Obama leads world leaders on refugee issues – really!

Today the White House released the “Joint Statement on Leaders’ Summit on Refugees” including Canada, Germany, Jordan, and the US.

The irony of the joint statement is the 12 million refugees subject to “violence, exploitation and abuse” are the very victims of President Obama’s and the Clinton Global Initiative’s (GCI) effort at regime change for profit.

Lest we forget, Mrs. Clinton and GCI led the charge against Libya and the overthrow of Qaddafi on the basis of some humanitarian sounding reasoning, but which we have since learned from the infamous hacked emails was done to obtain lucrative oil contracts with the new regime, which Obama and CGI forgot to set-up.

Then, while Petraeus at CIA, Panetta at Defense, Clinton at State, and General Dempsey at the Joint Chiefs testified before Congress that President Obama was opposed to intervention in Syria, they collectively believed the removal of Assad was a matter of humanitarian necessity.

What they did not mention was that the whole Benghazi operation was a gun-buying operation that then shipped the buy-back weapons to Al-Qaeda units in Syria fighting Assad.

So while Obama and the GCI were engaged in regime change in Libya and Syria, it was really all about making money. Over half a million people are dead, 12 million are refugees and the entire region is on the brink of total war. Today the Turks are fighting the Kurds who are fighting ISIS who attacked, captured, killed, and forced Kurdish and Yazidis women and girls into sexual slavery.

The Kurds have recaptured most of their territory despite the fact the US had an opportunity to create a “Highway of Death” against ISIS as we did in Kuwait in 1991, but for the admonition from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the US not to intervene. By not intervening, ISIS was able to arm itself with billions of dollars of US supplied equipment for its war against Syria.

The Kurds have now seized part of Syria occupied by Kurds, which allowed Turkey to intervene with the US against ISIS and Assad but also offered the Turks the opportunity to attack the Kurds who are supporting the US anti-Assad action.

Confused yet?

Then the Ruskies intervened on behalf of Assad and against ISIS, but instead of the US joining the Russians against ISIS, the US accused Russia of aggression in Syria and Iran.

So the order of battle is as follows, the US and Russia are fighting ISIS, the US, Turkey, and the Kurds are fighting ISIS, Russia, Iran, and Shia Iraq are fighting ISIS, the Turks are also fighting the Kurds and the US is fighting Assad. Israel is bombing the Syrians to protect ISIS and Jordan is just trying to hang-on, but Jordan is doomed. The US neocons are opting for a return to the confrontational good old days of the US against Russia and in favor of Israel. The worldwide military-industrial complex does not care who is fighting whom; so long as there is war there are opportunities to profit.

So having set the field, the entire fiasco that is the Middle East today is a result of the Obama-GCI efforts to depose Qaddafi (“we came, we saw, he died”) and Assad.

But so typical in the politics of today, politicians say whatever is convenient and ignore the fact the US is now spending billions to wage war in the Middle East and billions more to aid the refugees caused by waging war against Qaddafi and Assad.

Furthermore, the insane Obama-GCI policies in the Mid East have now commenced the destabilization of the European Union, leading to Brexit in the UK and it looks like the fall of Merkel in Germany with Holland in France waiting in the wings.

The US has granted asylum to thousands of Mid-East Muslims, who surveys show predominantly prefer Sharia law to Constitutional law.

Meanwhile, Kennedy had his Camelot and Obama has created his own rose-colored DC-abad where the world is safer, more prosperous, and harmonious.

Semper fi, Colonel sends

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