Mexican Marines arrest seven Zeta cartel members for the murder of 72 migrants

The Associated Press is reporting that Mexican Military soldiers arrested seven Los Zetas cartel gunmen who shot and killed 72 Central and South American migrants who were headed to the United States.

The Mexican government announced that four of the suspects were apprehended after a Sept. 3rd shootout with Mexican military and three more were captured a few days later. The Marines were alerted by a survivor who somehow escaped the mass slaughter, authorities found the bodies of 72 migrants on Aug. 24 at a ranch in the northern state of Tamaulipas, spokesman Alejandro Poire said earlier at a news conference.

It is alleged that all seven arrested belong to the ultra-violent Los Zetas organization, but Poire gave no further details on their identities.

It has been reported that the 72 migrants were killed because they refused to work for the Zetas or haul illegal drugs across the border to U.S. consumers.

If this account is true, it will be the worst drug cartel massacre in Mexico so far, adding another glib record to the country’s battle with drug warlords.

Recently, the two police officers charged with leading the investigation on the murders went missing; they have now been recovered- dead.

The Tamaulipas state Attorney General’s Office said on Tuesday that identification was found on the police officers bodies and it matched those of the missing officials; state detective Roberto Suarez Vazquez and Juan Carlos Suarez Sanchez, who lead the Public Safety dept. of San Fernando were the latest victims of the bloodthirsty cartels.

The drug-related bloodshed in Mexico increasingly has the hallmarks of an insurgency, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said in a BBC report. “It’s looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago, when the narco-traffickers controlled certain parts of the country,” she said.

As the killings continue south of the border Americans and Mexicans will be forced to deal with ugly truth that the cartels are still in control and they use fear as a major tool in their violent arsenal.

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