Alabama judge upholds parts of tough state illegal immigration law

Parts of Alabama’s new, strict illegal immigration law successfully escaped a federal judge ruling giving illegal immigration activists something to celebrate.

However, just like Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration bill SB1070, parts of the newly-minted law will hit the cutting-room floor

A President George H.W. Bush appointee, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn, said in her opinion that some of the tough immigration law provisions conflicted with other federal statutes, but many enforcement requirements were lawful.

Judge Blackburn explained that federal law does not prohibit checking legal status of K-12 school students, allowing law enforcement officers to hold suspected illegal aliens without bond, make it a felony to do state business with illegal aliens, or make illegal immigration a misdemeanor if immigrants are unable to provide legal papers at some point.

However, the judge’s order continued to block four key parts of Alabama’s illegal immigration law until she could further.

These measures include; making it a crime for illegal aliens to solicit work at day labor sites, allowing illegal aliens to file discrimination lawsuits after the illegal worker is fired, making it a crime to knowingly hire, harbor or transport an illegal alien and preventing business owners’ from taking any tax deductions on wages paid to illegal alien employees.

Church leaders who opposed Alabama’s tough new illegal immigration law released a statement about the judge’s ruling; “We are pleased to see some of the harsh and far-reaching elements of the law have been struck down. We feel that many of these elements, written by members of the State House and Senate who campaign on Christianity, are not representative of the message of Christ who welcomed the stranger despite country of origin or status,” the group believed.

Judge Blackburn did not release a date when the constitutionality component of her ruling would be revealed.

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