The election stakes are high

The “Establishment” – those capital elites that run the political elites who decide the winners and losers in America – are rightfully concerned about the outcome of the 2016 national elections.

Without sounding like a prophet of “doom and gloom” even the most apolitical amongst us understands the US is at a junction in our road through history.

With the primary defeats of GOP Minority leader Eric Cantor in Virginia and Never-Trump Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, the massive exodus of members from Congress through retirement, and compounded by Brexit, the Establishment is fully aware the voters are rejecting the globalization of world economies, the downgrade in the quality of life in the developed world, and the massive worldwide debt – estimated to be more than $50 trillion.

We are told the US is suffering in deflation, but go to the market for a bag of groceries and inflation seems all too real. Interest rates are negative or nearly so. The equity markets are at all-time highs, yet worldwide governments are looking at more “Quantitive Easing” aka government spending to keep the bubble inflated. But the disconnect between Washington and the voters is increasing.

Since the .com bust of the 90’s the US government has proven it cannot control markets by raising and lowering interest rates and increasing or decreasing the amount of money in the banking system.

The Establishment is out-of-options and it knows it. The Elites are scratching and clawing to keep the mystique alive that its transfer of the wealth of the people to the government and in turn to their favorite connected friends has been justified.

Revolution is the biggest fear of the elites – not so bad for George III, but no so good for Louis XVI, the Romanovs, Mussolini, Ceausescu, Saddam, and Gadhafi. For the one percent to control the other ninety-nine they must show they are improving the 99 percent to justify the accumulation of such massive wealth.

Regrettably for the one percent, the curtain has been pulled back to reveal not a wizard, but just a bunch of greedy elites preying on the labor and industry of the people. Sure they set-up charitable organizations to “give back” to the people but omit to mention the massive tax deductions they take for such “thoughtfulness.” The tax deductions they receive make the gifts free from tax, which means again the 99 are subsidizing the one percent.

So voters raising the questions as to why we have no wage growth, no jobs for our kids, no interest on our savings, no infrastructure to justify $20 trillion debt, and no prospect for economic growth, are clearly areas of concern for the Establishment.

While Donald Trump is no messiah, he is definitely frightening the Establishment into taking extremely aggressive action to try to marginalize him as a man, a father, an entrepreneur, and concerned American, not by questioning his message but by his audacity to raise the questions.

It is uncommon in history, as Robert Frost would say to see “… the road not taken…” but the course ahead is to follow the road not taken or just more of the same. The beauty of the Establishment argument that Hillary is a known entity cannot be overstated as “staying the course” means assured destruction. So the Establishment has to be worried to have to place its entire enterprise into the hands of the voters.

Logic would suggest that the striking of the mystique of the elites proves the current path is untenable for the 99 percent, which means the only option is the road not taken.

Let’s just hope that Trump is wrong that the outcome is rigged and the voters will have their say.

Semper fi, Colonel sends



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