Tensions flare on Mexican border after murder of Arizona rancher

After the murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz, residents and lawmakers alike have called for National Guard to be placed on border, however President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano remain silent on the issue.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll puts an exclamation point on what Americans want when it comes to the U.S./Mexico border – 72 percent want the military placed on the border while 16 percent are happy with the status quo.

Arizona Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) recent flip-flop when it comes to placing the military on the nation’s southern borders. The fact McCain is competing in his toughest primary race ever against conservative J.D. Hayworth have many speculating about McCain’s switch from his 2007 amnesty push to protecting the nation’s borders from the escalating drug cartel violence.

After the former presidential contender met with state officials, he sent a letter to the former governor of Arizona, Napolitano.

According to the letter McCain claims; “For years, I have called on the President to send National Guard troops to the border in an effort to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and narcotics. Most recently, I supported Governor Jan Brewer’s request to place troops along Arizona’s border with Mexico. Unfortunately that request was rejected by this Administration. A year later, in light of the recent incidents and the continued growth of drug violence along the border, I am asking you and the Administration to immediately reconsider your position and send National Guard troops to our southern border region.”

This is contrary to Senator McCain’s position when he was pushing illegal immigration reform with Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) a few years ago.

“We must make the security of our borders one of our top national security priorities. The United States must also do all it can to assist the Mexican government in its efforts to combat these violent drug cartels. The prosperity and success of Mexico is essential to the prosperity and success of our own country. We share a border, our economies are intertwined, and we are major trading partners. The U.S. must show its support for our neighbor to the south and support the Mexican people and the Calderon Administration in this fundamental struggle against lawlessness and corruption,” the letter further reads.

The people of Arizona and the United States demand and deserve secure borders. McCain also plays on the heart strings by informing Napolitano the residents along the Arizona border’s need to feel protected and safe from the throngs on illegals trekking into the U.S. each day must be a top priority.

“I look forward to a swift and decisive response to this situation,” McCain said. While the letter is a step in the right direction and many Arizonians applaud the rhetoric, most believe it is simply more empty words.

However, after promising amnesty and not delivering it, the Obama Administration is adamant about not further alienating the Latino population and activist groups like La Raza. Most reform-minded folks want the floodgates to remain open so cheap labor can operate in a business as usual manner.

Three of the four border state governors are also demanding the National Guard be deployed to the Southern border region. California’s Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only state leader who has not weighed in on the recent violence in Arizona.

The lame duck governor suffers from extremely low approval numbers, just 23 percent of Californians approve of the terminator ‘s job performance, according to the recent Field Poll. His silence is likely to put a Democrat governor into the state capitol.

Schwarzenegger’s falling job approval can be directly linked to his weakness regarding border issues. For example the kidnapping and gang-style violence is creeping across the southern borders at an alarming rate.

A former Tijuana, Mexico Police officer was just arrested on suspicion of kidnapping in Los Angeles.

The suspect, Cesar Ariel Zapata-Landeros told an informant he was planning a kidnapping of a Tustin, California child. Zapata-Landeros planned to forcefully snatch the child, demand a $300,000 ransom and cut off fingers to encourage the family to comply with the ransom demands.

Thankfully the FBI intervened and arrested the suspect who had ties to the family and performed security work in the past.

California is one of the main destinations of choice for illegals. Just nine months ago a Mexican national trying to sneak into the U.S executed Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas near the border.

The violence continues unabated along the Texas border as well. A few weeks back three American’s who worked at the U.S. Consulate were targeted and murdered in Juarez, Mexico. The reason is simple – brazen drug cartels.

The war rages on and as the body count rises it has become clear America’s borders are more open than ever.

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-10317-San-Diego-County-Political-Buzz-Examiner

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