CBP chase leaves one suspect dead and sends an agent to the hospital

An unidentified man driving a car with Texas plates is dead today after Border Patrol agents pursued the driver for failing to stop at an east San Diego County CBP checkpoint.

Authorities said the driver came under suspicion when Border Patrol agents observed the car travelling down the road in the wrong direction. Agents were able to stop the vehicle using a spike strip that deflated the fleeing car’s tires.

However, when Border Patrol attempted to question the driver, the suspect locked the car doors preventing agents from questioning the man.

Once the vehicle came to a stop, one Border Patrol agent attempted to break the car’s window, when the vehicle burst into flames killing the driver and injuring the agent.

As a result of the explosion, an unnamed Border Patrol agent was airlifted to an area hospital and treated for lacerations and burns.

A CBP statement said, “Agents had stopped a car that was reported to have been driving on the wrong side of Interstate 8.”


The vehicle ignited while the agent was standing near the driver side door. The driver of the car died at the scene. The agent was transported to the hospital and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries,” said Jenny Burke.

CBP authorities said they were working with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department to investigate the early morning car explosion.

For more stories; http://www.examiner.com/homeland-security-in-national/kimberly-dvorak

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