Illegal immigration problems continue to flare both sides of the issue

The newly minted Customs and Border Protection Commissioner (CBP) appointee, Alan Bersin made a stop in San Diego to talk about an issue that is sweeping the country – illegal immigration.

The forum started rather interesting as Bersin added a disclaimer – in discussing this topic we should be focused on the future of immigration and port security not the past. Translation, the U.S. doesn’t want to talk about the drug cartel violence in Mexico, the lack of border security at the border or immigration crisis currently gripping the country.

After the forum Bersin took four questions from the media, three were asked and answered in Spanish while only one was in English. The event was held in a Chapel at Point Loma Nazarene University with approximately 200 college professionals and community business leaders.

Bersin’s speech centered on keeping the lanes moving across the border ports of entry, the implementation or increase of SENTRY program applicants (A fast-track lane used by those who America trusts and have passed background checks) and sharing information with Mexican counterparts.

“We have to pre-clear more of the trucking lines,” Bersin said. “It’s something I call the new bargain. Neither Mexicans or Americans like to share information with their government it’s built into the DNA of our culture…with technology we can change that,” he said.

The CBP head honcho tried to relay a message to the audience that America is lucky to not have the spillover violence, especially since Mexico is in the middle of a narco-war.

“We don’t have the spillover violence like Mexico is facing with the drug cartels…We don’t have that spillover in violence in the streets… so I think people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the kind of political reaction that can generate a law like the Arizona law based on a couple of incidents that are tragic.”
Bersin took a page from the Obama press conference book and took only a few questions and provided lengthy wandering answers putting many in the audience to sleep.

The crime he talked about was in very general terms and steered cleared of the drug cartel violence that is taking thousands of Mexican lives each year. “We take seriously the crime directed against people in the United States as a result of organized crime,” Bersin quipped.

He also said that American’s have a terrific opportunity to improve trade relations with Mexico.
“The port of the future should have more integrated help with Mexico, “ Bersin claimed. “When it comes to where our department is going I say Si Su Pueda…”

However, Bersin did touch on the danger in “Mexico…aside from my duty to protect American people and my CBP agents upper most thing on my mind is their safety, we notify them of the danger, give them the best equipment, sharing information, we understand the danger.”

While Bersin may have been repeating some of the politically correct highlights voters have come to expect it was clear from the onset Bersin was in lock step with the Obama Administration.

The commissioner promised the attendees a three-legged approach to immigration was forthcoming; securing the border (this has been promised dating back to President Reagan), removing those who have committed crimes and developing secure legal flow of migrant workers.

It is this attitude that has the majority of Americans solidly against amnesty. “We hear promises, promises from political leaders ‘we’ll secure the border and slow those crossing’ each time they repeat it their words have no meaning,” said Sandy Jones. “We want action on the border before we commit to anything going forward.”

A recent Glenn Beck show, pointed out the majority of American’s feel reciprocal immigration laws should apply. When a foreign traveler enters Mexico, according to Mexico’s Population Law (article 67) they must abide by Mexico’s law which states; “Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country before attending to any issues.”

Similar laws in the European Union are enforced everyday without the cries of Nazism. “Why the double standard,” Jones says.

There is no doubt immigration reform will be tough due to the many differing opinions on solutions and the Obama Administration seems content with flip flopping on the immigration reform issue day-to-day. Obama has opening criticized Arizona’s new law and then turned around and told Americans he didn’t feel their was a “political appetite” for immigration reform in the middle of tough midterm reelections this year.

Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has responded swiftly to the Presidents’ criticism of the new law. At the recent correspondents dinner hosted by the White House for the who’s who in the media world, the President took a big swipe at Arizona by saying, “We all know what happens in Arizona if you don’t have ID, adios amigos.”

Needless to say the Governor doesn’t feel the administrations lack of knowledge and response to the plight of Arizona is a laughing matter. She has told reporters there have been five letters written to the White House and former Arizona Governor and now Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano – all have gone unanswered. To view the new ad Brewer’s office has placed on the Internet, click on this link and play the ad. (Arizona Governor Jan Brewer new ad)

Attorney General Eric Holder chimed in on the Sunday shows and he doesn’t believe Arizona’s law on illegal immigrants is racially motivated, but said it could lead law enforcement to racial profiling. He went on to say the country’s immigration problem couldn’t be fixed in a “state-by-state solution.”

The U.S. Attorney said he understood the frustration in Arizona, but he said on ABC’s This Week “we could potentially get on a slippery slope where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done.”

However, those on the other side of the issue see things developing differently on the U.S./Mexico border.
Andy Ramirez, founder of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council a nonprofit organization based in Southern California has been investigating and evaluating U.S. Border Security, Homeland Security, and international policies that he says do not benefit U.S. Citizens.

He has testified on a number of occasions before Congressional Committees as well as briefed numerous Members of Congress as to the facts he has uncovered from 2005 through today.

“The Clinton Administration set things in motion with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which put trade and commerce above national security and really got things going,” Ramirez said. “The George W. Bush Administration then paid lip service to Americans by allowing more Border Patrol Agents to be hired, and other improvements to border security with an actual fence, and virtual fence, along with other expensive toys.”

But those were surface improvements, which did nothing but allow the Bush Administration to make claims that were completely disingenuous. “The reality is that not only did W’s Administration further compromise U.S. National Security by allowing Mexico to blackmail the U.S. Government due to the House of Death case. Mexico since then has dictated border security, immigration enforcement (and the lack thereof), and trade and economic policies that were only beneficial to Mexico,” Ramirez explained.

“The administration then further sold out U.S. Citizens by giving billions of dollars to Mexico under the Merida initiative. This treaty, which has not been formally approved by the U.S. Senate has allowed the well documented Mexican Government to be given not just cash but also specific training needed, which they have used to secure their southern border with Central America AND used to stage military, narco-terrorist, and human trafficking incursions along the U.S. – Mexico border.”

Keep in mind Bush had to keep one constituency of his stated political party happy, the conservatives, by paying lip service to border security, according to Ramirez. “Bush was unsuccessful to completely implement what I call a North American Union beyond signed but unratified treaties with Mexico and Canada, and unsuccessful in attempts to enact an amnesty under the so-called guise of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Obama like McCain pandered to the supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform like the National Council of La Raza and other known supporters of the Mexican Governments goal of “reconquista” meaning the reconquering of the Southwest for their mythical land of Aztlan.”

However, in evaluating what it taking place by reviewing the structure of Homeland Security as well as the policies of a number of past administrations, it is clear that all that is needed to be in place to pull this off is now there today.

“Obama does not need to give an amnesty since he has cut the budget at the Department of Homeland Security for all aspects of national security except management where we saw an increase of funds. What further helps is that the Customs service, and the Border Patrol have been compromised from within.”

“Managers who disagreed were purged out between 2005 and 2007, and today’s managers have gone along to get along and are now in place along the borders and in between the ports of entry,” says Ramirez.

By systematically erasing the border, amnesty is no longer necessary, as the border for the hemisphere will now begin at the Mexican Border with Central America.

“Bersin’s recent comments in San Diego completely corroborates what I came to realize some time ago,” he concludes.

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