Conservative convention in San Diego draws hundreds

California Eagle Forum held their annual convention in San Diego last weekend, drawing speakers, politicians, and Patriots from all over the U.S. with the common theme of “taking back America” from the politicians in both parties.

The event kicked off on Friday night with more than 350 attendees at dinner many of whom were excited to hear headliner popular Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman. She gave a rousing speech to a sold out crowd about the need to defeat the liberal, big government agenda in this year’s elections. Bachman made it clear everyone needed to not only donate what they could more importantly donate their time to conservative candidates who share common sense values.

Also speaking at the two-day convention was Conservative icon and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, who was responsible for derailing many pieces of legislation in her days in politics.

She was joined by a long list of popular figures in the modern conservative and tea party movements. Bob Basso, who portrays Thomas Paine at Tea Parties across the country rallied the crowd on both Friday and Saturday with his Patriotic, motivational speeches about fighting for our founding American principles of freedom and liberty.

Also attending and speaking at the Conservative forum were California Senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore, local San Diego sheriff candidate Jay LaSuer and two gubernatorial candidates – independent Chelene Nightingale and Republican Larry Naritelli, who both resonated with the conservative crowd more than the two leading contenders; billionaire Republicans Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. Californians are treated to a barrage of negative television commercials all day long in the Golden State.

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Duncan Hunter Sr. and a popular candidate running for Congress in San Diego, Mason Weaver also gave well-received speeches on Saturday.

It was the first time the Eagle Convention was held in San Diego and the forum has been in place for nine years. This was an amazing feat since the San Diego Eagle Forum chapter was founded just eight months ago by Woody Woodrum.

The forum included the largest collection of diverse and non-partisan groups in San Diego. The event focused its attention on educating folks haw to make a difference at a grassroots level in order to take back America in the November midterms.

Other noteworthy speakers and candidates included: Orly Taitz, who is running for California Sec. of State, Christine Rubin, who is running for state Assembly 77 and James O’Keefe, the “ACORN pimp” video Journalist.

A big announcement was also made at the weekend event by Nightingale who said she was endorsed by former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

Saturdays dinner wrap up introduced the community leaders from across the state Eagle Forum San Diego concept and start up of T.O.P.S. (Take Our Politics Seriously).

T.O.P.S. is a leadership caucus with more than 30 conservative groups interested in communicating, consolidating and coordinating efforts among the conservative community. Also unveiled was a tool for conservative groups to use focusing attention on likely voters.

Not only did Woody’s Eagle Forum team pull off this successful San Diego Convention, they were instrumental in coordinating the appearance of Congresswoman Bachmann at three other locations (Orange County, Palm Desert and Rancho Santa Fe).

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Event organizers suggest those interested in a grassroots movement look up these Eagle Forum participants on the internet;, Chuck DeVore for US Senate, Christine Rubin for 77th State Assembly, Orly Taitz for Secretary of State and Lydia Gutierrez for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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