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Arizona Sheriff shot with AK-47 by alleged illegal immigrants

Marking the first official act of extreme violence after Arizona enacted a tough new illegal immigration law, a Central Arizonan Sheriff was shot in the stomach with an AK-47 by alleged group of illegal aliens.

The shooting took place after the Sheriff Deputy spotted a group of illegal smugglers. The Deputy was able to radio in the incident, and he has been airlifted to a Phoenix, Arizona hospital is condition is unknown.

The attack on a law enforcement deputy comes after Arizona steps up their crack down on illegal immigration.

“Over the past 12 months we’ve seen an increase in the amount of drugs, and an increase in violence that has been going on in this particular corridor,” Tammy Villar Pinal County sheriff’s Lt. told KPNX news. “We’ve had increasing concerns in this area about being outmanned and outgunned, and unfortunately this evening, this is coming true.”

It’s also worth pointing out that Border Patrol agents have been told at daily musters that the Mexican drug cartels have put a $250 thousand bounty on their lives.

U.S. agents are taking the threat very seriously and say officers in the field should use extreme caution when approaching the border fence area. The threat comes after an Arizona rancher was murdered on his own property last month by an alleged illegal alien.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a warning to law enforcement officers in west Texas due to retaliatory killings by a Mexican gang. The agency has suggested agents’ change up their routes and wears body armor while on duty.

DHS headquarters said gang members might issue a “green light” to murder law enforcement officers in the Arizona and other U.S. border areas. The report also suggests that the law enforcement officers pay special attention to any unusual activity.

One agent said it this way; “We were warned about this recently at several musters and we were advised to take this threat seriously and to take precautions. This is the life we chose and it is certainly not our first threat. Over two years ago we received intelligence that a $2 million contract was put out for the assassination of a Border Patrol Agent. Last year, Agent Rosas was murdered. Coincidence? I doubt it. If they are willing to pay two million for a hit, then they have enough money to pay for a fall guy. The cartels don’t need to prove to America that they can pull this off. They only need to prove it to other cartels, for credibility in the fight amongst themselves.”

The renewed violence comes on the eve of May Day rallies set to take place across the country. As news about the Deputy, who was gunned down while he was on the job, circulates the news cycle it is sure to play a pivotal role in tomorrow’s nationwide demonstrations. If an illegal immigrant committed the brutal act, the rallying cry against Arizona’s new illegal immigration law could be snuffed out.

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Arizona’s new illegal immigration law finds favor in state and nationwide

Arizona’s new illegal immigration law finds favor in the state as well as nationwide, according to a new Rasmussen Poll out this week. While the new law draws the ire of President Obama and the open borders, amnesty crowd on the left, the vast majority of Americans agree with the new legislation to help combat illegal immigration.

Rasmussen points out that 70 percent of Arizonians approve of enforcing the illegal immigration problem that is overwhelming the state. The same poll found 60 percent of American’s throughout the country also favor Arizona new law and say Washington D.C. is falling down on the job when it comes to securing the nation’s borders. The poll also found that only 31 percent of voters are against the new law nationwide.

While the numbers favor the new law, 58 percent say there is a possibility of some American citizen civil rights may be violated in an effort to curtail illegal immigration.

Reports also point to Arizona’s dubious title of kidnapping capitol of the U.S. -currently Mexico City, Mexico hold the top spot.

Phoenix, Arizona’s population consists of 1.4 million and last year’s crime log came in at 90,000. On the other hand New York City’s population is 8.3 million and the crime log read 104,000. Both states had similar crime rates, yet New York City is much larger than Phoenix. Many lawmakers and law enforcement officers attribute the high crime levels to the extensive illegal immigrant population.

It is this very crime that has driven the folks in Arizona to take over where the federal government has failed.
The following is two different opinions as to what Arizona’s fate should be. One is from an Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and the other point of view is from an Arizona/Mexico border resident, Al Garza who is Hispanic. Their take on the illegal immigration problem that plagues Arizona are very different.

A word from a politician and a resident

According to a post from the Huffington Post, Congressman Gutierrez recently went on the record regarding Arizona’s new law.

“It is open season on the Latino community in Arizona. In Phoenix, Tucson, and across the state, people in Latino neighborhoods are afraid to leave their houses, afraid to be apart from their children for even a minute, and afraid to walk the streets because they feel their arrest on suspicion of being an undocumented immigrant could happen at any moment. It is a horrifying glimpse at what our future holds across the country if we continue down the path the Obama administration is leading us on immigration,” said the Congressman.

Douglas, Arizona resident Al Garza, sees it differently. “Luis Gutierrez is Mexico’s number one reconquista agent, the congressional representative from the 4th district in Chicago, thinks he knows what’s best for Arizona. If Chicago politician Gutierrez wants to meddle in local Arizona politics, ask him to move to Douglas, Arizona, to see if he can make enough “Chicago style” friends to get elected. We’ve alerted you about him before. He is one of the reasons that our Republic is no longer being governed in the best interests of its citizens.”

Congressman Gutierrez continues; “This week, we saw how destructive things are getting. The combination of a harsh piece of anti-immigrant legislation advancing in the Arizona legislature and a massive, well-publicized federal enforcement action against a broad human smuggling network has sent the unmistakable message to Arizona’s one million immigrants and two million Hispanics: there is a target on your backs and authorities are coming after you.”

Garza takes exception with this point; “I’m Hispanic and I’ve served my country proudly in Vietnam and I can tell you I’ve never been pulled over because I’m brown. I’ve been pulled over for speeding and presented my drivers license and had no problems. Our state is under siege and we need to do something to turn this around before it’s too late.”

Gutierrez contends Arizona’s new law “throws in a bounty of $500 in fines and a possible misdemeanor conviction on criminal trespassing if the particular lawman involved happens to guess correctly and the person they arrest cannot prove they are here legally.”

However, Arizona is hopeful the new law will act as a deterrent for illegal immigrants not to settle in the state and add to the government doles. Like California, Arizona’s budget is overstretched and cuts to services is looming. Governor Brewer says the schools; hospitals and jails are at risk. She has even sent a bill to the federal government for $1 billion to cover the already burdened state.

After several attempts to communicate with Washington D.C. Arizona has yet to hear back from Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano or the White House.

Many residents and lawmakers are not concerned with the ability of law enforcement to do their job.

“As we know from experience in Arizona and elsewhere, giving police such a broad mandate to arrest and book people ‘suspected’ of looking a certain way isn’t just an invitation to racial profiling, it’s like waving a green flag and saying ‘gentlemen start your engines.’ It is an insult to American justice and one of the harshest assaults on basic civil rights in recent American history,” Gutierrez said.

“After years of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Latino neighborhood sweeps, harsher and harsher state laws that target Latinos and immigrants, and escalating federal deportation, I’m afraid we have turned a very dangerous corner in the war on immigrants,” he said.

However America’s toughest Sheriff continues to win reelections in a landslide fashion.

Garza finds the statements put forward by the Congressman from Illinois unacceptable. “Chicago Gutierrez’s foul technique is nothing new. This time, however, Chicago Luis Gutierrez is attempting to expand the tentacles of influence over the good citizens of Arizona. Like other politicians and groups that support illegal aliens, open borders and, in some cases, reconquista, he attempts to group all people with Latino backgrounds in one group. Legal and patriotic Arizona citizens support (SB 1070). Those who he describes as living in fear and afraid to leave their houses do not support (SB 1070) because they are in this country illegally. Note, Chicago Luis uses the word “houses” and not homes. That’s because their homes are elsewhere in foreign lands.”

After the Washington Post published, “internal memos from Homeland Security headquarters to their field agents instructing them that their job performance would be judged by filling deportation quotas for simple visa and immigration violations, all of the President’s lofty promises about a new approach went out the window,” Gutierrez writes. “At a minimum, the President has failed to put his heart into reforming immigration. He has dropped the ball in the first year of his presidency and as we head into election season in his second year, we are seeing more of the same.”

Arizona is the state most affected by illegal alien criminal behavior Garza contends, “Chicago Luis wishes to paint the deported alien and the criminals who live among us as the victims in a bizarre attempt to pander to La Raza and similar groups. Would he allow the drug dealers, kidnappers, human smugglers and illegal foreign criminals to continue their activities in his neighborhood and in view of his children and their playmates? This what he wants Arizonans to continue to live with.”

Garza is Hispanic and his only concern is that he may be attacked by “montoneros covardes, better known as illegal alien thugs. If I defend myself against their attacks, and trust me, defend myself I will, I will be accused of victimizing those poor innocent hard workers. I certainly have no fear of wandering throughout my neighborhood or anywhere I choose. No one has ever stopped me for being brown.”
During the 2008 election campaign candidate Obama promised the Latino community amnesty was on the way if they voted for him.

They did. However Obama’s immigration overhaul has turned out to be another empty promise to Hispanics.

“The President knows what we must do, but he alone must summon the political will in Washington to do it. The short-run calculations of politics are deeply rooted and hard to overcome, but as we saw in the health care debate, he can do it if he wants to,” Gutierrez claims. “He needs to stop appeasing those who embrace the persistent fantasy of mass deportation or the delusion that by making America so hostile and uninviting, tens of millions of immigrants will deport themselves. Obama the President needs to stand up for what Obama the candidate and what Obama the Senator and what Obama the Chicago community organizer stood for and lead the Congress towards reform.”

Gutierrez admits that Washington may have waited too long to negotiate the immigration battle zone because midterm elections are looming.

“But I’m already afraid that for the people of Arizona, he has waited too long. Even if an immigration reform bill passed tomorrow, Latino families in Arizona still face the prospect of going out into a hostile world next week,” Gutierrez explains. “I know thousands of Latino families will hesitate before dropping their kids off at school or will have that terrifying twinge of fear before venturing out to buy groceries or go to work. If we allow police-state tactics in Arizona to continue, the level of basic community security will erode and civil unrest could escalate. The President must act now to diffuse the Arizona panic and take control of a deteriorating situation that could become a national crisis.”

Garza sums it up this way. “You’ve been reading for the last few years about the illegal activities of many Chicago politicians. Chicago Luis Gutierrez’s latest demands coming from Chicago, attempting to influence the internal Arizona affairs, demonstrate the new liberal ‘November fear syndrome’ and will not end with Arizona. Chicago Luis and his type of politician, who pander to criminals and ethno-centric outfits, always crawl back between the cracks in the congressional baseboards when the light comes on. We intend to provide that illumination.”

Everyone agrees racial profiling leads to hurt feelings, but when Americans travel to Europe and stay in a hotel, they are asked for their passports upon check in. Many of these hotels will keep the passports during their entire stay, where is the cry of Nazi Germany tactics Europe is practicing?

Arizona’s plight needs to be addressed by all involved and hopefully cooler heads will prevail and Americans will come out the winner. Most agree a good place to start is to secure the country’s borders.

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Fiscal responsibility strikes the heart of America’s problems

Like a speeding train headed for a cliff, the conductor knows impending catastrophe is rapidly approaching and the time to act is running out. Just like that conductor, America is now facing a similar scenario as the deficits the country is racking up are reaching unsustainable levels.

The current White House administration has enacted record breaking spending packages like, TARP part two, stimulus one and two as well as a new trillion-dollar health care entitlement program.

While the country continues to face a stubborn recession and families tightened their budgets in order to wait out the economic storm, President Obama continues to put forth larger than life yearly budgets with massive spending programs and no budgetary control in sight.

However, team Obama has put together a debt commission. The co-chairs, Erskine Bowles a Democrat and Alan Simpson a Republican are searching for a solutions regarding America’s impending financial doomsday.

The commission says that at all options are on the table during their first once month meetings. They expect to present the President with their findings right after the November mid-term elections.

The commission is made up of 10 Democrats and eight Republicans and for a recommendation to move forward they must have 14 of the 18 members in agreement. This will not be easy considering the Senate cannot come up with 60 of 100 votes to move legislation ahead.

Adding insult to injury, Washington Post writer Dana Milbank said, “Holding a ‘fiscal responsibility summit’ at the White House in the middle of a government spending spree is a bit like having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a frat house on homecoming weekend.”

Seeing the writing on the wall Congress has not put forth its normally straightforward budget resolution by the April 15 deadline. If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doesn’t act it would be the first time since 1974 that Congress failed to pass a yearly budget.

In the midst of record level deficits it looks like Congress may be coming to their senses regarding the federal government’s budget as they are having trouble passing a bill with overwhelming numbers skewing in the Democrats favor.

If Congress isn’t operating with a budget, Congressional appropriators could ignore standard caps on discretionary spending for fiscal year 2011. On top of that the debt commission holds no real power in Washington D.C. Any recommendations made by the panel must be adopted by Congress and the panel lacks any public input.

Until Congress realizes debt is the symptom and spending is the disease gridlock in Washington will remain intact.

According to a Fox News report the prized-jewel health care reform bill could be a sitting duck for the newly formed debt commission. In the discussions this week President Obama said everything was on the table – including the new health care bill, Social Security, Value Added Tax (VAT) and steep tax increases for those making less than $250 thousand per year.

On word of Greece’s reduced credit rating the stock markets tumbled in Europe and America.

“We live in a global economy,” Commissioner Bowles said. “We’ve got a deficit this year of $1.6 trillion. Half of what we’re borrowing every year we borrow from foreign countries. Forget if China starts to sell our (Treasury) bonds. Think if they just quit buying and what that will do to our interest rates, what that will do to the dollar, and what that will do to the economy in America. We’ve got to fix this debt problem or there’s not going to be a great future for this country.”

Republican co-chair, Simpson of the commission concurred. “These things are known to guys in Dubuque, Iowa, and Cody, Wyoming. You just don’t realize how alert the American people are to what’s happening. And they’ll come up to you on the street and say I’m willing to pay more taxes or I’m ready to cut back on this. Unsustainable is not a good word. It’s called going broke.”

The Heritage Foundation acknowledges the problem is far larger than Washington is alluding to. “The only reason to consider the VAT is because the current tax system cannot support the massive spending surge the President has already pushed through let alone the additional spending he envisions or the entitlements wave to follow. Either he finds a way to finagle the VAT or he will be forced to pare spending back to previous levels. Either Washington puts a much bigger squeeze on the taxpayers, or Washington must go on a crash diet. It’s time to send the federal government to a fat farm.”

The debt commission’s goal is to reduce the federal budget to three percent of the country’s gross domestic product by 2015. The 10 percent number the U.S. is currently saddled with means there are some tough choices on the horizon.

Big-ticket entitlement programs the debt commission is looking at include, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Earlier in the week Obama said he would ask the panel to scour the current U.S. tax code and he said he would not rule out any tax increases for the middle class if the debt commission believes it is necessary to begin chipping away at the deficit.

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San Diego rally decries Arizona’s tough new immigration law

About 40 people gathered at a rally in downtown San Diego voicing their dissenting view on the tough new Arizona illegal immigration issue signed into law on Friday.

Police on the scene commented that there were more media trucks and law enforcement at the “Boycott Arizona” evening rally than actual rally supporters. One of the officers on duty said, “Media must have been hoping there would be a large number of protesters like we had during the 2006 failed amnesty push.”

Approximately seven media trucks, seven police cars and SUVs, two fire trucks and one ambulance lined the street in front on the federal building along Front Street. There were no reports of any arrests and protesters were able to get their message out with only one counter-protester on the sidelines.

Rally attendees listened to speakers in English and Spanish talk about how racist Arizona’s new law is and the need to show support for the immigrant population throughout the country.

Many signs and Mexican flags sprinkled the crowd and the lone American flag captured the attention of passerby’s as there were many more Mexican flags waving in the air. Folks leaving the building after a long day at work didn’t appreciate the blatant disrespect for the American flag. “Why not support Americans?” asked John Leary of San Diego.

As far as the supporters point of view the rally was a chance to support the Latinos in the country, legally or illegally.

“I support Hispanic immigrants around the country and in Arizona. Because laws in other states affect us we need to make sure illegal immigrants liberties are not violated. I believe this new law infringes on the 4th Amendment and will lead to racial profiling,” said Leo Carrillo of San Diego. “This isn’t my first rally I have been to before and it’s important to let people know I support them.”

While there was only one counter-protester on the sidewalk, many people in cars driving by shouted “No amnesty, go home,” and there were cars that simply honked in support of illegal immigrants.

One thing is clear – this debate is not over.

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Congressman Hunter discusses Arizona’s new illegal immigration law at townhall meeting

Congressman Hunter took the opportunity to talk to San Diegans about hot button issues like immigration and border security at two county townhall events over the weekend.

With Arizona passing the country’s toughest illegal immigration legislation to date, making it illegal to be illegal in the state and requiring residents to show acceptable identification to law enforcement for those who are loitering is places like Home Depot parking lots or known day labor sites. Candidates running for public office were chomping at the bit to share their point of view about the divisive issue.

California is a border state and counties in the southern portion are rife with problems. “Our borders are not secure. We have a good fence for a few miles here in San Diego because my father made sure the fence was built,” said Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-CA).

Hunter and Sheriff hopeful Jay LaSuer attended two townhall events, one at the Ramona Main Stage Theater and the other the Sweetwater Harley Freedom Rally 2010 in National City.

LaSuer spoke to voters about his tough stance on illegal immigration and the endorsement he received from America’s toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer says there are plenty of laws on the books and they are in need of being enforced.

“When you pick and choose the laws you enforce, you’ve lost your moral compass,” LaSuer said.

Voters who attended both events were able to put the candidates on the spot and ask tough questions.

Many questions were about securing the borders and stopping illegal immigration, while others were concerned with border security. Another topic of discussion was the new health care reform bill and how it may impact the middleclass citizens.

Hunter’s clear answer was to get Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) fired so responsible politicians can block funding to portions of the bill. Hunter said, “We need to make President Obama- former President Obama so we can repeal the bill.”

Hunter also wanted folks to know that he and other Republicans aren’t the party of no and they will continue to work hard to construct a health care bill and immigration bills that includes reform every American is demanding.

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California’s governor hopeful Poizner – climbs in the polls

In what’s shaping up to be another Massachusetts-like race California governor-hopeful Steve Poizner’s poll numbers are rapidly rising late in the primary race. A month ago Poizner’s bleak poll numbers had him more than 50 points behind fellow Republican and former CEO of EBay Meg Whitman.

At a tea party event in Oceanside, California last week, Poizner said, “Meg Whitman has spent $50 million to win the governorship and she will peak too soon.” A week later the prediction appears to be true.

According to a recent Capitol Weekly Poll, Poizner trails Whitman 47-19 with one-third of voters still undecided. However, the most recent ABC poll has Poizner just 22 points behind Whitman.

While these numbers may seem daunting, one only needs to look at the Martha Coakley/Scott Brown Senatorial race in Massachusetts and how quickly the polls can change.

Meg Whitman’s free fall continues as Poizner has now shaved 28 points off of her lead in a matter of weeks. A new poll from SurveyUSA continues to demonstrate a strong shift in momentum for Poizner. In spite of spending more than $50 million on negative ads against Poizner, Whitman is beginning to lose support with each passing day, while Poizner begins his ascent with the grassroots voters.

“Meg Whitman has spent record amounts of her Wall Street billions to tell a record number of lies, but all of Goldman Sachs’ money and all the Queen’s men won’t be enough to put this rookie candidate back together again. Seven years ago, Republicans were fooled by marketing and a celebrity. It isn’t happening twice,” explained Jarrod Agen, the communications director for Poizner.

Pollster Ben Tulchin of Capitol Weekly says the results could pose some trouble for Whitman. “She’s ahead, but compared to other polling that’s out there, her numbers have dropped,” Tulchin said. “She’s spent a lot of money and she’s under 50 percent.”

It is statements like this that keeps Poizner pushing and seeking key endorsements.

One such endorsement comes from Conservative stalwart Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA). During a conference call McClintock pointed to a few reasons why he will support Poizner for California’s governor. “We simply cannot afford anymore Republicans in name only in California. Meg is nothing more than a Schwarzenegger third term.”

If Whitman were to win the primary, McClintock said Californians would have two choices, a third term of the current governor or a third term of Jerry Brown.

“California’s recent history has the state with the largest deficits and largest tax increases all under Republican watch. California Republicans need to wake up,” McClintock said. “Voters need to fight for the soul of the Republican Party.”

This is where the grassroots tea party movement comes into play. In primary races throughout the country, establishment candidates are finding it tough to gain the trust of the voters. An example of this is the Florida Senatorial primary. Establishment Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, trails his Senate opponent Marco Rubio who has earned the support of tea party voters.

The tea party movement sets themselves apart from other groups in several key categories. According to a recent CBS/New York Times poll, tea party folks are better educated than most Americans; they make a higher than average salary and most describe themselves as conservative.

Congressman McClintock couldn’t agree more; “they (tea party) are one of the most sophisticated electorate and they know enormous damage has been done and they are looking for a candidate who is for smaller government, conservative spending and their political record.”

The Congressman explains that the country is seeing a 1994-like groundswell of unknown candidates beating incumbents or anti-establishment contenders coming forward.

Luckily for relative political newcomers it’s their record and values not the dollars in the bank that is resonating with angry voters. These discontented constituents are paying attention to details, researching candidates and watching debates.

This bodes well for the Poizner camp who claims the former EBay executive’s TV messaging simply isn’t resonating with Californians. Agen points to Whitman’s reluctance to embrace conservative Republican values as one of the reasons for her sliding poll numbers.

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Arizona’s new tough illegal immigration law angers liberals

Arizona’s new illegal immigration bill is expected to be signed into law by Saturday by Conservative Gov. Jan Brewer and will toughen the state’s already stern immigration laws.

According to Fox News, the bill has sparked high emotion and the sponsor of the bill State Senator Russell Pearce (R) says “it will take the handcuffs off law enforcement and allow them to respect the states’ immigration laws to puts focus on violent criminals.”

The Los Angeles Catholic Arch Bishop took exception to the tougher law and said it represents “Nazi and Soviet-style” repression.

Protests were held outside the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix demanding Governor Brewer to strike down the new proposed legislation. However, Brewer is a Conservative leaning towards signing and opponents know lawmakers inside the capitol are not going to listen to their cries.

The landmark legislation will alleviate an insurmountable problem the state faces with illegal immigration and the crime it attracts.

“Our citizens have a Constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced and that’s what we’re going to do in Arizona,” Pearce said.

In a new Rasmussen poll out today, 70 percent of Arizonians support the tough new legislation, but 53 percent are somewhat concerned about infringing on the rights of some U.S. citizens.

Conservative Latinos say the passage of the bill could mean political suicide for the GOP. “The state is going to turn blue and they will have Mr. Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer to blame,” Deedee Blasé of SOMOS Republicans said in a Fox News interview.

“The lunacy of rounding up people because they look a certain way or are suspected of being in violation of immigration statutes leads to one thing the violations of basic fundamental civil rights – profiling,” said Luis Gutierrez Congressman (D-IL).

The bill’s sponsor Pearce sees it differently, “illegal isn’t a race it’s a crime.”

The bill does, however, have support from law enforcement. They say it will make it easier to approach illegal immigrants outside Home Depot, a known hot spot for day labor work sites, and ask for their legal papers (either a drivers license or visa), failure could mean arrest and deportation.

“When one becomes proactive in addressing illegal immigration what happens here in Phoenix, crime didn’t fall, it plummeted,” said Mark Spencer of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

With the recent murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz, Arizona Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) the Republican Whip, have requested more than 3,000 National Guard troops be place along the Arizona/Mexico border to stop the incursion of illegal immigrants that cross the border on a daily basis.

The state’s Senators admit the issue is a federal one, but the lack of enforcement has pushed responsibility onto the states in a time when they need the help financially more than ever.

In a statement from Gov. Brewer dated April, 13, 2010 she said, “As Governor of the State of Arizona, my highest priority is the safety and security of our citizens. I met late today with Arizona ranchers, and heard their concerns, which I deeply share. Arizona roads and open spaces have become thoroughfares for illegal alien traffic and smuggling operations — drugs, arms and humans. Recently, an Arizona rancher in southeastern Cochise County was shot and killed, with evidence suggesting the crime was part of border-related criminal activity. With regard to border security, I am not taking “No,” for an answer from the federal government. I visited the area, and I’ve seen firsthand what needs to be done. I’ve communicated with President Obama and repeated my numerous requests for additional troops.”

The Arizona governor finished with “I will NOT accept the notion that border security is a responsibility of Arizona and the other Border States, but I will do what is necessary to protect this great State if additional federal assistance is not forthcoming.”

It looks like the show down on illegal immigration will be stirring up all kinds of consequences no matter which side citizens are on.

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Republicans submit new bill to strengthen U.S./Mexican Border

Republicans have introduced new legislation to secure the U.S. border that is located on federal land; the bill hopes to prevent environmental damage, crime, drug smuggling and terrorist threats against residents who live along the southern region.

The House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee Ranking Member Rob Bishop (R-UT), House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Doc Hastings (R-WA), Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member Peter King (R-NY) and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced legislation to prohibit the Department of the Interior (DOI) from using environmental regulations to hinder U.S. Border Patrol from securing the border on federal lands.

As a result of DOI’s actions, federal open space has become an unpatrolled highway that endangers American lives and causes severe environmental damage along the unobstructed trek from Mexico to the U.S.

Last month Arizona rancher Rob Krentz, was murdered by an alleged illegal alien who entered and exited the U.S. on federal land through the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge in which there is no border security, according to authorities.

This wildlife region lends itself to ineffective monitoring by the Border Patrol. In 2007, Krentz and his wife wrote a letter to members of Congress expressing concern about the increased criminal activity that was taking place along the border. The letter expressed concern that “we are in fear for our lives and safety and health of ourselves and that of our families and friends.”

“The gravity of the situation must no longer be ignored. This legislation helps ensure that DOI policies no longer enable dangerous criminals to co-opt federal border lands as their drug trafficking highways,” Congressman Bishop said. “What many fail to recognize is that allowing the USBP to apprehend and deter trains of criminal traffickers will not only remedy weaknesses in border security, but also improve the health and vitality of our protected federal lands, which have been severely damaged by years of abuse from drug and human traffickers.”

The new legislation ensures that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Border Patrol are permitted to assert operational control over the border regions in order to carry out their mission as mandated by Congress.

“Effectively securing our borders against illegal entry is a matter of homeland security. Border Patrol agents spend every day on the front line – securing our homeland from terrorists,” said Congressman King. “Denying or limiting the Border Patrol access to public lands and allowing the flow of illegals, including potential terrorists, doesn’t protect anything. It doesn’t protect the public lands that the illegals carelessly cross, and it certainly doesn’t protect American lives placed at risk by terrorists who seek to exploit unpatrolled areas of the border.”

The bill sets out to free DHS and Border Patrol Agents from bureaucratic interferences that currently impact their ability to effectively secure the border on public lands.

“It makes no sense to prevent the Border Patrol from accessing these lands in the name of some future preservation,” Congressman Smith said. “The people – not the plants – need our protection now. By stopping the drug smugglers and human traffickers from trampling the earth and terrorizing our communities, we will preserve pristine areas for future generations to enjoy.”

The coalition of Congressmen are concerned with multiple agencies competing for control over the border region and want security to be first and foremost for all federal agencies.

“We all share the same goals of wanting to protect our environment and keep our country safe,” Congressman Hastings explained. “However, Interior Department land managers are waging a turf war along the border that is making it impossible to achieve either. Today, Rep. Bishop is leading us in introducing a common sense solution that I hope will have bipartisan support.”

Currently, Republicans are sponsoring the bill, but several Democrats are hinting at bipartisanship with this legislation.

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Chelsea’s Law moves onward with California’s Governor approval

It’s been less than two months since Chelsea King was raped and murdered by a convicted sexual predator, with the dedication of her parents Chelsea’s Law has moved forward in the usually gridlocked Sacramento legislature.

The new law seeks to toughen existing sexual offenders laws by adding mandatory life prison sentences for forcible violent sex crimes against children, tightening sex offenders parole guidelines and adding requirements for the life-long tracking of certain repeat sexual offenders.

Chelsea’s law, Assembly Bill 1844 made it out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee this morning. The bill was penned by San Diego Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego) has been working closely with the King family since their daughter was tragically murdered in late February.

“Public safety is my number one priority, and I share Assemblyman
Fletcher’s goal of making our communities safer and protecting our kids from
sexual predators,’” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement today.

“It is our job to make sure that we have the right laws in place that
will keep our children safe, and I applaud the Assembly Public Safety Committee
for passing this important legislation today,” he said. “I look forward to
working with Assemblyman Fletcher and the rest of the legislature to make
`Chelsea’s Law’ a reality and create harsher penalties for those that prey on

John Gardner plead guilty to all charges for the murder of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King on Friday afternoon in a San Diego. In return the sexual predator will not face the death penalty.

The plea agreement states Gardner will get life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Amber Dubois, 14, went missing in February of 2009 and her body was recovered after Chelsea King’s murder took place in March of this year. Gardner was believed to be the killer of the Dubois case after DNA evidence linked the sexual predator to the King murder.

There has been speculation that Gardner was taken out of jail to show investigators the location of Dubois’ body in order to receive life in prison instead of the death penalty. Authorities also report Gardner is the potential perpetrator of other missing girls in Southern California.

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Illegal alien wins defamation case for being called a ‘criminal’ – set back for 1st Amendment

Illegal alien wins defamation case for being called a ‘criminal’ – set back for 1st Amendment

An illegal-alien day laborer who attacked a U.S. photographer at a notorious San Diego day labor site in 2006, was awarded $2,500 in damages for “defamation per se” by Judge Ronald Styn in a non-jury trial in San Diego Superior Court.

The Mexican national plaintiff, Alberto Jimenez, who was illegally in the country at the time of the attack of Los Angeles photographer John Monti, sued San Diego Minutemen founder Jeff Schwilk for defamation for calling the illegal immigrant attackers “criminals” when he forwarded an email with Monti’s pictures of Jimenez and six other suspects who were at the scene of the crime.

Initially the lawsuit was filed in October 2007 and all seven men shown on the flyer sued Schwilk, Monti, and Fox News Corporation for defamation. However, Fox News and Monti were eventually dismissed from the case in 2008 and 2009 and six of the seven plaintiffs dropped their lawsuits against Schwilk in February, leaving only Jimenez vs. Schwilk for the one-day judge-only trial.

When the trial began, Jimenez was not in the courtroom to meet his accuser. Schwilk immediately asked Judge Styn for a directed verdict to dismiss the case, but the judge opted to start the trial without him and gave Jimenez additional time to appear in court as his attorney said he was running late. The plaintiff’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, claimed his client was trying to get across the border and needed more time because he was a Tijuana, Mexico resident.

As testimony began Schwilk admitted that he had forwarded Monti’s ‘wanted’ flyer by email the day after the attack. The email was sent to a dozen law enforcement and trusted community leaders so they could be on the lookout for the suspects who were still at large. He explained anyone with knowledge of these pictured men needed to notify San Diego Police Department.

The victim, Mr. Monti then testified that Jimenez was indeed one of the seven men who attacked him from “behind and knocked him into the busy boulevard that Saturday morning in 2006.” Monti explained he had gone to the day labor site to investigate the connection between the street-side illegal alien hiring site and child prostitution in the nearby the migrant camps where many of the day laborers live.

Monti also said under oath that Jimenez had previously testified in his criminal trial in 2007 that he was an illegal alien and had no legal papers to gain employment legally in the U.S.

It is worth pointing out that Gilleon wanted to bar television video coverage of the one-day trial, however, the defendant, Schwilk and the judge stated it was an open court and cameras would be permitted in the courtroom.

After a lunch break the defense called Jimenez to the witness stand, but Jimenez still had not arrived in court 4 1/2 hours after the start of the trial.

Gilleon then claimed that “Jimenez’ wife was having surgery and he could not attend the trial that day.” Judge Styn was clearly tired of the excuses, however he allowed the trial to continue. It became clear the real reason Jimenez could not come to the trial was because he was not eligible to enter the country legally from his home in Tijuana, Mexico.

Schwilk again asked Judge Styn for a directed verdict, but again the judge declined, he wanted to proceed with closing statements. Schwilk pointed out to the judge that he had a right to question his accuser and the judge seemed to agree, but he also wanted to conclude the trial without the plaintiff.

Schwilk said, “I knew at that point the fix was in. This was so obviously a charade by Dan Gilleon and his La Raza employers who brought this frivolous case against us. There was no plaintiff in this case. This was a sham trial with no real accuser and Judge Styn played right along with La Raza’s devious plan.”

During the closing arguments, Gilleon accused Schwilk of conspiring with Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and Fox News to spread Jimenez’ face around the world in an effort to defame the day laborer by characterizing him as a wanted criminal.

The case against Fox News was dismissed earlier in what was a fishing expedition because Hannity and Colmes aired a story in late November 2006 regarding the assault featuring Monti and his flyer with the seven men’s grainy pictures on it. See video here:

Gilleon asked the judge to award Jimenez $85,000 in damages for four counts of defamation, including $50,000 for providing NewFox s with a copy of the flyer.

Schwilk reminded the judge in his closing arguments that his private emails with Monti’s pictures had been sent only to a small group of law enforcement contacts, local community leaders and two local politicians who are leaders in the fight against illegal immigration.

Schwilk says Gilleon and his La Raza employers most likely got the email months after the fact from a disgruntled former member of SDMM who was kicked out of the group in February 2007 for bad behavior. He also pointed out again that Jimenez was an illegal alien and had obviously broken laws by entering the U.S. illegally.

Finally, Schwilk reminded the court that although Jimenez was never formally charged with the assault on Monti, he did participate in the attack and then fled the scene of the crime. “In law enforcement, flight implies guilt,” he said.

After a 15-minute recess, Judge Styn returned with his verdict finding Schwilk liable for one count of defamation for “carelessly” calling Jimenez a “criminal.” Schwilk plans to appeal.

Asked about the verdict, Schwilk said, “Judge Styn not only ruled against our protection of free speech, he is attempting to de-criminalize illegal aliens and the crimes they commit on American soil. Styn is yet another example of a bad judge attempting to legislate from the bench.”

Fellow San Diego Minuteman Barry Shipley observed the entire 5-hour trial and agreed.

“The judge completely ignored the court testimony that Jimenez was a criminal illegal alien and that the truth is a defense in a defamation case. Judge Styn should be removed from the bench,” Shipley explained. “He is a danger to our American Constitutional rights”.

The plaintiff’s attorney Daniel Gilleon was obviously pleased with the outcome of the trial. “We are very pleased with Judge Ronald Styn’s ruling. Once again, the Court system has shown that defamation is Schwilk’s chief weapon in his ‘war’ against illegal immigration. The judgments against Schwilk are starting to pile up.”

Schwilk saw it differently; “Of course La Raza and agents of the Mexican Government (Gilleon’s employers) are pleased that they have been able to chip away at the U.S. First Amendment. Their greatest fear in the border and immigration debate is truth tellers like myself and other leaders fighting daily to secure America from the mass criminal invasion from Mexico. Unfortunately for them, they will never shut down our free speech”.

Schwilk said the San Diego Minutemen would not be deterred by these malicious politically motivated lawsuits by the open border groups. “Our corrupt court system is all they have to try to shut us down,” he said. “Honestly, we don’t get distracted by all this court drama. We’re fighting to save San Diego from the invasion of criminals and drug smugglers from Mexico.”

SDMM have continued to expose outdoor prostitution rings in nearby McGonigle Canyon, including a highly publicized incident last October in which they caught another field brothel in action with trafficked Mexican girls and numerous Latino “Johns” paying for cheap sex in the bushes.

SDPD again refused to prosecute the suspected pimp and prostitute that were detained, but Mayor Sanders and SDPD were forced to clear out the canyons of migrant squatters yet again.

Schwilk said it is a constant cat and mouse game with the Mexican migrant camps and field prostitution rings. “We’ve been monitoring the canyons for four years now. We get the camps cleared out, but some of them eventually come back due to SDPD looking the other way at the illegal Mexican squatters. But there are far fewer migrant camps in San Diego County than when we started investigating these crime zones in 2006. We expect our success to continue to drive the Mexican Consulate and its operatives to further desperate measures to try and stop us.”

For the first time in more than three years, there are no lawsuits pending against SDMM members. Perhaps the illegal alien activists in San Diego are finally giving up on that failed and costly tactic.

With the latest push for amnesty heating up again, it appears that both sides in the illegal immigration debate are gearing up for some major battles.

Schwilk, who is a retired Marine, says he will fight until America’s borders are fully secured and the country returns to an orderly system of legal immigration. He believes most Americans strongly oppose amnesty for the approximately 20 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

“We’ve made huge gains in the past five years, but we still have a ways to go. We’re up against some very rich and powerful ethno-centric special interest groups, but no one should underestimate the spirit and determination of the American citizens”, he concluded.

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