American exceptionalism terrifies globalists

Remember in 2008 when the world rejoiced with the election of Barack Hussein Obama? A few months later a Nobel Peace prize was awarded in anticipation of all the great things he would do for the world.

This community organizer, the sophomoric member of the “choom gang,” who voted present in the US Senate, and criticized the inept President Bush he would succeed, inter alia. Obama was proof America had thrown off its legacy of slavery, except BHO’s mum was white and his father was African so he had no “Roots” in the despicable American slave tragedy.

He does give good teleprompter and he is funny, but where is all the “experience” he had that Trump lacks today? The fact of the matter is that the “Establishment” offered such a lame opponent in McCain and the country was on fire with the precedent of electing a black guy that talked like a white guy as president. He started his presidency with the now infamous “apology tour” where he laid all of the world’s problems on American colonialism and greed.

The world rejoiced at the idea of a weak, humble, contrite American president. Then Trump, the American entrepreneur, comes along and says he will “make America great again” and promises to start by rebuilding American infrastructure, building a border wall, and quashing bad trade deals.

The world and the American establishment are horrified. The great anti-American that hates everything American and self-proclaimed globalist, György Schwartz aka George Soros went into crises mode and began spending millions on anti-Trump dissident groups that would foment hate and discontent at the idea America would exploit its incredible capability to better itself and not surrender American sovereignty to the globalist elite.

Then American voters whether for or against Trump started questioning issues that were unthinkable under the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama? Why must we embrace tens of millions of illegal immigrants at a cost of tens of billions and a major realignment of our society? Surely Americans must truly be racists, xenophobes, and haters to question globalization and the plummet of America into the mediocre standards of the third world we were told.

The globalists rejoiced because trillions of dollars were consumed in the immigration battle that would not be used in financing American industry and technological advancement. The globalists rejoiced when Obama altered NASA’s charter to make it more inclusive toward the Islamic world and less on space. Again more American investment off the global table that helps our competitors steal American market-share. So to the globalist agenda, Trump is a major league threat and represents the reemergence and ascendancy of the American century.

The world that has been sucking the life-blood of America for decades to bring us to equality with the third world is rightfully alarmed. But as history has shown, a strong, democratic America does not just benefit America; it establishes the gold standard to democratic governance and individual freedoms. Certainly, those are qualities the globalists fear.

America is reawakening to its global duty to lead by establishing standards that Kennedy so eloquently captured when he said, “we do this not because it is easy but because it is hard.” America leads the world through individual freedom, industry and God-driven compassion for our brothers and sisters. The globalist should be rightfully concerned, American exceptionalism is their worst nightmare.

Semper fi, Colonel sends

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