IRS brass tells employees to not investigate tax fraud by illegal aliens

According to a new Treasury Inspector General report, the IRS ignores illegal immigrants legal status and issues millions of taxpayer dollars in refund checks. The July 2012 report also said that IRS employees are encouraged to look the other way when it comes to investigating tax fraud committed by those residing in the country illegally.

The Treasury Inspector General report analyzed multiple employee complaints that IRS management repeatedly blocked attempts “to fix the deficiencies in the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) application review and verification process.”

Regardless of legal residency, the federal government requires everyone to adhere to IRS tax laws and issues illegal immigrants ITIN numbers in lieu of social security cards. Many anti-illegal immigrant groups contend that the issuance of the ITIN numbers only encourages more foreign nationals to call American home.

Perhaps more alarming is the fact that these illegal immigrants file tax returns and collect billions in the form of tax refund checks each year. On top of that many of these illegal immigrants claim child tax credits for minors living outside the U.S. and Uncle Sam/taxpayer rewards the illegal action by giving them more money than they paid to the IRS coffers.

Last year an Inspector General report revealed that illegal aliens received a staggering $4.2 billion of taxpayer dollars by using the child deductions in 2010.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “several members of Congress have introduced bills to eliminate the ability of illegal aliens to receive this tax credit by requiring a valid social security number, but Congressional leadership refuses to act.” (SeeTIGTA Report 2011-41-061, July 7, 2011; see alsoFAIR Legislative Update, Sept. 6, 2011)

Highlights from the IRS report include; creating an environment which discourages tax examiners responsible for reviewing ITIN applications from identifying questionable applications; eliminated successful processes used to identify questionable ITIN application fraud patterns and schemes; and established processes and procedures that are inadequate to verify each applicant’s identity and foreign status. (ViewTIGTA Report 2012-42-081, July 16, 2012)

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