Establishment politicians make a last stand with HRC

The pseudo-anti-Establishment candidate, Ted Cruz, embraced by the Establishment as the last hope to save its “pay-to-play” form of wealth redistribution, forgot to declare a million dollar “loan” from Goldman Sachs to his campaign, plus he signed the GOP pledge to support the eventual nominee, but insists he is the Christian conservative who can be trusted to follow the rule of law.

Clearly, one thing Donald J. Trump got wrong was sticking the moniker of “little” on the wrong guy. Rubio has proven to be a bigger man than Lyin’ Ted Cruz whose campaign published risqué pictures of Trumps’s wife and told Iowa voters Ben Carson had quit the primary campaign. Then with his self-declared high moral ground, Cruz claimed Trump’s insult of his wife and father prevented him from supporting Trump. Give him credit for having grasped the Beltway banter of saying anything and then repeating it until it is generally accepted as true.

Lucky for America, Cruz showed his true colors as a political opportunist before he could have been elected President. It is inconceivable that the good people of Texas would continue to embrace him as any kind of credible leader despite his evangelical style and fire and brimstone invocation of God in the same breath as the Constitution. Talk about false prophets …

The ridicule and contempt the Establishment politicians from both parties have for “The Donald” show just how out-of-touch they really are with American voters. The government has become so self-absorbed that it has forgotten about the governed. Constitutionally, we have ceded power to the government to ensure and orderly and civil society, but the people also retain the right and duty to resist an oppressive government.

As my colleague, KD, has repeatedly written, if a policy does not create jobs, pay down the debt, or enhance national security, it is not a high priority. The Establishment continues to distract the debate about the direction of our country by arguments about abortion, gay rights, and petty politics. Imagine politicians screaming about plagiarism as a show stopper when they have stolen from us everything they can get their legislation on.

Enter Donald Trump, a non-politician, who threatens to expose the system for what it is — corrupt. He is a serious obstacle to the “government as usual” crowd. He is a results-driven businessman. Like any negotiator, he knows if you are not willing to walk-away from a deal the other side will eat your lunch.

Trump threatens NATO because only a few countries meet their financial obligations to THEIR own defense. As George C. Scott said in Patton, only he needs to know when he’s bluffing. NATO expects the Americans to bear the burden because number one, we are bad negotiators, and number two, we always pay anyway. No one takes us seriously, but national leaders around the world have taken the unprecedented step of finding fault with Trump. They are so afraid the US gravy train could come to an end.

Hillary lost track of $6 billion at State, even Sam Nunn would agree that’s real money. The KD Report wrote about billions in cash on pallets being flown from Afghanistan to Mid-East financial centers. A few billion might be worth something some day.

The new American Revolution has begun, not with riots, not with guns, but through the ballot box. Whether you like Trump or not, you have to admit he has opened the dialogue on issues of urgent importance to all Americans … jobs, security, and winning.

All of the naysayers who dismissed his popular themes of common sense and America first have every right to be frightened … change is on the way, not the Obama kind of change, but a redistribution of America back to its rightful owners.

So Ted, go back to your solitary hole in the Senate well, enjoy your remaining term as a Dem, and pray Hillary gets elected. You have done a magnificent job of marginalizing yourself and demonstrating how different your view of America is from the Donald. Good riddance.

Semper fi, Colonel sends

©Kimberly Dvorak. All Rights Reserved. 2016

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