Taxpayer money for California DREAM Act near reality-sparks talks of a recall

California’s taxpayer-funded version of the DREAM Act inched closer to reality as it leaped out of the state Senate 22-11 along party-line votes.

The legislation now moves back to the assembly to reconcile changes and is expected to pass solely on Democratic votes. From there it will head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for the expected signature.

The legislation would allow illegal aliens to apply for public financial aid for college tuition forcing American citizens to compete for precious college funding. Some of the coveted financial aid programs that would open up to illegal aliens include; Cal Grants, college grants and community college assistance.

The Golden State’s analysis of the legislation found AB 131 has a $40 million price tag and is expected to take effect just after the 2012 elections.

A few weeks ago AB 130, a bill that allowed illegal aliens to accept private financial aid, passed through the California legislature and was signed by the governor.


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California’s disgraced Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed similar bills during the past eight years, but the state’s anomaly during the 2010 election cycle essentially gave Democrats power of all branches of government, something that ensured the Golden State would lead the country where President Obama failed.

Anti-DREAM Act activist vowed to voice their concern and launch a recall effort.

One group taking calls from angry Californians’ is Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said; “We have spoken to people in Fresno, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego and they are all talking about the‘re-call’ if AB 131 becomes law. We recalled Davis and we can recall Brown!”

Activists like FAIR say they haven’t heard this much fervor from California residents in years.

In 2003, former-Democrat Governor Gray Davis lost a recall fight over huge deficit-spending irked voters. Lucky Californian’s were then treated to seven years of Governor Schwarzenegger.

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