Rebuild America – The Great Aqueduct

At the height of the Roman Empire half a dozen aqueducts brought water to Rome.

Water is reputed to become one of the most highly valued resources in the near future. Remarkably, the US and Canada have the world’s largest fresh water reserves in the Great Lakes.

Imagine how productive the US southwest could be if it had reliable fresh water sources.

Currently, excess water in the Great Lakes periodically causes massive flooding and billions of dollars in damage. Many parts of the massive rivers that traverse the US heartland are contained by levies and no longer serve the purpose of replenishing topsoil.

So instead of looking to the heavens for challenges why not build a great aqueduct from the Great Lakes to the Colorado River and further feed into the California Aqueduct System.

Farmers throughout California are being forced to abandon farms and eliminate jobs because water has been cutoff. Mexican farms and water users are adversely affected by the reduced supplies of water from the Colorado River adding to the great exodus Norte.

A Great Aqueduct could be funded by bonds that would be repaid from revenues generated from the sale of water.

The entire southwest would become a perpetual food basket for the world. The project would create jobs in its construction and maintenance. Any city along its route could tap into the aqueduct to resell water.

The aqueduct could be built across federal lands and federal/state rights-of-way across the west.

Funds held offshore could be repatriated to the US without penalty if invested in the Great Aqueduct bonds.

The benefits are endless and the risks minimal. Leaks, if any, are harmless to the ecology.

A joint commission between the US and Canada could monitor the water levels and contaminants to regulate downstream supplies. Instead of dumping incalculable billions of gallons of water into the Caribbean or flooding the heartland, Great Lakes water would fuel a new building and agricultural boom in America.

Semper fi, Colonel sends

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