Enough accommodation of Islam, radical or otherwise

Christmas has been removed from our lexicon, no prayers in schools, no under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, no affirmation to support and defend the Constitution in our citizenship oath, yet, we must accommodate everything Islam so as not to offend MUSLIMS!

Is that not an insidious establishment of religion? When I was a kid we said the Lord’s prayer every morning in public school after the Pledge of Allegiance and the Catholics would stop after “… but deliver us from evil” and the Protestants would continue “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever” and we all said “Amen.”

Respect! We respected each other’s faith. But be aware, Islam does not respect Christianity. Christ taught tolerance. For the Old Testament “eye for an eye,” Christ taught Christians to turn the other cheek. In understanding secular and heavenly distinctions, Christ instructed his followers to render unto God and to Caesar.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam accept the Ten Commandments. But in Islam there is an exception to the Seventh Commandment – Thou shall not kill. Islam condones killing (through time tested 7th Century corporal punishments, such as beheading, mayhem, stoning, whipping, etc) of anyone who refuses to “submit” to Allah or rejects Allah. Plus the special punishment of raping to death a woman who has insulted her family or Islam through “honor rape” or “honor killing.” How can you possibly link the words of honor and rape?

Under Christianity the world has embraced the marvels of the human mind – to think, to heal, to reason. Yes, also to commit war on global schemes – but as I have said many times, citizens do not cause wars politicians cause wars.

But the point is that Islam is grounded in a 7th Century ethos that has only embraced modernity from the standpoint of modern weapons, not modern ideas.

The threat to the West is not Islam it is Islam’s intolerance for thoughts, ideas, and dreams that conflict with Islam.

The Soviet empire fell because the economies and individuality of the West exposed the shortcomings of Marxism. Marxism, like globalism, reduces the standard for all to the lowest common denominator – except for Marx’s bourgeois or what we call today, the jet setters or elites, or emirs, sultans, and kings.

Islam finds comfort in a common level of belief and eliminates the discomfort of a questioning or inquiring mind. Sounds like a perfect formula for the ruling classes, the princes, emirs, the kings, and the dictators. Rodney King would be pleased – can’t we just all get along?”

So, why should we insist on tolerance to those who demand submission from us?

Instead of becoming like them, why not let the clash of culture play-out in the forum of reason and the advancement of humankind. Islam wants to lead us back to the 7th Century, yet under the tolerance of Christianity mankind has prospered intellectually, medically, institutionally, and nutritionally. Islam fears the human mind while Christianity embraces the limitlessness of our human intellect.

Enough with Islamic accommodation let Islam compete with the West for the future of humankind on the battlefields of intellect, education, medicine, law, and freedom.

Col Sends

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Investigative journalist

One response to “Enough accommodation of Islam, radical or otherwise”

  1. Bud says :

    Go Colonel!!!!!


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