America’s borders remain open for criminals and terrorists

In light of the murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz by an illegal alien, the question of secure borders has once again been brought to the attention of the American people. Unfortunately, many in Congress didn’t get the memo and have failed to act on the recent violence those who reside on the border face.

When one thinks about the invasion of illegal aliens along the southern borders many believe these folks are just coming to get a job and establish a better life for their family from Central and Southern America, however, there are many Middle Eastern and Muslim men crossing the border who have something else on their mind – terrorism.

Reports from rank and file Border Patrol Agents confirm the uptick of men entering into the country who are not of Hispanic origin. These men are crossing illegally into America because it is easy and there is no record of their being present. Officials say these men are often part of sleeper cells. Law enforcement estimates there are thousands of sleeper cells strategically placed across America right now.

Recent reports of terrorist activity in Mexico should concern many in the U.S. Case in point; Mexico ‘mistakenly’ released 23 Somalis with possible terrorist ties on January 21, 2010 from jail.

According to Diggers Realm, an immigration watchdog group, the release of these suspects by Mexico was found in a confidential report. The document contained information that suggests the Somalis were on their way to America when Mexican officers intercepted the group.

In light of the uptick in violence along the southern border it remains imperative our country provides secure boundaries and clearly identifies all who enter the country.

The report also suggests that law enforcement agents should use every precaution when approaching suspects, including long arms and body armor because armed confrontations are on the rise.
According to a new article by Sara A. Carter of the Washington Examiner, there is further proof Americans need to pay more attention to the porous borders.

Included in the group of men released from Mexican prison is “Mohamed Osman Noor, 35, of Somalia, who U.S. officials suspect has strong ties to Al-Shabaab Mujahideen, an Islamist insurgency group in the ongoing war in Somalia with ties to al Qaeda. “

Carter also reports that, “Five of the subjects are possibly heading towards the Reynosa, Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas areas. … The Laredo Sector should be cognizant of the high possibility that Noor and the other subjects may attempt to enter illegally into the United States through the Laredo Sector area of responsibility.”

This is just the latest evidence that the nation’s borders are not secure and any talk regarding amnesty or illegal immigration is premature at best.

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