Want a false Social Security card? There’s a blog for that

“Only in America” part one…

Did the DREAM Act not go your way? Are you looking to skirt the law? Then head to the DREAM Act Portal. DAP is an immigration advocacy website that not only encourages political activism, but the forum actually details how to get a fraudulent Social Security card.

But that’s not all they also dole out advice regarding employers who won’t look at the actual Social Security card and where to buy a fake one in Los Angeles.

Now that the DREAM Act is dead, those in the country illegally are busy assisting others with the do’s and don’ts of job hunting without a real Social Security card.

Here are samplings of the posts found at DAP;

“Originally posted by bonescones if you came through a visa it is likely that you will have a valid social security number, only problem is that it is stamped “not valid for employment.” so if your employer wants to see the actual card, this could be a problem .If they only ask for the number, you may be able to get by. If they use e-verify, I’m not sure what would happen.

Originally posted by ciscox3

Yeah, it’s too bad you are not Hispanic or even better Mexican… we pretty much got this whole underground thing covered, with whole communities dedicated to the struggle and everything.

I’m considering getting a fake SSC but using my real number. My actual card has “not valid for employment” printed on it so it is useless. Does anyone know if this will pass e-verify?

Originally Posted by Dreamer X

Go to LA around MacArthur Park they can make you one for like…$100

If you have a SSN, even if it says “not valid for work”, just simply transfer that number to clean card. You just need to know the right people to get a clean card. Besides that, you can just simply show your high school ID or passport, as a second ID. But, make your passport as the very last option.

Second: stay away from large chain-stores. Usually those stores follow a stricter hiring procedure in hiring people, they literally do background checks on you before hiring you. Try to find a place that is privately owned, like restaurants, family- run businesses; they are usually lenient in hiring people.

Also, try to stay away from places that have lots of immigrant (illegal) workers. Usually there’s snitches around that hate on immigrants and just call ICE to raid the place.

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Originally Posted by XoZuBo

I actually did that. I got a fake SS card, put the real number on it without that “not valid for employment” and since then, I’ve been showing that around. Most places just hired me instantly without any questions.

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