Tea Party groups show their independence- “No to social issues”

San Diego’s largest Tea Party, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) went on the record and said they would break with the Tea Party Nation and will not tackle social issues like abortion, immigration and gay marriage.

The Fox News channel guest Judson Philips, founder of Tea Party Nation, a for-profit social network and convention organizer, who announced to his membership that the Tea Party movement needs to abandon its “fiscal conservative-only” identity and pick a side on social issues.

The SCTRC (also home of the San Diego Tea Party Patriots), strongly disagrees with Philip’s new strategy. “The co-founders of the SCTRC wish to go on the record that our group will focus solely in a fiscal-oriented policy that centers on lower taxes, sensible spending plans, and limited government.”

The grassroots movement grew in numbers largely because they stayed away from thorny issues.

“Our Tea Party started as a fiscally conservative movement, and will remain so under our stewardship,” said Sarah Bond, SCTRC Chief Executive Officer. “Social issues divide Americans. People have made up their hearts and minds on abortion, gay marriage, etc. We suspect that many of our compatriot Tea Party groups across the country hold this same position, and will continue to concentrate solely on a fiscally conservative platform. Fiscal responsibility is a uniting issue.”

It’s been about two-years since the conservative activism broke onto the national scene and SCTRC rallies have focused on California ballot measures, informed Californians of their representatives’ voting records, pushed-back of government-expanding legislation, and have brought residents of all party affiliations and social stances together in a grassroots manner.

“As a Democrat who has been with this movement since its inception, I want note that the Tea Party is the place where Americans of all backgrounds, parties, social agendas and lifestyles intersect on the need for smaller, more efficient, responsible government,” said Leslie Eastman, Media Director. “I have appeared on the Fox Business Network as a guest with Mr. Phillips; I am a little disturbed that he has forgotten that social matters are wedges and distractions from today’s more important issues.”

According to Eastman, moving forward SCTRC will concentrate on balanced budgets, smarter spending, shrinking federal and state deficits, support the free market, reduce regulations, lower taxes or fees, and insist on more government transparency.

She also points out that Judson Phillips represents himself, not the thousands of unique, independent local Tea Party groups all across this nation.

As the Tea Party learns from its past and focuses on their future inside the political beast that is Washington D.C., it appears Republican’s hoping to absorb the movement will be hard pressed to change the mind of fiscally responsible Americans of all political persuasions.

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/county-political-buzz-in-san-diego/kimberly-dvorak

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