San Diego border remains a popular entry point for illegals

As a show of force in California and solidarity with the citizens of Arizona and their border emergency, about 30 concerned citizens and seasoned border fence watch groups descended on Campo, California for a campout at the U.S. border last weekend. The event was organized and hosted by the Tecate Border Volunteers, a town located along the U.S./Mexico border just east of San Diego.

The citizen observers teamed up with U.S. Border Patrol agents to cover a five- mile stretch of heavily-trafficked border fence just east of San Diego. Several small groups of illegal aliens were sighted and apprehended both Friday and Saturday nights, the groups reported.

The patrolled area was about eight miles west of where Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas was assassinated by drug cartel henchmen last July. There has been a renewed threat to kill a Border Patrol agent along the border in California. The order was issued in the past two weeks, according to BP sources. The Border Patrol agents are taking the new threat very seriously. The threat was also confirmed by CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin that a $250,000 bounty has been placed on law enforcement for a kidnapped or killed agent along the southern border.

The weekend border watchers uncovered that Mexican drug cartels have been heavily using a San Diego corridor in recent months to move loads of drugs and unknown human cargo in the area known as “Cap Rock” where Hwy. 94 dips down to just a few hundred yards north of the border.

According to Border Patrol, the smugglers and illegal immigrants climb the fence, scurry down the hillside and can be loaded up in a waiting vehicle less than five minutes after they have crossed the border.

Although the area is patrolled constantly by the Border Patrol, agents cannot cover all the crossing points 24/7 and there are many blind spots in the hills where spotters on high ground on the Mexican side push people through with a fairly-high success rate without being seen by the agents on duty. It is a constant cat and mouse game in this area, day and night, and very often the illegals get through with their drug loads.

“Five years after we first brought attention to this open border in East San Diego County, the area remains very vulnerable to Mexican drug cartel operations and armed smugglers. This is one of the main entry points for drug and human smuggling in California and the Obama Administration has done virtually nothing to stop it,” said Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen.

According to BP agents, this area needs more “boots on the ground” now to stop these Mexican drug cartel operations on American soil.

The Obama Administration has the audacity to claim that the border is adequately secured and its time to grant amnesty to millions criminal trespassers, mostly from Mexico and Central America. However, photos and real-time video placed along the U.S./Mexico border have already proven the borders remain open for illegal business.

Despite Border Patrol complaints for more agents along the California border, proponents are pointing to the Golden State’s secure borders as a reason to move forward on immigration reform. The California border is not secure and anyone can cross the porous border quite easily on any given day, according to residents along the border region.

Among the illegal immigrants pouring across the borders are Arab citizens who have possible terrorists ties, yet media is reluctant to inform their readers of this information. Why?

The status quo is not acceptable. All law abiding Americans should contact their Congressmen/women to voice their concern for the continuation of weak border security.

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