Arizona fires burn out-of-control, residents point to drug smugglers

Arizona is on fire- literally. There are three large fires burning out of control and Arizona firefighters will have to fight the perilous blazes in triple-digit temperatures.

To make matters worse residents and officials say the Murphy fire (near Arivaca where Agent Brian Terry was murdered) was human-caused by illegal drug smugglers seeking to escape apprehension by Border Patrol Agents.

It’s been reported that Border Patrol Agents jumped a group of 12 marijuana backpackers who intentionally set the fire. Residents say agents arrested three smugglers; two have admitted to starting the fire, while a third smuggler was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries.

Eric Neitzel, of the Show Low Arizona Fire Department says the fires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres and remains completely out-of-control. Luckily no one has been killed or severely injured; “just your typical twisted ankles and scraps and cuts.”

Due to the intensity of the fires, the Forest Service has decided to let the Murphy fire jump Peck Canyon South and burn several hundred acres of vital grasslands.

This is bad news for area cattle ranchers. The Lowell family, who reside in Rio Rico about 10 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border, said they will have no other choice but to sell their cattle because the grazing pastures have all gone up in smoke. Unfortunately, the Lowells say they have no other means to feed their livestock.

This incident doesn’t come as a surprise as Arizona residents continue to beg officials for help dealing with the illegal alien smuggling problem.

“The beating drums say that the Forest Service will not admit that the fire was caused by illegal aliens, only that it is human-caused. Some are wondering if the illegal aliens will be charged or just kicked back across the border,” Zack Taylor said.“The border is not secure. America is in jeopardy- including all residents along the Arizona border.”

While Fire officials remain silent regarding who exactly started the fire, ranchers say they know who is responsible for setting the blaze- illegal aliens/smugglers. “Who else is hiking the desolate region this time of year,” Taylor said.

Border Patrol had no comment regarding the fires.

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