Another city another hoax- 15-year-old not gang raped in San Diego

In an astonishing turn of events a 15-year-old girl of Hispanic origin who claimed she was gang raped after school in San Diego on Friday now tells detectives she was sacred and ashamed about meeting a man online and having consensual sex with him.

After an extensive investigation that consisted of numerous interviews and lasted more than 72 hours, Sheriff’s detectives finally procured the truth from the high school sophomore. Captain Sherri Sarro said at a late afternoon press conference that the girl had been remorseful and said she lied because “she was embarrassed, ashamed and afraid.”

Regardless of the consensual nature of the act, authorities say the adult male is on the hook for several crimes like luring a minor for sexual favors online, statutory rape and depending on his age a misdemeanor or if there is a 10-year-age difference he will face felony charges. In either case the male will be tagged as a sexual predator the rest of his life.

On the other hand the minor could possibly face a few charges herself; lying to police, filing a fake police report and be billed for a case that cost law enforcement tens of thousands dollars to investigate.

Spokesperson for the San Diego Sheriff Department, Jan Caldwell knew the case would be solved correctly in the end. “Our detectives are pros at what they do.”

An event that rocked the small north county community for days have parents breathing a sigh of relief; “At the very least this opens the door for parental conversations about safety and the perils of lying,” said Carol Smith a parent of a son who attends San Dieguito High School where the alleged event occurred.

It is now being reported by the Sheriff Department that, “the suspect, an adult, convinced the victim to meet him at school.” It was also reported the student skipped the last class of the day to meet the adult male where they went to an undisclosed location for sex.

After the sexual assault concluded the male suspect returned the 15-year-old girl to the school grounds where the victim’s mother was searching for her daughter.

“The investigation is continuing, detectives are following-up on all leads in order to apprehend the suspect in this case,” according to the Sheriff Department. “The victim has apologized for creating an atmosphere of fear in the community and now realizes she should have told the truth in the beginning.”

Once word of the kidnapping and gang rape unfolded, detectives canvassed the neighborhood, expedited the DNA evidence and contacted all the sexual predators in the vicinity. Hundreds of overtime hours were logged by the investigators and in the end justice will be served a little differently than they anticipated, but authorities are confident the suspect will be apprehended soon.

Captain Sarro said their primary concern throughout this ordeal was for the victim’s safety as well as her fellow students and if a similar event happened tomorrow they would aggressively pursue the case just as they did with this fake kidnapping and gang rape.

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