Target requires employees to provide legal papers- 40 workers quit

When a Target store in Walnut Creek, California requested employees to present their legal documentation in order to keep their jobs, they were surprised to receive resignations instead of proper paperwork.

The Northern California store lost approximately 40 employees overnight and in place of the employees Target was presented with a legal wrangle by La Raza Centro Legal guru, Rocio Avila who is now representing the illegal immigrants.

A spokesperson from Target, Kate Gillen explained the employees had an opportunity to prove their eligibility in order to continue working, however most resigned without incident.

It seems La Raza is questioning Target’s rational behind the move to request legal documents. It’s worth pointing out that it is unlawful for employers and illegal immigrants to enter the workforce without proper identification and work papers.

However, La Raza contends Target is simply targeting illegal workers in an effort continue its practice of racial profiling. Many anti-illegal immigration activists are calling the action by La Raza attorney absurd and believe any court that tries to circumvent the laws of the United States should be held accountable.

Many in the country are happy that large companies like Target are taking the initiative to clear all workers ensuring legal residents have the opportunity to work, especially in California where the unemployment rate hovers around the 12 percent mark.

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