Are you kidding – DHS in charge of fed elections

Oh boy, the Obama Administration is suddenly concerned about the integrity of the United States electoral process posed by a risk from the Russians, inter alia.

Not surprisingly, though, this is the same administration that has opposed every single state that has sought to implement some sort of voter identification system in an effort to ensure that only citizens who are eligible to vote in the state actually vote.

But the threat is real. Hackers have seemingly attacked every electronic venue from banking, emails, political parties, and even medical equipment. Most recently the voter databases for Illinois and Arizona were reportedly hacked. There have been rumors in the past of clandestine organizations being able to download electronic voter databases and then upload the adulterated databases. There can be little doubt that the worldwide expertise in computer hacking poses a threat to the US electoral process.

But even more disconcerting is the idea that a federal agency, the Department of Homeland Security, has offered to undertake responsibility for ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. DHS is the same organization that was unable to provide disaster relief during Hurricane Katrina and has had its own systems hacked by unknown persons. Voters should not take comfort in the so-called “maintaining integrity.”

But putting the federal government in overall control of state actions protected by the 10th Amendment seems the bigger threat. It seems the more centralized and standardized the electronic voting processes are the more inviting a target they become for hackers.

Until the government figures out how to keep databases free from election hacking, the simplest solution seems to be paper ballots. Paper ballots must include bar coding and be numbered sequentially. The reformed ballot process could also require a thumbprint kinda like what we did in Afghanistan with purple thumbprints.

If we used self-carboning paper ballots everyone would have a paper record of their vote that could be matched against their recorded barcode for authenticity.

Then, get ready for this, we could hand-tabulate the ballots and retain them as a paper trail for any election recounts or challenges. Naturally, our fast food mentality would rebel against the idea of waiting hours for election results, but accuracy should trump (sorry) speed.

However, the confidence voters have in the reliability of the voting system far surpasses the delays it may cause in the notification of the election of President and Vice President. For example, we know historically ballots were transmitted from the farthest reaches of the continent to Washington DC to be tabulated, which sometimes took weeks if not months to reach Washington.

Clearly, if we were to adopt the idea of paper ballots, then something must be done quickly as just the process of printing paper ballots will be expensive and onerous on the states and counties. Since it is unlikely anything will be done to eliminate electronic voting in the near future, it is incumbent upon every American to ensure that their votes are recorded properly because every vote does count.

A further concern for some conspiracy-thinking American voters is the idea that the election could be postponed and perhaps postponed indefinitely due to DHS concerns about the integrity of electoral process due to hacking. Such a notion would surely lead to an unthinkable Constitutional crisis.

The trial balloon floated by Department of Homeland Security must be scrutinized as the Washington power grab it is, and instead, all elected officials must come together to develop state and federal safeguards to protect us from hacking to ensure we choose our leaders at the ballot box and not in the streets. #ListenToTheVoters

Semper fi, Colonel sends

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