Globalists Make Final Grab for Control of Internet – Just Say No

Hate to agree but Lyin’ Ted could be anti-Pryin’ Ted and right on this issue.

The Globalist agenda seeks to bring all world governments under some sort of unified command. We already know from military history that unified commands are very difficult beasts to control because a united objective is not a consensus on how to get there. Besides there are more authoritarian governments in the world than democratic, so the scales are already tipped against the rule of law.

Even in the US over the last couple of decades, the respect for the rule of law has been waning, but at least we have the rule of law embedded in our governing documents (if we should choose to follow it). We know from the selective prosecution of people who have allegedly breached their duties to safeguard classified material (i.e., Major Jason Brezler, Edward Snowden, and Hillary Clinton) only Brezler has been prosecuted, Snowden has been convicted in absentia with the revocation of his US passport, and only Hillary has been vindicated by the FBI.

Despite the erosion of the rule of law over last 20-30 years, no one can argue with the impact the internet has in producing instantly accurate videos and reports describing political and world events in real-time. These real-time reports oftentimes do not jibe with government sponsored spin such as the attacks on the US Embassy in Cairo and the US Special Mission in Benghazi were in response to an anti-Islamic video.

The Globalist are threatened by this real-time reporting and some politicians, including California’s senior US Senator Diane Feinstein, believe the government should have an

Internet “kill switch” to control the information available to the public. Similar “kill switches” have been used in Egypt, Turkey and other countries with some success.

Globalist companies have modified hardware and software to comply with foreign government controls over censorship of content. Ironically, some hi-tech companies known for their own censorship are clamoring for an Internet operated by the UN to ensure the public only receives information from approved government sources.

Such a transfer of control of the Internet could not come at a worse time for the US and the world. The US government has launched hyper-invasive domestic spying and social media monitoring programs without warrants or probable cause. We know from the Stratfor email leaked by Wikileaks that the CIA was allegedly pursuing a “witch-hunt” against journalists, and the Obama Administration’s unrivaled prosecution of whistleblowers, and the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history is repressing press fact-finding through the obfuscation of the FOIA process. The assault on the press and whistleblowers is unprecedented from Cheryl Atkinson, James Rosen, William Binney, Thomas Drake, Barrett Brown, John Kiriakou, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Bradley, to name a few.

The governments of the world so fear the public learning the truth that Political-speak used by governments recites all of the rights that need to be protected and even go so far as to deceptively name bills, such as the USAPATRIOT ACT, that actually authorized invasive government electronic spying on all or any Americans.

The reason our Declaration of Independence reserved the right and duty to overthrow tyrannical governments and our Constitution guarantees our Second Amendment to keep and bear arms is because our founders knew freedom from government oppression can only be protected by a free, informed public with the means to resist – that is what frightens governments and why the US government seeks to disarm Americans while it arms jihadists who would do us harm.

The US has many problems as it continues its slide to authoritarianism but we do have the legal authority of our Constitution to protect the people from the oppression of the government – the rest of the world has no such historical or legal precedent. The Globalists are worried because people are rising-up throughout the Democratic western nations to resist globalization and governments and businesses are worried. Their worry should be the strength of our conviction. Stopping the transfer of the Internet to the Globalist will help to end globalism and government control of everything, including how we think and what we learn. #listentothevoters

Semper fi Colonel sends

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