Congressman Hunter discusses Arizona’s new illegal immigration law at townhall meeting

Congressman Hunter took the opportunity to talk to San Diegans about hot button issues like immigration and border security at two county townhall events over the weekend.

With Arizona passing the country’s toughest illegal immigration legislation to date, making it illegal to be illegal in the state and requiring residents to show acceptable identification to law enforcement for those who are loitering is places like Home Depot parking lots or known day labor sites. Candidates running for public office were chomping at the bit to share their point of view about the divisive issue.

California is a border state and counties in the southern portion are rife with problems. “Our borders are not secure. We have a good fence for a few miles here in San Diego because my father made sure the fence was built,” said Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-CA).

Hunter and Sheriff hopeful Jay LaSuer attended two townhall events, one at the Ramona Main Stage Theater and the other the Sweetwater Harley Freedom Rally 2010 in National City.

LaSuer spoke to voters about his tough stance on illegal immigration and the endorsement he received from America’s toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer says there are plenty of laws on the books and they are in need of being enforced.

“When you pick and choose the laws you enforce, you’ve lost your moral compass,” LaSuer said.

Voters who attended both events were able to put the candidates on the spot and ask tough questions.

Many questions were about securing the borders and stopping illegal immigration, while others were concerned with border security. Another topic of discussion was the new health care reform bill and how it may impact the middleclass citizens.

Hunter’s clear answer was to get Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) fired so responsible politicians can block funding to portions of the bill. Hunter said, “We need to make President Obama- former President Obama so we can repeal the bill.”

Hunter also wanted folks to know that he and other Republicans aren’t the party of no and they will continue to work hard to construct a health care bill and immigration bills that includes reform every American is demanding.

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