilar’s command has been insulated from within and is akin to what has been going on in the Customs service.

Aguilar Denies Military Incursions by Mexico’s Soldiers

Another problem plaguing the Border States is the increased border incursions.

According to Ramirez, “Over the past 10 years (through Spring 2006), the Border Patrol has reported more than 250 incursions by Mexican military and police units into the U.S., including incidents where U.S. civilians, Border Patrol agents, and other law enforcement came under fire from the uniformed Mexicans.”

While Sheriff’s in Hudspeth County continue to fight on the front lines along the U.S./Mexico border region, aggressive incidents have continually been downplayed by Aguilar and Congressman Reyes; even when these incursions are documented with video.

In 2006 the Hudspeth County Texas Sheriff’s deputies and Texas state troopers ran into a convoy of Mexican vehicles transporting rugs on the U.S. side of the border. “As you know, our law enforcement chased them back to the border where they were met by heavily-armed Mexican military units in Humvees, with machine guns, who escorted the drug smugglers back into Mexico. Again, our government covers up for Mexico’s involvement and plays down the incident,” Ramirez said.

In Congressional testimony, Congressman Reyes stated there were no Mexican military incursions and the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s deputy was mistaken. Reyes concluded that because he served in the U.S. military and resided in the border region most his life there was no Mexican military crossing the international border. This echoed the statements by the Mexican government later parroted by representatives of the Bush Administration including Aguilar.

However, in sworn testimony from Kelly Legarreta, Deputy Sheriff in Hudspeth County and first on the scene when the alleged incursion took place stated, he too had served in the U.S. Marines and he knew what he saw –Mexican military illegally crossing the U.S. border assisting two vehicles loaded with contraband back into Mexico.

In an April 2006 story by The New American, Ramirez explained in complete detail the incursion and how law enforcement felt about Aguilar’s down playing of the Mexican military incident. “It was a gross insult to the law enforcement officers who were involved and who were there on the line looking down the barrels of the Mexican military, because there were no Border Patrol agents there guarding the border! Aguilar and the (Bush) White House are responsible for leaving that border vulnerable. Then when the sheriffs do the job that the Border Patrol is supposed to be doing, the administration tried to discredit them and made it sound like they’re exaggerating the danger.”

He also pointed out that Aguilar appeared on local El Paso TV news station KFOX and said it was not the Mexican Military involved in the Hudspeth County incursion. Former El Paso Sector Chief Luis Barker than appeared before the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition and said Aguilar never said any such thing, and that it was ICE was responsible, which was a blatant lie as the coverage clearly showed Aguilar. ICE had not issued any statement prior to the Sheriffs meeting.

“Barker had just been appointed National Deputy Chief of the BP and appeared at the Border Sheriffs Conference in order to take the heat off Aguilar who didn’t have the stones to appear. So he sent Barker as the former sector chief to take the heat for him,” according to Ramirez.

It was but a few months later when Ramirez testified as an official witness before a Congressional field hearing when he exposed an internal BP card given by the public information office in Tucson Sector pertaining to Mexican Military incursions.

The card said, “Remember, Mexican military are trained to escape, evade, and counter-ambush if it will affect their escape.” However, the “SALUTE” card also advises agents to hide from Mexican soldiers that may be operating, and to “avoid” confrontations with Mexican soldiers. It was issued initially in 1997 as Ramirez understood it, and continued to be issued to agents during Aguilar’s tenure as Sector Chief, and later as National Chief. This is definitive proof that the Border Patrol knew but refused to do anything about it, even after firefights resulting in injuries to agents. In one widely known incursion in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, El Paso Sector Chief Barker refused to call in the FBI after such a firefight, though policy dictates that the FBI is notified about any U.S. – Mexico border incidents. Reyes was silent about this matter.

Detonate and rebuild

Clearly the agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security are not on the same page and they may be in different stratospheres. The reason for the disparity between departments could be classified as infighting. This is because the mission of DEA is different than Border Patrol-and ICE’s mission (often redundant) would be different than Customs so having all these agencies under one umbrella is self-defeating.

Ramirez contends that DHS, something George W. Bush was adamantly opposed to, gave the worst kind of opportunity to the wrong people. The creation of DHS put those agencies responsible for domestic border (CBP) and internal security (ICE) under one roof with a single top chain of command in comparison to the legacy or pre-DHS days where Customs (including their Immigration Investigators) and Secret Service were at Treasury, while the Border Patrol and Citizenship and Immigration Service (Legacy INS) were at the Justice Department.

“In the wrong hands, America’s Security could easily be subverted especially if the chains of command were structured with cronies instead of America’s best. Given what we know today, that has taken place, and all benefiting those who do not have America’s best interest and at a pretty hefty cost to taxpayers. Just remember that they’re still working on implementing what they call one face at the border, which will allow for greater internal corruption including further compromises with no way to stop it unless Congress acts now,” concluded Ramirez.

A simple solution presents itself for the American people- dismantle DHS. Chief King sums this up best, “DHS is an error, internal politics is rampant and political nepotism has ruined what was once a good form of law enforcement, and therefore it is DHS that has to go in order restore integrity.”
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Former San Diego Minutemen attorneys accused of stealing $100,000 from the group

In an effort to collect nearly $100,000 from their settlement payment from Caltrans, the San Diego Minutemen have filed Grand Theft charges with the Carlsbad Police Department against their former attorneys, Kaloogian & Fuselier LLP of Carlsbad.

According to emails from Bob Fuselier to the San Diego Minutemen in November, Caltrans mailed the settlement check for $157,500 to their law firm in late October. The check was made out to the “San Diego Minutemen and its attorneys of record”. Fuselier admits he deposited the check without SDMM’s endorsement into an undisclosed bank account. He refuses to tell the group where the money is supposedly being held. Fuselier also admits to withdrawing $60,000 for attorneys fees they claim are owed to them in the Caltrans lawsuit case, an amount the group believes is highly inflated.

After more than six weeks, and countless written demands by SDMM for their portion of the settlement money, Kaloogian & Fuselier have still refused to make the payment to the group. From vague emails from their law office to the Minutemen, they apparently have asserted some as-yet undefined lien against the group’s money, even though Kaloogian & Fuselier have been paid in full $105,000 for their services on the Caltrans lawsuit, which consisted of a total of one injunction hearing and two depositions in 2008. Caltrans settled the case with SDMM out of court on Aug. 3 to avoid an embarrassing trial for their blatant discrimination against the secure border activists.

Kaloogian and Fuselier have indicated they have no intention of giving SDMM their money.

The criminal complaint filed Nov. 30 by SDMM alleges that former California State Assemblyman, Howard Kaloogian has illegally appropriated and/or stolen approximately $100,000 belonging to the San Diego Minutemen from the non-profit group’s settlement award from Caltrans in late October.

“We feel robbed, betrayed, and violated by attorneys we thought were working for us and our secure borders cause, said Barry Shipley, SDMM’s Operations Director. “Up until about 6 weeks ago, we were told by Mr. Kaloogian that we would have a substantial award coming to us from Caltrans to use for our political activism. They lied to us and are withholding funds that rightfully belong to the San Diego Minutemen. Intentionally or not, they are aiding La Raza and the powerful open borders lobby just as another amnesty bill is about to be introduced in Congress”.

An investigation by Carlsbad Police detectives in early December confirmed that Kaloogian has no legal right to withhold SDMM’s money, but they are giving Kaloogian a few weeks to get their claim in front of the proper legal authority for resolution, according to Jeff Schwilk, SDMM’s founder. “The Detective told me they are holding off giving this case to the DA to see if Kaloogian pursues his alleged claim through proper legal channels. Their actions are inexplicable and outrageous. To our hundreds of dedicated volunteers, this appears to be pure greed by lawyers who had been hoping for a 7-figure settlement with the state, but were unable to get it after they botched the case and missed their discovery deadline in July”.

SDMM is a non-profit volunteer group formed in 2005 to demand that the federal government secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. The group says that they have been counting on these award funds to increase their activism, educate the public, and to help elect good, pro-border security and law enforcement candidates into office.

“We are extremely dismayed that Kaloogian is attempting to pocket the entire Caltrans award plus the $45,000 they were paid prior to the settlement – they have a total of $202, 000,” according to Shipley. “SDMM is pushing the state bar and the justice system to force Kaloogian to release our funds before we must insist on a criminal prosecution against these apparent thieves masquerading as lawyers.”

Kaloogian failed to return any phone calls regarding this case.

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