Freedom Station shines the light on wounded warriors

From 1775 to the present American’s have courageously fought and lost approximately 1,343,812 soldiers. The cost of freedom is never free and no one knows that more than the U.S. military.

This is their day.

“As flags are flown throughout the country to honor the valor and courage of the brave men and women who gave their lives defending our county, let us remember that the liberties we enjoy today came at a great price,” said former Senator George Runner.

It’s been a long ten years of war in the Middle East. Today’s military personnel have been asked to serve multiple tours in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and as a result they have suffered a wide range of serious injuries.

America has improved its ability to care for soldiers when they return home from the battlefield and in San Diego wounded warriors can now turn to Freedom Station. Transitioning from the military into civilian life can be a challenge especially when warriors suffer visible wounds of war.

With the help of the Warrior Foundation, Freedom Station provides injured warriors with individual cottages to complete their transition from the military.

The center is located near the San Diego Naval Hospital and provides transportation, counseling, job training and other amenities that ensure a safe environment for warriors to heal.

Freedom Station gives injured military personnel a three-month transitional place to live before they receive their retirement papers (DD214’s). The housing units are completely furnished and provide transportation to-and-from the Naval Hospital.

Staff members at Freedom Station offer assistance to these transitioning warriors who need help acquiring permanent housing, furnishings for their new life, civilian employment, or enrollment into college.

Many wounded warriors face significant challenges with their injuries and often times leaving the military will mark the first time they will face life outside the armed services.

San Diego’s Freedom Station follows other military bases around the country that have successfully provided transitional housing for wounded warriors who have served in the Middle East and face obstacles their civilian counterparts will not have to deal with.

The San Diego Naval Hospital staff, active duty military personnel and warriors agree this facility provides an essential link that has been missing for wounded warriors in Southern California and it ensures they will have a quality of life that they have earned.

“These Warriors will give the ‘Greatest Generation’ a run for their money and anything we can do to provide them with a trouble-free transition will show them that we truly appreciate their service to our country,” said Sandy Lehmkuhler Director of the Warrior Foundation.

To donate or learn more about Freedom Station or the Warrior Foundation visit their websites;

Warrior Foundation;

Freedom Station;

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