Rasmussen national poll ties Cain with Romney at 29 percent

With primary season approaching quickly, the Republicans have hoisted a new favorite- Herman Cain. A new Rasmussen poll shows Cain and Romney with 29 percent of the primary vote and Newt Gingrich moving up to third with 10 percent.

What a difference a month makes. Cain insists he will ride the wave all the way to the White House, but will need to raise a lot more money to stay competitive in crucial states- something he was able to accomplish during his tenure at Godfather’s Pizza.

The former CEO, Cain, took a crumbling business and turned it into a pizza empire. Couple his business experience with a likeable guy personality and voters have a secret-ingredient formula for success.

The politically inexperienced candidate has also found favor with the Tea Party movement that seeks to fire all establishment politicians and replace them with commonsense, small government elected officials who will represent the people first. So far Cain fits that bill.

“It’s obvious the Tea Party and Independents are tired of seeing more the same liberal-conservative Republican in name only (RINO) establishment politics,” explained Rhonda Deniston of Stop Taxing Us, a grassroots San Diego Tea Party group (not sponsored by the Koch brothers).

Deniston quickly pointed out that while the group likes what they see from Cain right now, it could change as the media vets his candidacy.

“He needs to stay on message and continue to describe his true American story. He came from a poor family and through hard work, not handouts, was able to achieve the American dream,” Deniston said. “This is what America stands for and it sends a message to all demographics in this country that hard work can pay off.”

While GOP candidate Mitt Romney has more name recognition, Tea Party affiliates contend this status is, in part, a result of living in the political world for at least six years. These same affiliates maintain that as the primary season gets underway they will begin to unleash the networking skills that turned the historic 2010 elections upside down.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Stop Taxing Us is reading through all the presidential contender profiles and will wait until the vetting process is over to back any candidate. “Our group is looking for an economic plan, and so far Cain has one. Is the “9-9-9”plan perfect, no but it’s a start.”

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