Need financial help with life? President Obama has a website for that

For those folks needing a little fatherly advice, President Obama has a website to answer life’s tough questions. The “Help for Difficult Financial Times” page highlights five sections; unemployment, jobs and training; family support; housing; health care and insurance; debt and credit.

The Obama Administration website provides visitors with resources that are available to help anyone suffering from financial turmoil due to the recession. The website is reminiscent of the infamous “life of Julia” story that chronicles how a woman’s life is significantly enriched by government program’s President Obama provides and how limited government will hurt Julia’s chances of succeeding.

The first topic on Obama’s “cycle of life” is unemployment assistance. He advises visitors that the government will provide help with job searches, how to support a family and how to avoid education scams.

The next topic is family support. The web page provides information for applicants to apply for government benefits like welfare assistance, food stamps, childcare subsidies and information about family transitioning during a financial crisis.

Next up is housing. The government lets visitors know where they can go if they need help paying rent, avoiding foreclosure or finding a new place to live.

Now that Obamacare has been signed into law by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court, Americans looking for health care assistance can find it at this website. The government says anyone can get medical or stress-related treatment for their entire family, even if they do not have insurance. (Note: there is no mention of legal status in the US). Viewers are given a variety of different medical clinics they may visit to ensure all their health needs are met.

And now that the government has provided a welfare check, food stamps, housing subsidies and health insurance, the final step is to make sure monthly bills are paid and fix any family credit issues. Yes, Uncle Obama’s website offers advice for Americans who need to file for bankruptcy.

And this completes the Obama Administration “new” American family life cycle. Of course life can be messy and stagnate unemployment figures make it tough to find a job, but for those individuals with a computer, help is just a click away.

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