Alabama’s tough new illegal immigration law cuts state unemployment

Alabama recently made national news when it passed a strict new illegal immigration law, in fact, the federal government filed a lawsuit against the southern state.

However, a funny thing happened in Alabama, their unemployment rate fell more than a half of a percent last month. State officials suggest the tough new illegal immigration law led to illegals leaving the state and prompted local businesses to hire American citizens and legal immigrants to alleviate unemployment levels.

Alabama’s unemployment rate was 9.3 percent in October and dropped by 0.6 percent or 8.7 percent in November.

“The continued drop is proof that people — American Citizens [and] legal migrants, have suffered at the hands of politicians who choose politics over economics,” said Chuck Ellis, a council member in Northern Alabama’s Marshall County told the Daily Caller.

“What’s amazing is that in Marshall County, a county of 95,000 residents, 30,000 workforce eligible there are over 600 people who now have jobs that they didn’t have six months ago.”

Under Attorney General Eric Holder’s supervision, a Department of Justice (DOJ) representative from the civil-regulation department Tom Perez, has been making plenty of trips to Alabama to encourage disenchanted illegals to file discrimination claims.

The Obama Administration continues their crack down of new state illegal immigration laws in order to keep a 2008 campaign promise to Hispanic lobbies. However, a multitude of issues with the president’s centerpiece legislation, health care overhaul, took more political capital than anticipated.

Plus a historic mid-term election saw Democrats lose control in the House, leaving Hispanics out in the cold as Republicans had no desire to reform immigration legislation.

As a result, Hispanic lobbies urged the Obama Administration to sue New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona.

Just last week, DOJ’s Perez released the results of a years-long investigation into Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The scathing report insinuated the Arizona Sheriff, known for his tough stance on illegal immigration, was targeting Latinos. Perez went on to say the DOJ would no longer assist Arizona with the enforcement of federal illegal immigration laws.

Sheriff Joe, as he is known to those in Arizona, quickly responded to the Justice Department and said, “We’re going to fight back, we’re going to show the politics involved.”

Many anti-illegal immigration activists point to the facts when it comes to enforcing the laws already on the books. “It’s illegal to hire someone without proper paperwork,” Anita Johnson said. “There are too many Americans looking for work and it’s up to businesses to step up and recognize they need to follow the law.”

Alabama is a perfect example of how enforcement helps Americans. “Just think what the unemployment numbers would be if all states followed Alabama’s example,” Johnson said.

Another voice in the illegal immigration debate is NumbersUSA Director Roy Beck and he had this to say, “The chief difficulties that America faces because of current immigration are not triggered by who the immigrants are but by how many there are. The task before the nation in setting a fair level of immigration is not about race or some vision of homogeneous white America; it is about protecting and enhancing the United States’ unique experiment in democracy for all Americans, including recent immigrants, regardless of their particular ethnicity.”

As the 2012 election cycle builds momentum, the illegal immigration dilemma will certainly play a key role in who Americans send to Washington DC.

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