More Democrats view Socialism positively than Republicans a new poll finds

A new Gallup poll shows approximately one third of Americans have a favorable view of Socialism. Among the findings pollsters found Democrats had a more favorable view of Socialism than Republicans.

The results found 36 percent of Americans thought positively about Socialism, however, 58 percent had a negative opinion.

The numbers also showed significant differences within the ideological and partisan groups. “A majority of 53 percent of Democrats have a positive image of Socialism compared to 17 percent of Republicans,” Gallup said. “Sixty-one percent of Liberals say their image of Socialism is positive compared to 39 percent of Moderates and 20 percent of Conservatives.”

There were many terms that Democrats and Republicans agreed upon, but they disagreed significantly on others. Some of the terms all parties agreed upon in the Gallup poll included;

Small business, free enterprise and entrepreneurs had a favorable opinion in both parties ranging fro 97 percent to 95 percent, 90 percent to 85 percent and 88 percent to 82 percent respectively.

“Democrats and Republicans agree in their ratings of several of the terms, but differ significantly in their ratings of others — in particular, capitalism, the federal government, and socialism,” according to Gallup.

The topics that exposed the differences between the parties included, Capitalism (72 percent Republican and 53 percent Democrats), big business (54 percent Republicans and 46 percent Democrats) and the federal government (27 percent Republicans and 67 percent Democrats).

Moving forward the poll should help voters determine where their political candidates stand on these important topics and vote accordingly.

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