Voters still leery of establishment GOP candidates- favor tea party conservatives

While Republican candidates are expected to take back the House in November a new poll by Rasmussen Reports says voters are weary of the GOP’s “Pledge to America,” but are willing to believe they will change the direction in Washington D.C.

The new Rasmussen Reports took data from a national telephone survey of “likely voters” and found only 32 percent believe the Republican “Pledge to America” as a serious policy document like the much talked about 1996 “Contract with America.”

Fifty percent also think the 21-page document is a campaign gimmick. Most conservatives and tea party members say the document did not go far enough to reign in spending and shrink the size of government.

Rasmussen also reported that 18 percent of those polled aren’t sure what to make of the GOP “Pledge to America” one way or the other.

However, 53 percent of likely voters think, at least somewhat, that Republicans will follow through with their campaign promises in their “Pledge to America” if they win control of Congress.

A significant portion of likely voters, 40 percent, think the Republicans are unlikely to follow up with their campaign promises. And it is these 40 percent of voters who call themselves conservatives and tea party supporters. This group remains skeptical of “the lesser of two evils” GOP party.

The remaining 17 percent don’t think the GOP is capable of sticking to the “Pledge to America” at all.
The Rasmussen survey interviewed 1,000 likely voters during September 26-27 and the poll has a margin of error of +/- three percentage points. To view more Rasmussen reports polls;

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