A billionaire man of the people

As the deplorables descended into Washington DC for the 45th president’s inauguration, the festivities incorporated a simple theme, Make America Great Again or as Twitter commonly refers to it as #MAGA.

The Mainstream Media hyped the idea that protesters would outnumber Trump supporters, but the continued incorrect predictions of the MSM persisted on inauguration day. The weathermen predicted rain throughout the event, that didn’t happen either. President Trump gave his inaugural address while TV talking heads predicted protestors would be louder than the speakers, wrong, they were drown out by chants of USA, USA and Trump, Trump, Trump. The roughly one-thousand protestors embarrassed themselves by destroying a Starbucks on 14th and K Street, isn’t that their mother ship?

But even the minor chaos didn’t disrupt the throngs of Trump supporters who drove, flew and traveled hours to witness history. The Brooklyn kid with a brash personality that Vegas said would never be president raised his hand and like the 44 presidents before him took the oath of office and proved to the world America had a new sheriff in town and things were changing.

It’s been a few days since Donald J. Trump became the 45th president and the inside the beltway elites are still complaining and plotting his demise. But as the 16 other candidates that ran against him learned one-by-one, the real estate billionaire proved he is a formidable man of the people—politicians and media beware!

Writer’s note: Please forgive me for not covering more of the inauguration, but as luck would have it I fractured my ankle the day I arrived and the government used its cell service on the National Mall. Enjoy the pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook…

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