The Terminator rescinds support of Obamacare

The Obama Administration lost the only Republican governor who supported the Democrat health care reform bill; California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger-R announced at his annual State of the State message he would no longer support the President’s bill to landmark health care reform.

In a stunning reversal, Schwarzenegger slammed the backroom meetings and sweetheart deals as a deal breaker for the constituents of California.

“Congress is about ready to put billions of dollars of responsibilities on Californians with the health care bill. While I enthusiastically supported health care reform; it is not reform to push more costs onto the states that are already struggling while other states are getting sweetheart deals,” he said.

“Health care reform, which started as noble and needed legislation, has become a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes,” the California governor said. “You’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere. This is health care to nowhere.”

Governor Schwarzenegger explained to excited Sacramento legislators the congressional delegation should vote against this health care bill because it would be a disaster for California. He went on to explain that if these representatives are bent on supporting health care it was their duty to go back to Washington D.C. and fight for the same deals the Cornhusker State received.

Senator Nelson “got the corn and we got the husk,” Schwarzenegger quipped.

In October President Obama touted the “unprecedented consensus that has come together” with the health care reform. Since then the numbers in support for the bill as well as President Obama have dropped like a rock.

The 2,000 plus-page bill has lost support from Americans who are more concerned with jobs, than health care. It didn’t help the administration that members of Congress didn’t bother to read the legislative monstrosity.

Opposition leaders point out that this is Obama’s signature legislation, yet it is being passed in the middle of the night behind closed doors without any Republican input.

The jig is up with the American people who realize you can’t cover 30 million new people without raising taxes, decreasing care or increasing the deficit.

It has been reported that the White House told Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D- CA) to drop the opposition regarding the taxation of the “Cadillac plans” because the 40 percent tax increase was needed to help cover the uninsured. This amounts to another broken promise by the president to raise taxes on the middle class as many union middle-class employees get these types of plans as work incentives.

The pressure now turns to California lawmakers who either fight for Californians or sell them out.

“Now that Barbara Boxer’s home state governor has rescinded his support for the costly and contentious health care bill, will Senator Boxer do what’s right for her constituents, or will she continue to stand by a flawed bill that has been crafted behind closed doors and that will bankrupt California,” said Amber Wilkerson Marchand, NRSC Press Secretary. “To date, Boxer has been unwilling to explain how California can afford this bill because the reality is that it will be paid for on the backs of families, seniors, and small business owners in her state. Senator Boxer’s constituents are watching closely and are prepared to hold her accountable for this failed legislation in the November elections.”

This is certainly true when it comes to small business owners like Catherine Bragg a small business owner of Flourchylde Bakery. “As a small business owner I’ll be forced to pay a fee (they won’t call it a tax) but a fee in order to pay into a pool that they will gather for the next four years. And while they are gathering the money nobody will have insurance between now and then,” Bragg explains. “I have employees that I won’t be able to afford to buy insurance for now or then either.”

It sounds like the American people are listening and they will hold politicians accountable the only way they know how – in the voting booth.

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